Rialto Community Coalition Meetings

Our next Rialto Community Coalition meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:30PM at the Fire Station located at 1700 N. Riverside Avenue.


Since this is the beginning of the school year, and the Rialto Unified School District has expressed interest in collaborating with us, we need to take this opportunity to begin planning our next community action project in Rialto. You are needed now, more than ever, to emphasize the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and drug use to students (and adults) in Rialto…  By the way, a couple of staff members from the Department of Behavioral Health will be attending our meeting to discuss effective policies, data collection, and media strategies concerning perceived norms and youth access to alcohol and other drugs. Our input and collective work will help in the development of a five-year strategic plan for “Environmental Prevention” in San Bernardino County.

Follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rialtocoalition

Coffee With The Chief

Rialto is lucky to have a Chief of Police like Tony Farrar. Chief Farrar really wants to hear from you the community he is one of those gems in law enforcement that really cares.

So come out tomorrow August 12th at Coffee Nutz on Foothill at 8am and have some coffee with the chief of police and get some awesome updates on the Public Safety environment here in the city.

Coffee Chieif last q 2014

Coffee With The Chief This Tuesday

Coffee Chieif last q 2014


Come out tonight to view the documentry Rialto Rising


Juvenile weapon related arrests down 60%, violent crime down 53%, property crime down 26% & overall Juv arrests down 40%. Why?… Because of the program Rialto Police implemented the Pride Platoon and the resurrection of the community policing program lead by Cpl Cameron Nelson. Come out tonight and see this awesome documentary. If you do miss out check back here and on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/rialtosnow for pictures and hot highlights.

What to look for at this weeks City Council meeting

Tonight is a very involved council meeting. It is full of proclamations & presentations, city council resolutions and even a back door sales tax. Below you will see the listed items we would like to highlight and a little better explanation of the meaning behind the items presented.

Presentations & Proclamations:

Presentation-EPA Superfund Job Training Institute-Council Member O’Connell

Presentation-2014 CIAA Softball Rookie of the Year Award to Jocelyn Hernandez-Council Member Baca Jr.

Introduction of 1st Class of Institute of Progress-City Administrator Story

Presentation-Fill the Boot 2014-Firefighter Ploehn

Presentation-RUSD Summer Lunch Program-Cindi Stone

 Miscellaneous Items:

D.3 below is the city establishing Semi Truck routes within the city. What we would like to know is what does the city plan to do with the dangerous way they drive in our city. From speeding, running red lights and unsafe turns putting other vehicles in danger the city need to establish a way to take control of truckers before something bad happens to a innocent community member. With the massive amount of commercial space Rialto is allowing if we don’t act not this could turn bad real quick.

D.3 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6542 Rescinding

Resolutions No. 2035, 2324, 3094, 3567, 4523, 4686, 5053 and 5355

Establishing Truck Routes, and Establishing Truck Routes in

Conformance with the 2010 General Plan.

D.13 seems like a public access to internet services in the public areas of the city, but all it’s just an exclusive power grab from Time Warner to offer WiFi to their customers alone. Yes only Time Warner customers will have access to this internet.

D.13 Request City Council to Approve a Partnership Agreement with Time

Warner Cable Company for the Public WiFi Project.

D15 Is the second reading of the ordinance requesting the City Clerk offer more detailed meeting minutes. Lets see if everyone stays in their seats and votes for or against this ordinance last meeting one councilmember left his seat until the vote was over then he just came back. Lets hope everyone goes on the record on how they feel about this effort to properly record our cities business.

 D.15 14-327 Request City Council to Adopt on second reading Ordinance No. 1542






Tab 2 is a adjustment to our waste collection fees. Not to long ago our city council made a massive mistake by giving waste management a 10 year contract where we have to give them notice 10 years in advance of canceling the contract. Now they want to charge you a tax opps I mean a fee to help replace the roads because trash trucks cause more damage to our roads than a car. So because you have to have trash services per a municipal code and now we are locked into a forever contract. Oh also your trash rates are going up too. Your only hope is that city council doesn’t approve the Rialto Road Tax

TAB2 14-203 Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6546, Declaring its

Intention to Set a Public Hearing for July 8, 2014, to Consider Municipal

Solid Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal Service Rates for Fiscal

Years 2014/2015 through 2018/2019, to Incorporate a New Incentivized

Commercial Recycling Program, and to Implement a Pavement

Maintenance Fee.

