Eisenhower High Football Splits Pre Season Games

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The Eisenhower High School Varsity Football team kicked off the upcoming season with two pre-season games. Playing without a home stadium this year will be challenging but they seem equal to the task and there are some Rialto residents that are working to make each game feel like a home game and travel where the team goes.

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As you can see Eisenhower split the pre-season with a commanding win over Tahquitz. Coach Brown was happy with what he saw from his team. Even though Eisenhower lost to Roosevelt the team was out muscled by the other team but fought and learned a lot about what the regular season had in store for them.

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Eisenhower will kick off the regular season away on September 16th at Rialto High School at 7pm


Is Rialto City Council Lying to Residents?

We have been told by staff and city council that the truck traffic that is soon to increase once the newly built warehouses are filled will not impact residents and that measures have been put into place to push traffic towards Laurel Ave and not Ayala where the area is more dense with family homes. The result so far with just a few of the newly built warehouses in place is that the truck traffic is engulfing the Ayala & Baseline intersection and tucks are making the area very dangerous because they seem unable to obey the traffic signals or fit into the poorly designed separation medians that only allow for three cars maximum to turn left on Ayala let alone massive Big Rig Trucks.

Well after a recent community outreach meeting where residents were asked to show up and voice their concern about the Retail project that is finally kicking off the topic wasn’t the new shopping center it was the damage that the increased truck traffic was causing. Due to the widening of Ayala the grass trees and bushes at the top end of Cedar were removed. This with the increase in truck traffic has residents unable to open their windows for fresh air and some residents are forced to wash down their homes exterior walls due to all the soot and road dust that now rains down over family homes.

Staff did state that the once empty land has always been zoned for commercial warehouse use. It seems that our airport was the only thing keeping people from having harmful, toxic pollutants rain down over their homes.

Staff, Councilman Ed Scott and Mayor Deborah Robertson have all said that the trucks will be diverted away from RIALTO homes. In this first video you will see that is not the case. Not one sign or road median does anything to stop trucks from heading towards heavily populated areas.

In this video you will see another view of a diffrent area of warehouses in the old airport area where truck traffic is allowed to go wherever they wish.

What this proves is that we need leaders that want to hear from the people BEFORE they drop massive development on single family communities.