Proceeds from water agreement going to San Bernardino International Airport

First of all we loved the shout out ED SCOTT gave us from the Dias and validated our reporting on this issue of the money from the water deal.

We commented on a Press Enterprise Story where they reported a portion of the money from the water deal would go to SBIA (San Bernardino International Airport). We were never outright told that this money was going to another city government that has horrid money management, especially to the tune of $12.3 million.

Mr. Ed Scott since you read or someone reads the blog to you please explain to us how the development monies from the sale and rape or Utility Rate Payers in the City is going to go for any other project in the city besides the “Target” project. We ask you to clarify this because:

  • After Robb Steels presentation we have spent the entire $30 Million on this one project.
  • There is still so much profit sharing that after its all said and done were still in the hole $4 Million.
  • The Airport project is expected to take 11-15 years.
  • We have capital improvements for YOUR Super Wal-Mart project.

Since our current council cannot bring real infrastructure to the city with massive amounts of money is this it?

Mr. Scott you want to be our mayor so if you please send us a email or comment on this post we promise to post all material you return on this issue without edit.

Below is pictures we took of the slides presented by Mr. Steel.

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