Watch Movies for $3 on National Cinema Day

So when you think of a $3 movie your like yeah that’s at one of those older theaters that only show the movies that played years ago. Well to combat years of poor theater attendance the movie theater industry has banded together to make National Cinema Day a joy for everyone! At all the popular theater chains in the Inland Empire you can see any movie in theaters this weekend for only $3 on September 3rd 2022. From Cinemark to Edwards or AMC today you can enjoy free air conditioning and a movie for only $3. The favorite of parents everywhere is the Harkins theater in Redlands as they have CHILDCARE on site!!!!

History of National Cinema Day

People have been enjoying watching films at cinemas for more than a century, since the first movie theaters began opening in the United States in the early 1900s. After the ability to capture moving pictures on film came about, the evolution of the cinema developed and it has been a beloved American institution for many years.

But now, with the advent of video players, DVDs and now online streaming, people simply don’t go out to the movies as often as they used to.

Founded with the intention of reminding the world how fun it is to go to the cinema, National Cinema Day has been established to bring the people back to the world of the movie theater. It is celebrated in the United States, the United Kingdom and may grow to other countries as well.

The Cinema Foundation, which is an arm of the non-profit organization The National Association of Theater Owners, has been an important part of raising awareness in honor of National Cinema Day.

How to Celebrate National Cinema Day

  • Of course, going to the cinema is the most important plan for celebrating National Cinema Day! Check out what’s new on the silver screen and invite some friends along.
  • Buy your tickets online and save that seat. Here in the US we have the unique option to buy our seats online and save the mad dash to get the best seat after standing in line.
  • Watch more than one. It might even be fun to schedule a movie marathon at the cinema, with back-to-back-to-back movies. After all, it is National Cinema Day!
  • It’s true that the snacks eaten in a movie theater just hit different! Something about that buttery cinema popcorn and those Junior Mints that just offer a unique and much more delicious vibe when they are eaten in the dark in theater seating in front of an enormous screen!

Whatever you do with prices this low and the outside hotter than ever its a great time to watch a movie.