Rialto Council Member takes a page out of the Hilary Clinton playbook


As has been very well covered is Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton calling her opponents supporters deplorable. Well in a recent interview Councilman Ed Scott was quoted in the San Bernardino Sun article calling the people who run to seek political office Crazy.

“Generally, during an election year, when we have council races, we go dark in October,” Councilman Ed Scott said. “So that we don’t have all the crazy election antics at city council meetings.” – Rialto Councilman Ed Scott

This is a failed statement because we have been told that the council goes dark to allow incumbents the ability to equally campaign just as their challengers. We can tell you that the crazy antics (public holding our leaders feet to the fire) go on year round and this is one of the few opportunities that Mr. Scott can shut down the community.

Ed Scott is no stranger to yelling at the community and city staff behind closed doors and in the public. Ed Scott used to accuse the press of misquoting him but once we began covering this city we found that Mr. Scott opens himself up to being quoted for the words that pour over his lips. Once we began making public the videos of City Council leaders acting in ways that are not appropriate the leaders who were in the wrong have grown concerned.

Below is a recent video of Ed Scott blindly threatening the community at large that he is coming after someone. This is a concern because he has used actual litigation against citizens who worked to oppose his past attempts to outsource Rialto’s Police Department.

What all this proves is that as we are voting that we vote for leaders who will lead the people not threaten and shut them down.


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  1. reneefyfe
    Nov 07, 2016 @ 23:03:46

    It is obvious that Ed Scott is very unstable and has no business in politics.


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