Rialto Opens Up The Rails To Trails Project

Join the city of Rialto as it opens the Rialto portion of the Rails to Trail.


Trouble at Rialto’s Arrowhead Credit Union Branch

Early in the morning on May 19th the Rialto branch of Arrowhead  Credit Union on Foothill Blvd was closed.


We aptempted to contact Arrowhead Credit Union staff because a employee working on the in branch ATM’s was telling customers that the branch was closed because it was robbed at gun point. The security guard out front was saying that the bank was closed due to a violent situation. Since no one from Arrowhead was speaking to the community or the Arrowhead Account members we reached out to Rialto Police and they informed us that their was a report of a person suspected to have a mental disorder (5150).

People that heard the employee working on the ATM say that the bank was robbed felt scared and afraid. Yolonda said “that she grew up in the area and had been banking with Arrowhead for a while and never thought this would happen here.”

We reached the VP of branch services that confirmed that a person suspected to have a mental disorder was inside the branch and that they had to close the branch temporarily so that staff could speak to crisis counselors and Arrowhead had to wait until local police and the FBI cleared the bank to re-open which happened just after 2pm.