Reaction to Tragedy

Hello everyone, I from time to time cover topics outside of Rialto. My goal is and always will be to cover the ins and outs of Rialto but we all travel outside of our city to shop work and live.

At 6:05 November 27, 2011 My family and I were on our way to get gas at the Costco on sierra lakes parkway. As I made my left turn from sierra to the parkway traffic came to a screeching halt. My first thought was people were still out like crazy shopping and the lights were backing up, I was wrong and the truth was much worse than I expected.

A young man and his friends were running across the parkway and one was struck by a green Honda civic with so much force the windshield was totally caved in. Most people just drove on by a few stopped I was one of the few.

I safely pulled my car to the side and had my wife put on the flashers. I called 911 and rushed to the scene to assist the others that had stopped. One lady was down with the teen talking to dispatchers others were trying to get the young mans friends to remain calm, he was breathing but very bloody and not responding to our voices. As I turn as my back was to the intersection I see motorists nearly running us down screaming profanities and honking angrily, REALLY!!!!!!!

The first woman on scene was with the teen I turned my attention to giving the best information to the fire dispatcher that I could so that they could come as prepared as possible. While doing this I directed traffic to keep everyone safe. Once the first Fontana Police officer arrived on scene I left him with the victim and shut down anymore traffic coming down that side of the parkway. One person cussed and mad because he needed to get into the lowes shopping center and didn’t like to be inconvinced, REALLY!!!!!!!!! Wait till its him or someone he loves and cares for lying in the road fighting for their lives, his tone will change.

The people who stopped to help were people of faith because they took the friends aside and began praying with them it was nice to see.

People POLICE, FIRE & AMR don’t run code 3 (lights and sirens) for a lunch break their on their way to a serious call get out of their way……….. Pull to the right, if that’s not safe just stop they will go around you.

I was prepared for this because I do it daily on the job and have had tons of first responder training, but I still found myself unprepared. I have no first aid kit in my car, no gloves, no flashlight and neither did anyone there some of those people helping the teen have his blood on them not safe, I was directing traffic with no reflective clothing no flashlight not safe. I will learn from this and stock both cars with whats nessicary for an emergency, listing the following:

First Aide kit – Nothing to fancy but one with gloves and a CPR mask bare minimum.

Flashlight – LED flashlights last a long time on their batteries and have long-lasting lenses good for something you don’t need everyday.

Reflective Vest – Thier not expensive and can make helping someone out safer for you and them.

Take a First Aide Course – Red Cross offers a program that is inexpensive and informative it will help you understand what emergency dispatchers are asking you and prepare you for the most common emergencies.

Farrell’s Resturant New Business Spot Light

Recently I had the oportunity to pick the brains of the ownership and promotions staff of Farrell’s USA. Farrell’s as you will read is an intresting fun place to eat and celebrate. They are close to opening thier latest Inland Empire location in Rancho Cucamonga. Knowing that this blog is geared more towards Rialto and the going ons here, people in Rialto are forced to take thier entertainment dollers outside the city for lack of things to do here. Fontana, Rancho & Redlands get most of my familys money and Im sure yours as well. So why not get a glimpse of this intresting resturant.

