Lawsuits & The Rialto Mayors Race

Last week one of the candidates running for mayor hosted a Facebook live where they talked about both of their challengers and the lawsuits they have filed recently. Lupe Camacho held a Facebook Live on her campaign page where she spoke about the failed lawsuit that Mayor Deborah Robertson filed against then Councilman Ed Palmer trying to get him kick off the council because she claimed he didn’t live in the city limits when he ran for council. Then Attorney General Kamala Harris found that Mayor Robertson was wrong and her lawsuit failed to move forward.

Then Lupe Camacho began to talk about the lawsuit that Ed Palmer had against the city of Rialto Mrs Camacho made it sound like this was a tit for tat situation. Well there are years between each lawsuit and in the case of Mr Palmer his case is based off of actions he perceives were directed from the mayor in a way to hurt his business that he co owns with Eric Wilson, Patrick Smith & Timothy Stansell. Yes there are three other defendants that Mrs Camacho left out of her Facebook Live.

The case boils down to Code Enforcement officers and other City of Rialto official’s taking aim at Ed Palmers business Raquel’s Jazz Lounge and forcing them to make changes that shut the business down for months costing all four men money and their staff financial hardship. Also Mrs Camacho and others make claims that Ed Palmer is only running for Mayor to win this case and that this case was filed extremely close to the 2020 Mayor Election. This too makes little sense since Mr Palmer had no way of knowing the judge would add this to the court calendar for a jury trail this civil case has documents going back to May of 2019.

Mr Palmer seems to be doing what he has spoken about on the campaign trail, getting the city off the backs of small business owners and leveling the playing field. Mr Palmer shows this by standing by all of this scrutiny on his run for Rialto Mayor while still seeking to make sure his business and the people who run it with him are made whole.

This case reminds us of the 2016 race when Mayor Robertson who claims to be the African American Mayor for her people allowed local painter and celebrity artist Wet Paint Larry to be kicked out of his downtown studio. Wet Paint Larry worked with the mayor during her run for reelection and was repaid for his work by being targeted by the city and eventually kicked out of his studio. There was no grace for a young entrepreneur trying to make his make in society, yet Mayor Robertson lays out the golden carpet for big time developers that spend thousands in her reelection campaigns.

Another item that this writer knows that Mrs Camacho is aware of is the millions that Mayor Robertson and Councilman Ed Scott spent in lawsuits from the wrongful terminations of employees that they didn’t like. Fine people like Glen Anderson and Carl Jones dedicated their lives and lost friends working for this city. Until they dare even utter words that the mayor and Ed Scott don’t like and all of a sudden they are on the chopping block. Rialto lost a lot of amazing employees and have been in the constant cycle of lawsuits because the leadership here is destructive and lacks accountability.

Also Mrs Camacho has yet to produce the bombshell documents that she claims makes Ed Palmer a less than qualified candidate for Mayor, why is that?

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  1. Lupe Camacho
    Oct 21, 2020 @ 15:41:19

    Although there may be years between lawsuits, approximately 2-3, it does not take a huge amount of reasoning to see a clear lawsuit feud between Palmer and Deborah which have also been political opponents running for the same office previously to these elections. Honestly, I think most would agree that a lawsuit is not easily forgiven or forgotten by either party. Secondly, I will state here what I stated directly to Mr. Palmer on his Facebook page. I am aware that there are other plaintiffs in the current lawsuit against the city, however Mr. Palmer is the only plaintiff running for the Mayoral seat. Thirdly, my apologies to the writer for the misunderstanding of documents regarding Mr. Palmer’s lawsuit, they are not new or different than what is public information now. I did include a link to the direct County Court House civil lawsuits case for people to access. I also have it on my web page, as it is public information.


  2. Lupe Camacho
    Oct 21, 2020 @ 15:42:13

    And the writer of this article is incorrect I do not believe that Mr. Palmer is wanting to get elected as mayor to remove or benefit Mr.. Palmer in any way from the lawsuit he currently has against the city. My view is actually more of a questioning, why would someone run for mayor of a city that they are suing?


  3. Lupe Camacho
    Oct 21, 2020 @ 15:54:47

    The writer of the above article is correct “Well there are years between each lawsuit and in the case of Mr. Palmer his case is based off of actions he perceives were directed from the mayor in a way to hurt his business that he co owns with Eric Wilson, Patrick Smith & Timothy Stansell.”. In this statement Mr. Palmers case is based off of the actions he, Mr. Palmer, perceives were directed from the mayor in a a way to hurt his business. If you read the filed complaint, it is in line with this statement made by the writer, above. This perception is what colors the lawsuit and in my opinion makes it very personal.


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