Assembly Woman Reyes Ducks Local Online Media

Since were not seen as mainstream were blocked from getting information on the Jr Assembly Woman who represents the 47th Assembly District that covers most of Rialto. Sadly our concerns have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to Mrs Reyes. Below is a post that mainstream media journalist that only covers one side of stories posted on his Facebook page claiming it came from a PR from Eloise Reyes office.

Assembly member Eloise Reyes Today announced her legislative priorities for 2017.

“I have worked diligently to ensure that my bill package has ideas and solutions that will have a direct impact on the lives of the people of the 47th Assembly District,” said Reyes in a press statement. “For far too long the residents of our district have not had a seat at the table regarding critical issues that affect their daily lives. My mission in Sacramento is to represent their collective voices, and the bills I have introduced are the first step in that process.”

Proposed bills
AB44- Introduced on the first anniversary of the December 2nd San Bernardino terrorist attacks, this bill provides for expedited review process for the victims so that they can get the treatment they need and continue the recovery process.

AB523- This bill requires that 25 percent of renewable technology funds collected through the EPIC program be spent in disadvantaged communities and 10 percent be spent specifically in low-income communities.

AB578- Increases the penalty for an individual who threatens to report the immigration status of a crime victim or witness.

AB550- Provides support for long-term care Ombudsman programs which help investigate and resolve various issues in long-term health care and residential care facilities.

AB667- Ensures that there is a transparent and fair process for students who are at risk of being suspended from school.

Officers Fired from Rialto Police Department

Thursday February 16th Rialto Police Department and Chief Deanda took actions against some of Rialto’s most dedicated and popular senior officers the department has. Multiple officers have been reported by those close to the department to have lost their job or are on the verge of losing their jobs. One of those confirmed to have lost their job is longtime K9 Officer Glenn Anderson who was fired from the Rialto Police Department late Thursday.

Officer Glenn Anderson an expert in the realm of canine policing and SWAT work has been on paid leave for almost a year pending the results of an IA investigation into claims that he misused canine resources as well as failed to obtain proper authorization when securing resources for the Rialto Police Department K-9 program.

Officer Glen with one of his former K9's Picture taken from Rialto Police Department1684 × 1360Search by image

Officer Glen with one of his former K9’s Picture taken from Rialto Police Department1684 × 1360Search by image

When you put it like that it sounds worse than it was. K9 officer Anderson worked with a local boy scout troop and the Union Pacific Railroad K9 police organization to create a yard where K9 officers could train and work with their dogs. This area also was a place where the officers K9 partners could freely stretch their legs in a nice grass area that was fully fenced off. Many times, our officer’s breaks are eating a quick bite in their unit has they go from call to call that is unhealthy for the human officer as well as their canine partner as well. Per city and Rialto Police Officials Officer Anderson failed to obtain the proper permits for fence installation and pulling power for outdoor lights to the K9 yard. Officer Anderson is also being attacked for dog food donations from a private pet store to the 501c3 nonprofit The Fiends of the Rialto K9 Association. These donations saved the city thousands every year because instead of using the food vouchers at Pet Smart K9 officers were using donated food to feed Rialto Police Dogs.

There is a mountain of lawsuits and complaints that have been filed against the Rialto Police Department over the last year-and-a-half. Dozens of officers are suing the department for racial age and disability discrimination.

For the last year, the word out is that morale at Rialto Police Department is at an all-time low. One must question the amount of money these actions will cost the city in future litigation.

None of the officers in question made themselves available for questions. Reports of these actions came from officials within the City.



Appointments Open for West Valley Water District


So what happens when a local governing body is so fractured that no more than two people can agree with each other? Another governing body has to do your work for you.

There are few governing, publicly elected bodies like West Valley Water District that cover Rialto, Colton, Fontana, Bloomington and other unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County, and a portion of Jurupa Valley in Riverside County. West Valley Water fly’s under the radar of rate payers because until recently who cared about your water board right? Until the hyper controlling measures that state and local water agencies laid out on ratepayers nobody really took the time to watch what their water board is doing.

West Valley Water Board members Clifford Young, Linda Gonzles and Greg Young worked hard over the last two years to kick certain board members off the board, bring in new blood that wont question bad spending habits and fight to keep certain people from ever sitting on the board EVER…..

Well with twice appointed never elected board member Rafael Trujillo moving over to Rialto City Council there is once again a vacant seat. Normally the board has a politically charged person waiting in the wings but partisan politics coupled with a lack of ability to collectively agree on a person now has taken this choice out of their hands. The names that were floated around being considered were former Rilato Councilman Ed Palmer, Former Fontana Planning Commissioner Phil Cothran and Activist Irma Flores were just a few of the names that were talked about.

