Over $71 Thousand Donated to Fontana School Board Candidate

A collection of campaign contributions have come in for Fontana School Board member Mars Serna. Over $71 Thousand in campaign contributions have come in for a special election against one other person community advocate Kareem Gongora.

Now we all know that elections need money and normally the people giving money want something in return. So what do the people donating to Mars Serna’s campaign want? Well let’s look at who is donating:

  • Burrtec Waste Industries $20,000
  • Phil Cothran $4,579.38
  • Clifford Young Sr. $1,000
  • Constance Young $5,000
  • Academics in Art Charter $40,000
  • South Highland Management $500

Now what would a trash provider get out of donating to a small school board seat? Maybe a sweet deal on a contract? Even bigger than that is the $40 thousand dollars coming from a Charter School in Orange County believe us when we tell you this money does not come without massive strings attached.

This election is a special election that once the election is over and the winner is sworn in they will have less than a year until their seat is up for re-election. The real story here is a power grab by Warehouse Warren (aka Fontana Mayor Aquenetta Warren) she has two votes that will do her bidding on the School Board and since her third puppet is now on Fontana City Council she needs another one. Her pick is Mars Serna.

Speaking to Kareem Gongora the other candidate in this election isn’t taking donations like these he is relying on family, friends and the community to send him to the Fontana Board not large corporations and Charter Schools.

We have asked Mars Serna to sit down with us and he refuses so I guess he would rather leave us to make up our own minds about these dirty campaign contributions.


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  1. Karen Coleman
    Oct 03, 2017 @ 20:23:17



  2. Carol Francis
    Oct 03, 2017 @ 22:37:21

    Serna is the most experienced candidate and the right man for the job. His counterpart supports the whole millennial far left movement which is very scary to be in positions such as these.


    • rialto-now
      Oct 04, 2017 @ 05:40:00

      Why does he take money from Burrtec, Charter Schools and property management firm’s? Did you know that Mars is seeking the endorsement for the young democrats organization?


  3. Ann Knickerbocker
    Oct 04, 2017 @ 07:06:12

    Oh, C’mon! Do we need another Trumpocolyte in office? Aren’t are in enough danger from a Trumpocolypse?


  4. Stephen Fletcher Jr.
    Oct 04, 2017 @ 11:29:22

    So… let me get this straight. FUSD Board Member Jason Obrien is heading the fundraising and campaign organizing of Gongora who is running for Seat on the same board as Obrien? How is this allowed? I smell collusion. People are being fooled. Using children as political and financial pawns. I am a proud democrat, this is about the children not politics.


  5. Carol Francis
    Oct 04, 2017 @ 22:22:05

    Karen, I’m 67, I’ve been around a long time. I question those who have college degrees to fill a 30 page magazine but absolutely “zero” real life experience in important positions (not just volunteering in their spare time). We need people in there with experience. Regarding the mayor, it’s a shame if it’s true, do you have any actual proof or is it all just your opinion?


    • Karen Coleman
      Oct 05, 2017 @ 17:50:59

      I have her 640 forms 2008-20015. The 640 form is the campaign contributions form that all elected officials have to file with the state or feds depending on what they are running for. As far as college degrees go both candidates have college degrees. It is my opinion that we need to look at how many times someone has been asked to leave a job and how many times someone does leave their position.


  6. Karen Coleman
    Oct 05, 2017 @ 02:43:48

    Let me get THIS straight…the Mayor bought the last city council seat….She spent over $250,000 to get Jesse Armendarez elected and secured a majority vote on the council. She financed Matt Slowiik’s campaign and Peter Garcia ‘s campaign in the last school board election. If she can get Mars Serna elected she can have 3 votes on the school board. CaroI ..I am 71 years old don’t know what your left/millennial nonsense is all about. Please look up donations and stop the madness!


  7. Carol Francis
    Oct 06, 2017 @ 01:50:09

    We should also consider actual experience, now there’s a good and refreshing idea! Since when are positions handed over to inexperience people and get good results? Didn’t FUSD learn already from the last recall fiasco? Mars is the best candidate by far, this is about what’s best for the children not anything else.


