Election Protective’s Prop’s 30 & 38

Most voter guides begin with the BIG TIME regional elections then work down to the local stuff, if you haven’t noticed were a little different.


We put out feelers to people running in local elections to obtain the information they feel you should know about them but we have nothing more to gain that passing along our advice and opinion to people on this monster election. We get our reward from having knowledgeable readers that are energized and ready to cast their ballots.

Prop 30 – We vote NO

Prop 30 is sold as a tax on the wealthy to help pay for schools. The governor and teachers have a hypothetical gun to our children’s heads because they are threatening the worst cuts and extra shortened school years. What is prop 30? Another way for Sacramento and the CTA to reach into our pockets because they over spent in good years and offered extremely lucrative pensions (except for ROP teachers). Prop 30 is a way for Jerry Brown and the CTA to back fill teachers pension fund while raising our SALES TAX & the tax on the wealthy. Show the CTA and Jerry Brown what happens when they hold our children hostage and take them down by voting NO.

Proposition 38: VOTE NO

Increases personal income tax rates for annual earnings over $7,316 using sliding scale from 0.4% for lowest individual earners to 2.2% for individuals earning over $2.5 million, ending after twelve years. During first four years, 60% of revenues go to K-12 schools, 30% to repaying state debt, and 10% to early childhood programs. Thereafter, allocates 85% of revenues to K-12 schools, 15% to early childhood programs.It’s the other individual tax grab, the one by Molly Monger. The money might actually go to the schools, but everyone will see their income tax bills go up.

To those of you looking to help our schools or think its ok for the “rich” people to pay more let’s look at some of the latest money wasting factors:

  1. David Goldstien      from CBS 2 news uncovered the latest government misuse of State Tax      Dollars. Jerry Brown has said the state has made massive reductions his      biggest reduction he touted was the end to the Government Fleet. He told      us he had state employees stop using vehicles that were merely used to      transport to and from home and to different places within the state that      were part of state business. Then CBS uncovers the misuse of rented trucks      by Caltrans officials. Read more about this at http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/10/25/cbs2-investigates-caltrans-employees-who-use-taxpayer-funded-cars-for-personal-use/
  2. At least two      agencies have been investigating Caltrans’ Foundation Testing Branch – whose      technician, Duane Wiles, falsified bridge tests – for financial fraud. In      a recent interview, Robert Pieplow, Caltrans chief engineer, acknowledged      his agency’s ongoing probe concerning possible theft of state property and      improper overtime claims. “We take matters of fraud, abuse, misuse of      state resources, and misuse of federal resources very seriously,”      Pieplow said. He would not provide details. Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/11/12/4050191/probes-zero-in-on-caltrans-test.html#storylink=cpy
  3. The accounting      scandal that forced the ouster of the California state parks director and      her chief deputy has highlighted a long-standing rift over off-roading on      public land. The culture clash has pitted conservationists against drivers      of dirt bikes and dune buggies, who have tangled over how to spend more      than $100 million set aside to buy and manage land for off-road vehicles.      That fund is where state accountants found more than half of a $54-million      hidden surplus, the revelation that sparked the ongoing scandal.
  4. State costs of      about $19.4 billion, assuming 30 years to pay off both principal ($9.95      billion) and interest ($9.5 billion) costs of the bonds. Payments of about      $647 million per year.      This is the high speed rail system that Jerry Brown and state democrats      want to build here in California. The highlighted portion of this bullet      point is important. Where are they going to find an extra $647 Million per      year? How about weigh station fees that trucks pay as they traverse around      our state. So you ask what is that money supposed to go for? Its ear      marked for road repair caused by heavy trucks and the damage they cause,      so looks like the roads that never get repaired still wont get repaired.      Lets not stop there guess how much money was taken from the Cal State      college system $647 Million. So that means we think a failed High Speed      Rail System is more important than keeping college rates low for      struggling students.
  5. JOHN CHIANG STATE      CONTROLLER wants you to believe that he can and will watch the money for      you the emphasis on accountability as seen here http://youtu.be/Y6Du0-rtzeA      . But lets not forget what Mr. Chiang said when millions of dollars were      being found in hidden accounts with the parks and rec department. He      stated that it was impossible for him or his office to accurately account      for all tax money. Watch this ad explaining that the money isn’t earmarked      for schools and can be used elsewhere.
  6. Finally Jerry brown      has told Cal State Students that if prop 30 passes each student will get a      $250 check, if it fails their tuition will increase by the same amount. He      has threatened schools will close early and he will take a massive knife      to education. Aren’t we tired of this hostage situation the state takes      with our kids!!!!! How much longer will California put up with massive      spending and then digging deeper into our pockets?

Tomorrow we will address Prop 32



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