*Farrells has a storied past care to share, companies beginning to now?
Farrell’s was started in Portland, Oregon in 1963. Bob Farrell opened the first Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour after trying to find a place to take his wife for a banana split. He found that there was a need for such a place. The concept grew very fast. By franchising, Bob soon grew to almost 60 stores. The Marriott Corporation purchased Farrell’s in the 70’s and under Bob’s direction grew to over 130 locations nationwide. In the 80’s Marriott sold their restaurant holdings to an investment group which made changes to the concept that put it into bankruptcy. While the corporate restaurants closed all at once, the franchises operated successfully for 5 more years but eventually had to remove the trademarked “Farrell’s” name. Our company, Parlour Enterprises Inc which was started by my business partner, Paul Kramer and I,  obtained the  Farrell’s licenses and trademarks and plan to open Farrell’s locations across the U.S. and around the world. We have locations open in Santa Clarita and Mission Viejo and two more opening by the end of the year in Brea and Rancho Cucamonga.
*First Inland Empire location, what were the driving factors behind this area, were any other considered?
Paul and I are being very selective with our first locations and wanted to keep them in fairly close proximity. Rancho Cucamonga (IE) has been on our radar because the area is growing and fits our demographics perfectly. One of the original Farrell’s  locations in Montclair was very successful.  Having a city that works with developing business was important as well. The City of Rancho Cucamonga has been great to work with.
*What are the struggles of owning a business in today’s economy, especially a restaurant in a city heavily saturated with a variety of restaurants? 
We are asked this quite a bit. Usually it’s more like, “Are you guys crazy?!” Actually, this is a great time to open a restaurant like Farrell’s. People are looking for a fun atmosphere, a good bargain, good food, and something unique. Farrell’s fits all of those needs. Think of other restaurants that are out there now and how many fall into all those categories? Now add the fact that Farrell’s is THE place to celebrate any life event (not just birthdays) and I think that puts us over the top. Operating a successful restaurant business today really isn’t much different  than any other time. The ones that continue to provide great food, quality and service will survive in pretty much any economy.
*What hurdles do you come against by having place like the HAT, Johnny Rockets, Cold stone, Pink Berry & BJ’s within the general vicinity of your Rancho Location?
We think we will compliment all of them. It gives people more options and we are very different than any of them.
*Is your Ice Cream made in house or purchased from a distributor?
We use a proprietary blend made by Thrifty. We did an incredible sampling study and focus groups on many ice creams. Thrifty was by far the highest rated. While the ice cream is important, so is the quality of the toppings, and we have the best anywhere.
*I’ve noticed that you get alot of advertising from a one Tim Conway Jr. (!/timconwayjr )  on his evening show on
KFI AM 640( ) where he remissness back to his childhood birthday parties at Farrells. Is Farrells a family place or more adult? 
Funny you mentioned that as I had called in to Tim’s show and when I mentioned Farrell’s, we talked “on air” for about 10 minutes. As you may remember, he mentioned his father the great comedian Tim Conway (of course Tim Jr is no slouch) would take him to Farrell’s in Woodland Hills as a special reward.  What we find is that Farrell’s appeals to every age group. Our youngest birthday party so far was to celebrate a child’s 7th  “day” since birth. Our oldest is 104. We had concern that the teen market may not embrace Farrell’s as they did 30 years ago. In fact, the teen market is one of our biggest fan bases. You can see that by the hundreds of YouTube videos posted from their phones while visiting Farrell’s.
*Job creation is one of the biggest struggles in the Inland Empire and we love having a company like Farrells opening up shop here in the Inland Empire, how is the hiring process going? How many jobs did/will Farrells bring to our local economy?
Our final totals for applications for Rancho Cucamonga was over 1500. We are hiring close to 200 for the opening. We have some incredible IE talent that will be working with us. It was very hard to narrow the field down.
*Does your business support any local charities or sports groups?
Farrell’s has always been about “giving back”. Bob Farrell, the founder, is one of our mentors and a minor partner. The one thing that we all believe in is the way he operated Farrell’s. People come first. We have several fundraisers already planned including the local IE Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and two fundraisers that support our military and their families and our big Ice Cream Challenge which benefits Make A Wish® and CHOC® (Children’s Hospital of Orange County). Our marketing firm, Studio Three Sixty has created many of our wonderful events for charities.  Each year, Farrell’s also runs, “Valentines For Troops”.  You will be seeing lots of charity events at Farrell’s.
*Is there anything else you would like the Rialto Readers to know?
Paul and I are very, very excited to bring Farrell’s back home to the IE!
Farrell’s newest location, located at 10742 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, is scheduled to open this Fall and you can win VIP tickets to the grand opening party or other great Farrell’s prizes! All you need to do is sign up to receive Farrell’s free FUNatics Newsletter, check Rancho Cucamonga as your favorite location and, ta-dah, you’re entered.
Facebook: Just search “Farrell’s”
Twitter: @FarrellsIsBack

Vetrans Day 11-11-11

Today we honor our vetrans past & current. What do we do to acctually honor our vets?

 Do we know how many of them have bodies and minds that are forever changed because of thier service to this country?