  8. Karen Coleman
    Oct 06, 2017 @ 03:52:46

    Carol ..Did you even look to see where Mars’ support is coming from? Doesn’t look like a Fontana Base. Fontana has been for sale to big money since South Ridge. And we got royally screwed on that one! I think we should just agree…you vote for Mars and I’ll vote for Gongora. One of us will be happy come November 7.


  9. Carol Francis
    Oct 06, 2017 @ 12:52:53

    Anyone can do business in Fontana, fortunately people from other cities chose to invest money here. Open trade. You consider that “Fontana For Sale”? Biased and narrow minded thinking, goes well with your coming FUSD vote.


  10. Stephen Fletcher Jr.
    Oct 11, 2017 @ 18:02:42

    I’ve noticed an abundance of Mars Serna signs all over Fontana, even a billboard size sign off the freeway. We need people who care in office, not the typical “do nothing politicians”. This is all about the kids and should be taken seriously, this is not a free time hobby. Mars is determined to win the seat. We’re all voting Mars Serna!


    • rialto-now
      Oct 12, 2017 @ 01:38:21

      So wait tons of signs mean you have kids best in mind? No it means you are a bought and sold politician. Mars Sera is ducking the people and the media so special interest groups can buy him a school board seat.


  11. Carol Francis
    Oct 11, 2017 @ 19:57:23

    The community is willingly putting up Sernas signs everywhere. Even billboards. The donors can give to whomever they please. Serna has the local support, his counterpart is a politician who wants a say in everything, we need a board member to be fully immersed in the children of FUSD, not politics. I think we can all agree on that. Karen I’m sure you’re 50/50 on your vote, let me help you, vote Mars.


  12. Carol Francis
    Oct 12, 2017 @ 01:28:46

    Mr. Serna is the most qualified candidate. Political supporters want to be affiliated with winners, they don’t do any talking on social media, they give their approval By other means. Mars Serna, in 2017 AND 2018. This is the right choice and fully benefits the kids. We are of the older generations and want nothing but the best for our grandchildren.


  13. Carol Francis
    Oct 12, 2017 @ 01:59:55

    So no signs equals major support? No, Tons of signs means he has tons of support from the community. You’d be better off asking, I bet your own friends are voting Mars Serna!


    • Karen Coleman
      Oct 12, 2017 @ 02:21:03

      $20,000 from the trash company and $40,000 from a private school in Costa Mesa..really community support?


  14. Carol Francis
    Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:29:57

    Mr. Biased Moderator, I understand. Any candidate can have as many sings put up as they please. Don’t complain when Mars has more supports and has plenty of more signs than his counterpart. Anyone can get donors also, Mr Gongora collects money as well.


    • rialto-now
      Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:32:51

      Carol your on my website. When you grow a website where thousands come to read your articles you can comment the way you want. Thanks for visiting our website.


  15. Carol Francis
    Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:38:08

    Mr. Moderator, aside from stating the obvious, your arguments are below average. A 67 year old grandma has more common sense. Mars will be your board member at FUSD.


  16. Carol Francis
    Oct 13, 2017 @ 00:14:23

    Sandoval running for Mayor? The poor guy can’t even articulate his comments on the Dias, how in the world is he expected to lead a city this big? He has no charm, charisma or leadership qualities, developers and big business will eat him alive on the negotiating table. Laughable.


  17. Carol Francis
    Oct 13, 2017 @ 01:32:03

    I’m giving you a new story to write about. Please provide informative and unbiased reporting.


  18. Carol Francis
    Oct 13, 2017 @ 02:00:24

    Love the Herald! I bet 5-7 people show up to Seville Park. Is that the best candidate Fontana has to offer? My pet fish probably has more charisma than Sandoval. I’d love to hear your opinion as well as Karen’s.


  19. Carol Francis
    Oct 13, 2017 @ 18:50:12

    What’s is the name of the business ran by Mars Sernas opponent in the FUSD race? It’s great we have someone running with business experience but I’d like to know the name of his business and what they do.


