Luis Nolasco Shows Racist Colors at Rialto City Council Meeting

On the first city council meeting for the city of Rialto there was standing room only mainly over the issue of sanctuary cities. Councilman Rafael Trujillo and his actions on December 30th 2016 set a firestorm of media exposure on the small Inland Empire City. Both sides of the issue remained free from using racist statements. Everyone kept their arguments to the issue at hand until Luis Nolasco a young Hispanic man called out one race in particular.

Mr. Nolasco began his time calling out the people there from outside the city (that he didn’t agree with) and then began to use race biting statements that have become commonplace with young adults who have been taught that being white is a sin no matter what is in your heart. For some reason those who traveled with him to support the Sanctuary City issue (see their picture below).


Mr. Nolasco highlights growing up in Rialto and how the minority population has swung to the white community. Mr. Nolasco refers to how irrelevant the white community is and that they have 5 years left to exist in Rialto.

A veteran sitting in the audience was visibly shaken by Luis Nolasco’s statement. As the Council took a short recces after the public comment section the gentleman said “my family built this town and it was well before he was even a twinkle in his fathers eye”. Many expressed feelings of confusion to why the council would allow such words to be uttered. One lady said if it wasn’t for the white people who started this town and grew it into a city that this man now claims to love.

There was a great double standard in Louis Nolasco’s original statement that only Rialto Residents should be heard at council meetings  when he brought with him people that lived outside the city at the Sanctuary City Committee meeting and to last Tuesdays council meeting. Nobody from the other side asked council not to listen to others just that they listen with a lawful ear.

Arthur Schaper with the We The People Rising held up large quilts from the Remembrance Project of those that died because others were not asked to follow the laws of the land. Councilman Ed Scott said he was not for a Sanctuary City in Rialto and his heart went out to those who lost loved ones due to others not following the law.



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  1. Ly Kou
    Jan 13, 2017 @ 06:46:11


  2. Ly Kou
    Jan 13, 2017 @ 06:50:44


  3. Concerned American
    Jan 14, 2017 @ 21:56:45

    Luis Nolasco is a disgusting racist imposing false narratives. First of all this racist douchebag is wrong about the reasoning of illegal immigrants,,,,I suggest Luis read the 14th Amendment in detail. Luis has a agenda following a La Raza mindset which can be very dangerous to his well being. I’m nowhere near the racist pig that Luis is and unfortunately he has some mental issues that maybe he should live in Mexico with his own kind. This is America not Mexico, his freedoms here are not from Mexico and the LEGAL citizens of this country think this dirtbag should STFU.


  4. Gary von Pratt
    May 11, 2017 @ 17:31:35

    Is Luis Nolasco an American Citizen ?LEGALLY???…


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