New Video Exposes Where Councilman Trujillo Learned How To Hide Plans From The People

On the last Friday of 2016 Rialto City Hall was center stage for the issue of illegal immigration. Newly elected Councilman Rafael Trujillo tried to have a secret meeting with outside agencies looking to make sure that Rialto is a Sanctuary City.

We found out that even though Rafael Trujillo wanted the alternative media sources shut out he had invited his own media source Alejandro Cano to write a puff story on what was going down in Rialto.

Also called into question was if Rafael Trujillo was acting on behalf of his boss congresswoman Norma Torres?

Well if you look at the video above Rafael Trujillo is following Norma Torres lead to the letter.


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  1. T. Mitchell
    Jan 02, 2017 @ 04:17:51

    When will america wake up to what has happened throughout the political spectrum. For 20+ years, american voters have elected hispanic surname politicians, assuming they were americans first, reguardless of heritage. We were wrong, like the story of the manchurian candidate, fooled to believe they would represent the american citizen first. But now they all are putting their heritage before the american citizen. Seeking american rights for their families and relatives from mexico.


  2. Al Brown
    Jan 04, 2017 @ 19:05:50

    What makes America Great? Is it our laws, our cherished promotion to self govern, the oath of office to support our law, our thought of country first. When you look at the countries that illegal aliens and refugees are fleeing from it is evident that lawlessness and false freedoms makes a country bad. Yet, American leaders sworn to protect our law are guilty of treason by there actions to destroy and degrade the law by circumvention not changing the very law they swore to protect. When did this become acceptable to the American people and those that are in charge of checks and bounds. American values are being blurred and complacency will ensure our implosion. We will be the lawless country to flee. If these leaders were doing the right thing why weren’t they proud and standing tall, instead they slither like serpents. America’s greatest threat is our leaders and lazy complacent people. Sadly, there is a point of no return. Godspeed America


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