Comments from the SB Sun’s Editor and General Manager

Frank Pine@fpine

@RialtosNow Why a “tired” bedrom community?


Above is the Editor and General Manager of the San Bernardino County Sun comments on how I and one of his reporters have quite similar twitter account names.

So we first have to ask why do we have this reputation? Is it deserved? What makes people in professional professions act as though their comments have no meaning or consequences?

We have this reputation in my opinion because our elected officials have missed the mark time and time again (yep we voted them in, or didn’t vote and allowed them to take over). Rialto has failed to strike when opportunity comes and sits at the front of the city hall door. The only reason anything has happened lately is because of the redevelopment funds that now are no more.

Is it deserved? No because I doubt Mr. Pine has ever lived here, or had to struggle with us. He speaks out of ignorance and that makes his a sad man. But we should expect nothing less from a newspaper group that takes stories and changes and twists people’s words to sell papers. A paper that charges you almost $80 to publish a FBN when you can get it recorded and published elsewhere for less than that.

The reason professional people act as though their words have no meaning or consequences is because of the medium they choose to express themselves. Social Media gives a person the false sense of safety and security. They dont have to see of hear the reaction from the parties involved and can shield themselves from most repercussions. I have not agreed with the Sun for quite a while thank God for ABC 7 news. They cover Rialto just about as much as the Sun does.

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