City Council Meeting 9-23-14

Tuesdays City Council meeting is more than just business as usual. There are some major issues to address especially when it comes to some issues with spending.

Request City Council to Approve Resolution No. 6641 for a

Professional Services Agreement Extension with ClientFirst for One

Year for $33,000 per Month to Provide Information Technology Systems

Services and Support for $396,000 and an additional $14,400 per

month for Project Management Services or an additional $172,800 per

year, for a total not to exceed of $568,800.

The First issue is with the company Client First and their contract with the city to run the website and IT services. Right now we pay them $33,000 a month and they would like to increase that an additional $14,400 a month giving them a total paid amount over 12 months of $568,800. So that’s more than half a million dollars to run the cities website? As someone who visits the cities website regularly and often I don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth. The website has failures all the time site is down information drops off and is lost and if it happens on a Friday good luck getting it fixed until Monday. So if money is important to you we need to pay attention to this item.

Request City Council to Adopt Resolution No. 6642 directing staff to

analyze the proposed Revisions to the Renaissance Specific Plan.

So years later after all the warnings from those of us in the community the city council is finally hearing the bad news, well sort of. Even though those of us in the community have known that Target is a far gone conclusion the contractors and some on the council refuse to see the writing on the wall. Those of us that have been fighting for a little common sense in putting this project together were constantly ignored in the early stages of this project by Ed Scott, Joe Baca, Deborah Robertson and Ed Palmer. Now it looks like the city is finally finding out this deal isn’t a sure thing. At an Area Command Meeting Joe Baca Jr said to the group that Target is still part of this deal. We have heard from many professionals in this area of work that Target was out of the deal years ago. If you attend or watch this meeting from home or online watch this one and the spin zone that will ensue. Also pay close attention to the three phase plans it goes from a dream to flooding Rialto with truck traffic and warehouse’s.

Request the City Council/Rialto Utility Authority to Approve a Final

Construction Work Authorization in the amount of $390,246 to Rialto

Water Services for the Recurring Capital Project (Meter Replacements),

Concession Agreement Capital Recurring Project WA.

We will leave you with Tab 7. This is yet another way that Rialto Water Services (Veolia) is skirting the water contract and not delivering what was promised. From the CIP we were supposed to receive 4000 water meters for just under $500,000 yet for $390,246 were only getting 1600. Really Rialto how much longer are we going to put up with super high water rates with no return on our money?????

Join us at city hall at 6pm for the council meeting or follow us on twitter at

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