Did you know that Military personel must pay out of state tuition if the choose to begin thier college carrer before leaving the military and returning to thier home?

Did you know that every base that has been closed within the Inland Empire has become a waste land and no crime and poverty reside there?

So how can we show these Vets that we havent forgoten? How can we show our respect?

If you see a vet or current military person in line pay it forward and pay for thier meal. Have your kids make cards for the vets and take them down to the Vetrans Hospital. Take the time to listen to a Vet and let them know you still care. Take care of the flag that many died and bled for. Don’t allow it to get torn, don’t leave it out at night and display it properly.

Here are some of the Vets in my life:

Happy Vetrans Day to all who served our country and a special thxs to the following:Sgt York – Army
Cpl Rick York – Marines
Sgt Robert Jaurigue – Marines
 E4 Specialist Mike Phillips – Army
Robert Muir – Airborne
2nd Lt Daniel Phillips – Army

If I missed you please add yourself.

These men and all the other service men/women signed up to defend this country and it constitution. They allowed themselves to be put in harms way if need be to protect the only and last thing that makes America great. That is our FREEDOM.

All gave some, some gave all. Freedom isnt really FREE.

Here are a few more photos to honor our vets today.

Put vandals to work


The following post was taken from the San Bernardino Sun Newspaper Voice of the People Section:

I am responding to “Sheriff’s
deputies jail two vandalism suspects,” Oct. 26.

I have a solution for these vandals who think spraying their graffiti all
over the place is so much fun once they’re caught make them go clean it up! Give
them a toothbrush, some cleanser and make them stay there as long as it takes to
remove every bit of it! No meal breaks. They need to be held responsible for
their actions.

Community service agencies, make them paint over their ugly messes instead of
having our crews take their time to go out and paint over them. I realize not
all of them are caught, but the ones who are need to own up and undo the damage
they caused!

You do the crime, you pay the fine. In this instance, it’s cleaning up after

– JUDY RODOCKER, Reche Canyon

Assembly Member Carter News Letter

November 2011 E-Newsletter

Shortly before Thanksgiving 2009,
Assembly Member Carter and Community Action Partnership Executive Director
Patricia Nickols packed Thanksgiving food boxes for families in need at St.
Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal Church in San Bernardino. Assembly Member
Carter encourages everyone to volunteer in the community to make this
Thanksgiving holiday a meaningful one.


Dear Friends,

The Thanksgiving holiday is a
time to gather with friends and family to reflect upon what we care about most
and what we are most thankful for. I am thankful for the veterans and the men
and women currently serving in the Armed Forces, many of whom are overseas and
away from their families. We honor their sacrifices.

I encourage you to volunteer
in your community to make this holiday a meaningful one. Make it a priority to
donate funds, food or your time to nonprofit and community organizations that
are serving those in need. You alone can make a positive impact in the lives of
those around you.

Here is a list of local
organizations to get you started so that you may be able to assist as the
holiday season approaches.

  • Frazee Community
    1140 West Mill Street
    San Bernardino, CA 92401
  • Hutton Community
    660 Colton Avenue
    Colton, CA 92324
    (909) 370-6168
  • Mountain View Community
    8833 Palmetto Avenue
    Fontana, CA 92335
    (909) 357-9377
  • Loveland Jubilee
    1436 North Ayala Drive, Suite G
    Rialto, CA 92376

Best wishes for a happy and
healthy Thanksgiving.


Wilmer Amina
Assembly Member, District 62

Protect your
Children from Harm

November is Child Safety and
Protection month. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe during this
holiday season:

  1. Be cautious of choking
    hazards – coins, marbles, keys, jewelry, paper clips, water bottle tops, safety
    pins, removable rubber tips on doorstops, jeweled decorations on children’s
    clothing, crayons and hard, round foods.
  2. Injuries from hot liquids
    are the leading cause of nonfatal burns. Use anti-scalding devices for faucets
    and showerheads to help prevent burns.
  3. Install child-proof locks on
    anything and everything that can open. This is especially important on medicine
    and kitchen cabinets.
  4. Use carbon monoxide alarms
    near sleeping areas and test smoke alarms to make sure they are in good working

Remember to keep a list of
all emergency numbers on your refrigerator or other easily accessible area. For
a list of local resources in your county, please visit

Legislative Wrap-up:
Assembly Member Carter’s Key Bills Signed into Law

A number of Assembly Member
Carter’ bills were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, all centering around
her policy priority issues, which include education, jobs and economic
development, public safety and health.