Below is a picture Councilman O’Connell tweeted out this week to get residents to the meeting. If you watch on TV email your council members if you attend live stand up and comment on what your city is doing on your behalf to you or for you.




Area Command Meetings are Back

Well its that time again time for the Area Command Meetings. First up areas 1 & 2 and its at the same location that seems to work best for both areas Sunrise Church on Ayala & Riverside Aves. Sunrise is an awesome location and the church has been very good to the community in offering this space.

The location of Area Command meetings for areas 3 & 4 is St. Catherine of Siena Church on Sycamore just south of Foothill. The location of this meeting seems to change each time to possibly look for a location that works best for people in the 3 & 4 areas.

Every series of meetings their is a special presentation on a different facet of the Police Department. This is done because studies have shown the more understanding you have of a department or organization the better it is for the consumer and the producer.

This month Rialto Police bring you Cpl. Marquez and the RRST (Rialto Re-entry Support Team). This team is tasked with making sure people paroled to Rialto re-enter our communities without damage to the law abiding community members and also offers supports and programs for those really looking to make a change. They also deal with our influx of AB 109 early release population. AB 109 is Governor Browns failed attempt at reducing the stress on our prison system and moving criminals into our neighborhoods. This will be a great presentation and most presentations offer an opportunity for questions so come with your questions. Also they will be going over this summers events and activities.

The Area Command Program has improved each and every year it brings the concept of COP (Community Oriented Policing) to reality. Resources from all over the city are available and their is a full table of flyers and program applications to assist Rialto residents.

Also the Rialto Community Coalition will be asking people to take a survey on prescription drugs. These surveys assist them in making sure they are talking issues in a way that they will impact the community at large in a positive way.

Area Command 2014 MayArea Command 2014 Span May


Coverage of the Don’t Go There Public Forum Hosted By The Rialto Community Coalition

On Friday April 4th the Rialto Community Coalition held a Substance Abuse prevention forum at Eisenhower High School. The event included a vendor resource zone with education a resource tools for attendees, speakers from Rialto Police Department, Rialto Unified Public Safety, Principle Scott Sparks, Key note speech from Prevention Specialist Ray Lozano and a Q&A Panel.
Speaker Ray Lozano gave a riveting presentation on the dangers and effects of drugs and alcohol on a young persons system. Ray Lozano used props and audience participation to make sure the information was interesting and hit home.
Jennifer Ariza from The Rec Center came with videos and tools to educate parents and students of the effects and dangers of substance abuse. Farmers Insurance Services came out and showed event attendees the dangers of alcohol use and driving. The African American Health Coalition came with resources and training event attendees could utilize at the event and after.
Market-Solution David's photo.
99.1 KGGI with Diana Wehbe and KC were on hand and Laniea Dominguez from Comedy for Causes was the event MC.
Campus Security Officer Juan addressed the public on a incident where a student was almost dumped by his FREINDS by the side of a building after giving the teen synthetic marijuana which resulted in the teen experiencing cardiac arrest. If the campus security officer had not found the teen he may have met a dire consequence.
All throughout the event the message was driven home to parents and teens that if your depending on your friends to notice when your life is in danger your depending on the wrong people. 
Ray Lozano said that the #1 reason teens use drugs for the first time is because they are bored. This drove the point home to youth and adults to help us find other ways to curb boredom and make better choices.
For a full list of photos go to http://www.facebook.com/rialtocoalition also to add your photos use the tag #dontgothere on twitter, instagram or facebook.


Don’t Go There is Tonight

Don’t Go There a Community forum aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol consumption among our youth.

