City Council Seeks to Further Limit Community Access to Potential Elected Officials

Rialto Family Festival 2015 || Mayor Deborah Robertson - YouTube YouTube1280 × 720Search by image Rialto Family Festival 2015 || Mayor Deborah Robertson

Rialto Family Festival 2015 || Mayor Deborah Robertson – YouTube
YouTube1280 × 720Search by image
Rialto Family Festival 2015 || Mayor Deborah Robertson

Written by David Phillips

As a former City Council Candidate I can attest to how difficult it is to reach a large amount of people with your message. I mean signs are an easy way to clog up street corners and blanket the many shuttered buildings but is this the way we want to learn about our elected officials? I personally enjoyed being on both sides of the booth both as the candidate and the community member seeking a face to face with the candidate.

Well we caught wind of a certain elected official who had an issue with candidates having booths at public events. Now his concern has risen to the level of now making it illegal. The issue that the new ordnance looks to address is:

the intent of the City in sponsoring public events is generally to provide a nonpolitical, family-friendly, informative and/or entertaining, and non-controversial event environment; 

So given the above statement this will stop not only people running for office but it will also stop groups that are there to spread information on behalf of a political organization and will limit your access to regional leaders who come out to their booths and provide staff to answer community questions. It will officially become harder to meet your elected officials. Is that fair to you?

Also at events like Halloween Hi-Jinks where more than a third of the booths were politically based booths where are Rialto youth going to go for a safe trick or treating environment? You see our leaders forget the consequences of their actions when they are trying to damage chances of certain people ever getting elected.

Questions that need to be answered are:

  • Will this apply to the mayors luxury cabana that she has every year at the Family Festival?
  • Will this ban groups like the teachers union, Rialto Democrat Club and Rialto Woman’s Club from having booths at Rialto Events?

I have been to a lot of events and I have never seen anyone get out of hand, there is no fighting and everyone plays by the rules except those who put random signs up and leave them on city property. So we have to wonder if our new council is counting the costs of their actions?



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