Assembly Bill 230 is a joint
effort with the students of San Bernardino Middle College High School. This bill
exempts a middle college high school student from being assigned a
“low-enrollment priority” by a community college. This will give the students in
these programs increased access to California Community College (CCC) courses
and expand their opportunities to complete the middle college high school

The Governor also signed
Assembly Bill 316, a crucial piece of legislation to help combat the rise of
metal theft in the district and across the state. The bill provides that a
person who steals copper materials including wire, cable, and piping, exceeding
$950 in value, is guilty of grand theft and will be punishable by a fine,
imprisonment or both.

Assembly Bills 221 and 892
streamline processes and provide flexibility for both housing and transportation
projects. This helps jobs and shovel-ready projects to move forward. AB 221
allows the Department of Housing and Community Development to use bond funds for
the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP) and the Supportive Housing
Program. AB 892 allows Caltrans to continue the federal National Environmental
Policy Act (NEPA) by waiving sovereign immunity for certain programs resulting
in eliminating one layer of government review and allowing projects and jobs to
begin in a timely manner.

Assembly Bill 1077 supports
growth and economic development around Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park
while also providing protection to this unique historical and cultural

Assembly Member Carter is
pleased that the Governor saw the merit and importance of these measures, and
signed them into law. For more information on Assembly Member Carter’s
legislative package, please visit her website at

If you have a bill idea,
Assembly Member Carter would love to hear about it. Please email her at

Back Row, from left: Craig Scott, San
Bernardino Police Department; Matt Ballinger, Fontana Police Department; Pastor
Owusu Hodari, San Bernardino County Public Defender; Joe Martinez, Rialto Fire
Department; Jim Eason, San Bernardino County Fire Department; Assembly Member
Wilmer Amina Carter; Jon Montgomery, San Bernardino County Fire Department;
George Alaniz, San Bernardino County Probation Department; Richard Dewberry, San
Bernardino Police Department; Eugene Chavez, San Bernardino County Probation
Department; Linda Bourke, Rialto Police Department; John Lapioli, San Bernardino
County Sheriff’s Department; Louis Johnson, Fontana Police Department; Dr.
Mannie L. Brodie, San Bernardino County Public Defender; front row, Joyce
Roberts, Colton Police Department; Yuriana Nava, Colton Police Department; Greta
Hodges, Rialto Police Department; Cecilia Chavez, Fontana Police Department; and
Paul Dennert, California Highway Patrol.


Assembly Member
Carter Honors Public Safety Volunteers

Assembly Member Carter hosted
her third annual awards program to honor volunteers in public safety agencies on
October 28 at the Inland Regional Conference Center in San Bernardino. She was
joined by San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops, San Bernardino Police Chief
Robert Handy, County Fire Chief Mark Hartwig, Fontana Police Chief Rod Jones,
Colton Police Chief Steve Ward and other officials.

The volunteer honorees have
given thousands of hours in service to their communities through the Sheriff’s
Department, the Public Defender and Probation Departments, Police Explorers,
County Fire Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the Colton, Rialto,
Fontana and San Bernardino Police Departments.

Assembly Member Carter says,
“Those individuals who offer their time and talents to their communities are
truly our unsung heroes. Too often, we forget to stop and acknowledge the great
contributions volunteers make to the fabric and character of our communities. I
want to publicly thank and recognize these heroes.”