Rialto Community Coalition brings this informative forum working with Rialto Police Department & Rialto Unified School District.
This event will include A resource zone where Students, Parents and Educators can obtain information on how to deal with Drug and Alcohol Consumption, start the conversation or deal with use that is ongoing. We are also proud to announce that Ray Lazano the highly popular world wide drug and alcohol counselor will be our keynote speaker. We will also have a Panel where people in attendance can ask questions of Coalition members, School District personnel, Rialto Police dept. staff and more……

Check the event listing for an up to date list of everything that they will have going on.

Come early and meet Diana Wehbe and the 99.1 street team who will be doing a live remote.


Don’t Go There Substance Abuse Prevention Program Comes To Eisenhower Highschool.

This week the people that make up your Rialto Community Coalition Rialto Police Department are coming together to bring you a public forum tackling the problem of drug and alcohol use and abuse among teens especially during prom and graduation season which is kicking off in full gear this April. Here are some facts that show our teens are under attack of further danger:

  1. More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined.
  2. In 2013, more high school seniours regularly used marijuana than cigarettes as 22.7 percent smoked pot in the last month, compared to 16.3 percent who smoked cigarettes.
  3. 60 percent of seniors don’t see regular marijana use as harmful, but THC (the active ingredient in the drug that causes addiction) is nearly five times stronger than it was 20 years ago.
  4. One-third of teenagers who live in states with medical marijuana laws get their pot from other people’s prescriptions.
  5. By the 8th grade, 28 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5 percent have used marijuana.

These are just a few of the staggering statistics on drug and alcohol use in our schools. Talking with the members of the Rialto Community Coalition I found out why it was so important for them to hold this event. David Phillips said “when we were working on the issue of synthetic drugs we found out that education was the missing component. Education on all three sides of the equation the youth who thought these were safe forms of drug use (because they were sold over the counter). Parents who had no idea their kids had harmful drugs right before them (because of their colorful packaging and being sold over the counter). Finally our teachers with a combination of packed out classrooms and a lack of education on the issue  with the false information that these drugs were legal leaving educators with a sense of helplessness.

So what the Coalition decided was to hold a 3 hour public forum mainly consisting of three components.

  1. A Vendor Resource zone where parents, educators and youth can get additional resources or help with what they already are dealing with or my deal with in the future.
  2. Key Note speaker Ray Lozano from Prevention Plus to speak to the teens at their level on these dangers and why they should avoid them at all costs. Ray said Continuous effort, strength and intelligence are the key for a young person to reach their full potential. When they start using marijuana, not only do those qualities vanish, but their uniqueness is lost and they become generic.
  3. A Q&A Panel where attendees can ask questions and get answers from people that know and are part of the solution.

Laniea Dominguez of comedy for causes is going to MC this event when we asked her why she is getting involved she said this “I lost my mom to drugs & alcohol and wanted to give my children a better memory of me. I wanted to be part of this event to remind teens that life has sooo much to offer & it’s up to them to chose to live it or lose it.

The event is this Friday April 4th from 5-8 pm and will include a visit from Diana Wehbe & the 99.1 KGGI Radio Street team, Rialto Police Department will have its under the influence simulator for people to experience the varied levels of how it feels to be under the influence. This all goes down at Eisenhower High School in the Gym at 1321 N Lilac Rialto, Ca 92376.

For more information contact Michael Townsend on the flyer or visit their Facebook event posting at the link below.

Statics above came from this website https://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-shocking-facts-about-teens-and-drug-use

Any and all media are free to use the content here for free please notify the Media Relations person David Phillips at 909-534-9558 or Davidsmarketing@aol.com

Don’t Go There Anti Drug & Alcohol for High School Teens

Join Eisenhower High School, The Every 15 Minutes Program, Rialto Police Department and Rialto Community Coalition is an educational forum for Teens, Parents & Educators on the dangers of Drug & Alcohol use during Prom and Graduation Season. Join us with speakers like Ray Lazano from Prevention Plus, agency resource vendors & hands on activities like the drunk goggles. This will be an event not to be missed.

Don't Go There Flyer

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Free presentations being offered by Covered California Certified Educators trusted partner in San Bernardino County–The San Bernardino Training and Employment Agency (SBETA).

Free presentations being offered by Covered California Certified Educators trusted partner in San Bernardino County–The San Bernardino Training and Employment Agency (SBETA).


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