Eisenhower Seniors Flex Their Big Brains As They Cross The Finish Line

Ike 3.5 club

On Wednesday Eisenhower High School Seniors were honored for finishing High School with a 3.5 GPA or higher as they close into finishing the senior year. This year 86 students in a senior class of 521 students obtained at least an overall GPA of 3.5 and 21 of these student finished with a 4.0 GPA. These numbers are on the rise as last year 83 students obtained the level of 3.5 GPA overall.

On top of these Rock Star kids there is a double Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Both pairs finished with the same exact GPA’s

  • Valedictorian – Betcy Gaspar Nicacio & Alexa Chocoza
  • Salutatorian – Cristal Martinez-Ramirez & Amber Reveles

Career Center Advisor Nancy Samir Sehsah  posted this about her rising star students:

I had such a great time holding today’s photos shoot with our 86 seniors with 3.5 and above GPAs. These kids are, truly, amazing. ‪#‎ikemob‬ ‪#‎classof2016‬‪#‎scholars‬

We believe that it is staff like these that are the reason more students are rising to the top in academic success. If we get an press invite to graduation we will be seeking out these rising stars.


Local IE Activists Support Victims Of International Crime

Local activists that are spending their time and energy to hold the line on corruption and abuse of tax dollars stood behind Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump representing the adults and children that have been killed by people who were allowed to enter this country illegally. See the video shot by Grindall below:

Make sure you notice that Mr Trump or his security detail never shut down any recording or request for a photo.

We were in Ontario California at the Double Tree Hotel looking to cover the Candidates looking for your vote here in Rialto for Congress, Senate and Assembly. These people were speaking to the voting members of the San Bernardino County Republican Party Central Committee to endorse them in their prospective races. Ben Lopez listed as the groups Treasurer/Parliamentarian took it upon himself to shut down us and another attendee in recording the candidates not the unorganized fashion they ran their meetings. See the video we took of this very action:

We have slammed Democrats for this very thing after shutting down our camera we stated that nowhere was there a posting that recording wasn’t allowed Ben Lopez barked its in our bylaws. Well as a guest reporter we found it difficult to know the rules of a group we just found tonight. What is funny is someone sent us a photo that was taken from the stage while we were recording, a news camera right over our shoulder and others on cell phones for nearly a half hour while Rafael Cruz addressed the same meeting.

Rafael Cruz CrowdWhats funny is the Mission of the group and their actions don’t match up. See their Mission Satement taken from their Facebook Page and we will let you decide:

The Republican Party of San Bernardino County is a year-round campaign organization, charged with electing Republicans to every office throughout San Bernardino county. We maintain a permanent headquarters, and execute programs designed to register more Republicans, recruit volunteers, train candidates, endorse Republicans for local office, and turn out the Republican vote come election time.

How can you get Republicans elected in a heavy Democrat environment without showing off why the Republican choice is better?

If you would like to reach Mr. Ben Lopez and ask him what they are hiding in their meetings you can reach him at  lopezben76@gmail.com