Assembly Member Carter, THINK Together
student Cheyenne Young; and Chantal Anderson, Principal of Bemis Elementary
School in the Rialto Unified School District


National Lights on
Afterschool at Bemis Elementary

Assembly Member Carter
visited THINK Together’s extended learning time program at Bemis Elementary in
the Rialto Unified School District (RUSD) on October 19. Her visit was tied to
National Lights On Afterschool, an initiative of the National Afterschool
Alliance. Lights On Afterschool is held annually to bring visibility to the
importance of after-school programs in providing safe, supervised learning
environments for school-aged children. The THINK Together model is unique in the
state, providing a structured, academically-oriented program which includes
homework help, academically-oriented activities, structured physical education
activities/nutrition instruction, as well as leadership and team-building
activities. THINK Together serves about 3,000 students in 32 schools in the 62nd
Assembly District. Learn more at

From left, honorees Cheryl Brown,
Laura B. Goodly, Brenda Odell, National Council of Negro Women Inland Empire
Section President Lois J. Carson; Keynote Speaker and TV newswoman Beverly
White, Assembly Member Carter; Geraldine Foxall-Kater; Beverly Powell; and
Melody Anye Riley attend the National Council of Negro Women Bethune Recognition
Luncheon at the Inland Empire Regional Conference Center in San


Former Carter Staff
Honored at NCNW Luncheon

Assembly Member Carter
presented the Community Award to Eldred Marshall, former Carter legislative
staffer and talented musician. Ms. Carter called Marshall a genius who began
playing the piano at age six. He recently received a Master of Music degree and
is working on a Masters of Organ degree. The award was presented at the 32nd
Annual National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) Mary J. McLeod Bethune Recognition
Luncheon on October 29, 2011 in San Bernardino.

Each year a different NCNW
Section hosts the event in commemoration of Mary McLeod Bethune, the
organization’s founder and the Inland Empire section hosted this year. The
keynote speaker was Beverly White, KNBC newscaster. She offered an inspiring
message about the life of Henrietta Lacks, the woman whose cancer cells have
been mass marketed for research worldwide and about EPA Administrator Lisa P.

Raise Awareness of
Alzheimer’s Disease

Today, in the United States,
there are an estimated 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease
with more than 580,000 in California. According to the Alzheimer’s Association,
this figure will rise to 678,446 by 2015, and 1,100,000 by 2030. The warning
signs of Alzheimer’s disease are often dismissed as side effects of normal
aging. If you or someone you know is experiencing memory loss or changes in
behavior or thinking skills, it’s time to learn the facts. Early detection,
diagnosis and intervention are vital because they provide the best opportunities
for treatment, support and planning for the future. To learn about the 10 signs
of Alzheimer’s disease or for more information on Alzheimer’s disease, please

Commending Native
Americans for their Contributions

Millions of Americans will
commemorate the contributions that Native Americans have made to our country,
our state and our society during Native American Heritage Month in November. The
beautiful culture and heritage of many nations are ingrained in the names of our
communities, rivers, lakes, cities, streets and food.

Assembly Member Carter honors
the legacy of American Indians for their contributions to our rich history.
Among the Native Americans to receive the United States Medal of Honor for their
heroism are: First Lieutenant Jack C. Montgomery and Second Lieutenant Ernest
Childers, both United States Army, 45th Infantry Division during WWII. Also,
John Bennett Herrington is a former NASA astronaut who flew on the STS-113
Endeavour, the sixteenth shuttle mission.

Assembly Member Carter
commends the many Native Americans who continue to make our communities stronger
by serving as community college board members, police officers, teachers,
doctors, firefighters, civic leaders, military service men and women and public

Recognize the
Seriousness of Diabetes

During National Diabetes
Month, take a moment to recognize just how many people are affected by this
disease. According to the American Diabetes Association, a person is diagnosed
with diabetes every 17 seconds and diabetes remains as the leading cause of
heart attack and stroke.

From 1999 to 2008, the
highest number of deaths due to diabetes was among San Bernardino County
residents who lived in postal zip code 92335, which is in the 62nd

Learn more about diabetes on
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at Another resource is the American Diabetes
Association’s Center for Information and Community Support at 1-800-342-2383 or
visit the website Let’s take an active role to stay as healthy
as possible!

Assembly Member Carter’s intern Alicia
Barrett is from Ontario and is currently an undergraduate student at the
University of California, Irvine. Her academic interests center on Political
Science and Women’s Studies. While interning for Assembly Member Carter, Alicia
hopes to gain insight into the policy issues that affect constituents. Her
future plans include a career in public policy or government.