The community was ready to charge the doors of West Valley Water district if Phil Cothran was appointed to the water board. He is coming off a fresh election where he has been accused of trying to takeover the Fontana Woman’s Club, stories of failing to report campaign donations that Phil Cothran took from Young Homes prior to voting yes on their projects and running a local PAC that derailed some very good peoples chances of winning an elected seat. Apparently Ed Palmer who was supported by Clifford Young was not what Greg Young was looking for in a fellow board member. Greg Young didn’t want Ed Palmer’s drama from the recent election where he challenged current Mayor Deborah Robertson for her Mayor seat.

So since West Valley Water is punting this decision it is now up to the San Bernardino County Supervisors to make the appointment. The Board of Supervisors created a special advisory committee consisting of Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford and Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales to interview the applicants and recommend an appointment to the full Board of Supervisors.

What is funny is that West Valley may have a Board member that they fought long and hard against two years ago wasting thousands of dollars and wasting rate payer time advocating for their choice in the election.


District College Night at Eisenhower High School


The District College Night at Eisenhower High School brought out hundreds of engaged and interested students and parents. Various principals also attended to support their children and our students, as information was delivered by RUSD education leaders as well as regional college/universities educators

Ms. Kenyatta Price, from the College Board, spoke to students at Eisenhower High School MPR during the District’s College Night.

Among the audience members, Mrs. Nancy O’Kelley, former Eisenhower High School administrator and RUSD Board Member attended the College Night for RUSD students and parents.

An engaged and interested audience member of students and parents listened to various speakers at the District’s “College Night” held at Eisenhower High School.

This is exciting this year as Eisenhower ASB Director Crystal Pulido has been sending out text alerts to congratulate the students on the Eisenhower Campus that have been receiving various letters of acceptance to colleges all over the state and country. Also having Lamario Howard represent Eisenhower at Azuza Pacific University with a full ride football scholarship.

Carter High School Erupts In Fights Triggering School Lockdown

Written by Steven Ybarra

One day after Carter Students competed in various science competitions the school erupted in anywhere from 7 to 10 fights triggering a whole school lock down, a mosh pit, a student stole a police car, fire alarm was pulled and as you see from the video above a Security Officer was assaulted on campus.

Parents picking up kids at other schools were texting their kids telling them to stay away from the trouble and get out safely. Since Carter has opened it has been the school that seems to have a large collection of problems. Last year the former Principal Mrs Foote told us that she was having a lot of issues with fights and sexual promiscuity. Years ago these problems were laid at the feet of Eisenhower and Rialto High Schools but now it seems the problems have come to rest at Carter.

Social Media Expert and former Executive Director of Inland Valley Drug Free Coalition David Phillips says just search the hashtag Carter High School and see what the student body is being exposed to. Sexual behavior videos, marketing of drugs and fights are being pumped into the kids eyes. The old saying garbage in garbage out applies here. If we continue to dump our kids in a well of sewage should we be surprised with this outcome?

After our editor spoke to Sydea Jafri the District Communications Director we found out that most of the social media made things seem worse than they really were. A few fights between four girls was a bulk of what occurred today on Carters campus. The RUSD Security Officer in the video above was not seriously injured. Also Mrs Jafri and Rialto PD personnel confirmed that no police car was stolen by a student today. What occurred according to Mrs Jafri was a couple of cops running along a RPD unit being driven by an officer. Some were concerned with the amount of Law Enforcement on scene if nothing bigger happened, but it seems that the response was just part of an abundance of cation and officer safety.

There were no reports of injuries and no word of any arrests. As we obtain more information we will update this post. You can also follow the latest by following #rialtonowcovers

Screenshots of what Carter High Students were saying about today's events

Screenshots of what Carter High Students were saying about today’s events

Poll Question on Warehouses?

Rialto High Cheer Squad Hold 1st Place As State Champions Two Years In A Row

Photo provided by Rialto High ASB

Photo provided by Rialto High ASB

Varsity cheer placed first at the CheerPros State Championships on January 29th at Citizen’s Bank Arena. Back to back titles. Their next stop will be USA Nationals on March 25th to defend their national title.

What do you get when your student is a Cheerleader from Rialto? Back to Back State Champions that’s what!!!!!!! Both Junior Varsity and Varsity cheer squads will be moving on to the National Championship.

Congratulations to both our varsity and junior varsity competition teams. They will both be heading to nationals in March!

Congratulations to both our varsity and junior varsity competition teams. They will both be heading to nationals in March!

Once again the dedicated cheer team at Rialto High School took the California State Championship and came out on top earning a 1st place finish.

Now our powerful girls head off to Nationals to defend their National Championship in March.


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