Water Rates

So by now you have probably heard in one fashion or another that the City of Rialto has mismanaged our water services for years.

The city has been trying to outsource water services to American Water. American Water says that Rialto residents can expect to see 100% increase in their water rates by 2016.

The city wants us to believe that American Water is going to come in and give over the 30 Million Dollar payment due to the general fund by the water utility, fix the dilapidated water system, hold on to the employees for 36 months rather than 18 months at similar pay and benefits and ONLY raise the rates by 100%. What? Really, only 100%?

Oh and by the way they say they will sweeten the pot by removing the perchlorate surcharge which in their estimation is $18. Once again they are wrong mine was $19.43. This was money we were told would be reimbursed but I guess they forgot about that and just are going to appease us by not making us pay for Jet fuel we didn’t even dump in the first place.

Lets not forget another piece of your utility bills the Utility Tax that was SOLD as a Fire and Police tax, would you be surprised that it never REALLY went for public safety? Just another lie and ploy to dig deeper into the communities pockets.

My favorite part of the article in the sun paper on march 13th was that mike story who gets his water from Fontana Water Co. pays more now that Rialto residents. Dont care sorry you let your utility do that to you.

One of the people who posted a comment on the Sun’s online article said the following:

Felipe M. Antillon

Rialto Residents… make sure you voice your opinion on this matter. Fontana is a private water district similar to what Rialto is proposing. My water bill was over $100 during the winter and my neighbors were close to $300. I have since poured cement in the back and artificial grass in the front. My yard is not very large and I have minimal things to water. My bill is still $75/month. $48/month just in a usage fee to have my water on….
So how many of you want to see your yards turned into skate parks? This poor man had to take his life to the extreme just to make it manageable, but ask someone you know how expensive cement is now, plus artificial turf even done right is ugly expensive and must be replaced eventually.
Below is the Video Mr Mike Story did on this issue:


I’m not in love with the idea that were going to dump 30 MILLION $$ into a Target project that the developer is shaky at best on. What ever happened to the In & Out? San Bernardino built a new one and its the highest sales location, Highland is building on near LA Fitness. I don’t spend much money in this city beyond Fresh & Easy and Home Depot when I need something quick. I refuse to send my family anywhere in this city alone its just not safe & investment is always done halfway.

There are 2 public forums on this issue we posted the flyers on this blog and we will repost tomorrow, be there and voice your opinion.

City Council and Mayor Vargas have mismanaged this city long enough, this is where the community owns this mess and can fix it. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!

Everyone came out to vote for Obama but no one educated themselves on anything else. Educate yourself on the candidates and what they really stand for.

Click the Follow button because we will be reaching out to the various candidates this election and getting what their plans are for the city and how their words balance out what their actions have been. By following the blog you get it sent right to your email in full and can read it more easily.

We need real People with real solutions like: http://www.facebook.com/#!/coffeenutzz – Andy Carrizales

http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1095984277 – Judy Roberts

http://www.facebook.com/#!/wilmer.carter – Wilmer Amina Carter

People with real solutions and not afraid to get their hands dirty

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