Ellison Ma is Assembly Member Carter’s
newest intern in her Capitol Office. Originally from San Francisco, Ellison is
currently in his third year at UC Davis in the fall, majoring in Political
Science. He plans to pursue graduate studies in public policy.


Levi Swindell of Elk Grove is a
graduate from Virginia Military Institute, where he majored in history and
attended on a football scholarship. He was honored to march with the VMI corps
of cadets in the President Barack Obama Inauguration Parade. Levi plans on
obtaining a master’s degree to work in federal law enforcement or Homeland


Carter in the

From left, Assembly Member Carter,
Assembly Member Sandr� R. Swanson (AD 16) seated; Senator Curren Price, Chair of
the Legislative Black Caucus, and Assembly Member Steven Bradford (AD 51), at
the Legislative Black Caucus Leadership Symposium on October 15th.


Assembly Member Carter joins the
sponsors and children who participated in the Grand Opening of The Leaven
Tutoring Center at Quail Ridge apartment complex in Rialto. From left, back row,
Ricardo Lorenzo and Khalid Alwan, Directors, Oracle Communities Corporation and
owners of Quail Ridge; Mark Lillis, Executive Director, The Leaven and Assembly
Member Carter. This photo was taken by W. Jordan Bennett.


Assembly Member Carter presents the
co-chairs of the Inland Empire Disabilities Collaborative with a resolution
recognizing their service and the five-year anniversary of the Collaborative.
From left, Ann Kasper and Bill Nessel, co-chairs, Inland Empire Disabilities
Collaborative; Assembly Member Carter and Carol Fitzgibbons, Executive Director,
Inland Regional Center; Lisa Hayes, Manager, Senior and Disability Services,
Molina Health Care; and Ben Jauregui, Disability Program Manager, Inland Empire
Health Plan (IEHP).


From left, Barbara Ward, Deputy
Secretary, Women and Minority Veterans; Assembly Member Carter; Senator Gloria
Negrete-McLeod; and Tina Lifford, motivational speaker at CalVet Women Veterans
Conference, “Enhancing Inner Beauty, Inner Strength,” at the DoubleTree Hotel in
Ontario on October 7.


At the George E. Brown, Jr. Elementary
School Groundbreaking on October 21 were: from left, San Bernardino Unified
School Board Member Danny Tillman, Mrs. Marta Brown, Assembly Member Carter,
Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, and San Bernardino Unified Assistant
Superintendent of Facilities and Operations John Peukert (in back). The
elementary school is the newest in the San Bernardino Unified School District,
located at 25th & Highland Ave., adjacent to Arrow View Middle


On Saturday evening, October 22 at the
National Orange Show Valencia Room, Assembly Member Carter received the 2011
Distinguished Benefactor Award from the San Bernardino County Safety Employee’s
Benefit Association (SEBA) at an event to benefit the SEBA Charity Fund. SEBA
represents 3200 San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff’s, District Attorney
Investigators, Welfare Fraud Investigators and Probation Corrections Officers.
From left, Assembly Member Carter and Safety Employee’s Benefit Association
President Laren Leichliter. The main sponsoring organizations were: SEBA, San
Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Tommy and Maria Ramos, James and Rowena


The NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner on
October 27 at the San Bernardino Hilton Hotel, recognized health educators.
Assembly Member Carter was presented with the Healthy Living Advocate Pioneer
Award by Cheryl Brown, President of the NAACP San Bernardino Branch.


Assembly Member Carter presents
certificates to representatives of The NAACP, the Inland Empire Concerned
African American Churches and Time for Change to acknowledge the organizations’
ninth annual health fair on October 22. From left, Kim Carter, Time for Change;
Beverly Jones Wright, NAACP; Assembly Member Carter and Veatrice Jews,


At the Inland Empire Concerned African
American Churches 9th Annual Health Festival, Assembly Member Carter
demonstrates a unique stationary bike which includes a blender powered by
peddling and allows the rider to make a smoothie.

RUSD Newsletter

Below is a link to the Novenber issue of Rialto Unified School Districts newsletter