Utility Users Tax Workshop

Wow this issue has brought the normal people out of the wood work. Here is some of the statements being made in reference to the issue and our prior post:

*The city and council have been good stewards of your money and city.

Lets not forget the massive step they made to bring our water and waste water systems up to date. They made a massive sell off our our systems because of the years of neglect. Plus now they eant to borrow another $5 million dollars to make rates increase by 115% in 4 years.

*Without the UUT at the current rate the city looses $11 million in yearly revenues forcing the city into bankrupcy. With this we loose police and fire services to the county.

Yes loosing the UUT would be tragic and I don’t want to loose public safety to our mess of a county. I support the UUT at the current rate.

*We have been told that the UUT issue is highly polarized and that this blog should stick to the facts and hold our personal opinion.

Wow I thought Rialto was in America not communist China! We present the facts with commentary that isn’t soley mine but a loud collective set of voices saying the same thing.

People that take issue with what is said here can comment on the post, comment on the Facebook page, twitter page or call me on my cell. I have no problem diologing with the Community on issues effecting us all its the reason I write this blog.

The point is tomorrow night at council Chambers downtown @6pm and insert yourself into the discussion on this polarizing issue.