Vetrans Day 11-11-11

Today we honor our vetrans past & current. What do we do to acctually honor our vets?

 Do we know how many of them have bodies and minds that are forever changed because of thier service to this country?

Did you know that Military personel must pay out of state tuition if the choose to begin thier college carrer before leaving the military and returning to thier home?

Did you know that every base that has been closed within the Inland Empire has become a waste land and no crime and poverty reside there?

So how can we show these Vets that we havent forgoten? How can we show our respect?

If you see a vet or current military person in line pay it forward and pay for thier meal. Have your kids make cards for the vets and take them down to the Vetrans Hospital. Take the time to listen to a Vet and let them know you still care. Take care of the flag that many died and bled for. Don’t allow it to get torn, don’t leave it out at night and display it properly.

Here are some of the Vets in my life:

Happy Vetrans Day to all who served our country and a special thxs to the following:Sgt York – Army
Cpl Rick York – Marines
Sgt Robert Jaurigue – Marines
 E4 Specialist Mike Phillips – Army
Robert Muir – Airborne
2nd Lt Daniel Phillips – Army

If I missed you please add yourself.

These men and all the other service men/women signed up to defend this country and it constitution. They allowed themselves to be put in harms way if need be to protect the only and last thing that makes America great. That is our FREEDOM.

All gave some, some gave all. Freedom isnt really FREE.

Here are a few more photos to honor our vets today.