  20. Carol Francis
    Oct 13, 2017 @ 19:07:45

    Do you know the name? I like to know the background of candidates before I vote for them.


  21. Carol Francis
    Oct 14, 2017 @ 00:09:10

    I am voting for Mars Serna. I (and many others I’ve spoken to) question his counterparts experience and motives, he’s an inexperienced politician/activist from all I see. Claims he is a business man but his business is one big secret. He’s attempting to fool the people, does he even have a regular job? He has a lot of free time from what people tell me. Vote Mars Serna or Mr. Fraud, the choice is yours. We have all made ours. Serna for FUSD, no gimmicks just in it for the children and families.


  22. Carol Francis
    Oct 14, 2017 @ 00:46:04

    You are missing the point. We decide off fact and not speculation. I’ve been alive too many years to not know better. Tell your audience what he does for “business”, if he has a job, why all the free time and if he has any sort of experience. Let me guess you’ll vote for Sandoval also. Shame. Moving backwards not forward.


  23. Carol Francis
    Oct 15, 2017 @ 16:35:56

    Mr. Editor/journalist, the people want to know what your candidate does as a businessman. We’d like to know the name of his company.


  24. Stephen Fletcher Jr.
    Oct 18, 2017 @ 00:47:04

    Mars Serna is a winner and has the people behind him. The other guys motives, experience and past are very questionable. Let’s stop this political agenda and select people who deserve the position and will uphold values while doing an excellent job for the children. Mars is the answer without a doubt.


  25. Brandon Gentry MD
    Oct 20, 2017 @ 06:51:59

    Can we all just vote based on the best and most experienced candidate for the seat, rather than vote based on their political affiliation, friends and donors? Mars Serna has made a life out of helping others which shows what he will bring to FUSD. His counterpart just comes around during election time, Serna has been doing this great work consistently for years. See the difference? Mars Serna for FUSD is my (and many of my colleagues) choice. The other guy carries some secrets I keep hearing, the truth always comes out. Medical Proffesionals and Small Business owners for Mars Serna.


  26. Carol Francis
    Oct 23, 2017 @ 23:23:49

    Mars Serna is running away with this race. The mystery sorrounding his opponent seems like it’s too much for the people to bear, what’s the name of his company? What business is he in? What experience does he have? Is he going to learn on the job? Something doesent add up. That’s the reason amongst many why Mars Serna is the people’s choice.


    • rialto-now
      Oct 24, 2017 @ 13:50:23

      Carol why are you hidding behind a fake name? Is it because your afraid of what would happen if people knew you were?


    • Karen Coleman
      Oct 24, 2017 @ 20:37:20

      I don’t know the answers to your questions..but I have a question for you. Is it true that Mars Serna was asked to leave FUSD? I know that untruths are told but this is just one question I have been asked. As I have said before one of us will be very happy on November 7.


  27. Carol Francis
    Oct 24, 2017 @ 15:12:37

    I am Carol Gertrude Francis, I’m 67 years old, I live off Athol near Sierra. I have grandchildren who attend FUSD. I am quite interested in local races because it affects my grandchildren and their future opportunities in town. I’ve lived in Fontana for 39 years and I want to see the improvement continue. I’m voting Mars Serna because he’s not pretending, he’s really for the kids and families. The Fontana Teachers Association is supporting Mr. Serna, his super liberal opponent supported “sex offenders on campus”, that’s sickening and despicable. Vote Mars Serna for the sake of the children.


    • Karen Coleman
      Oct 24, 2017 @ 19:21:31

      Carol we all have the right to support and vote for anyone we want to but please do not spread lies about anyone. The sex offenders on campus has been explained over and over. If you really dig deep you will find that is was blown out of proportion by Mayor Warren and her boys. I have been waiting to see what dirty tricks she will come with and thanks to you I now know.


  28. Carol Francis
    Oct 24, 2017 @ 21:42:53

    Good day Karen, such a sensitive topic like sex offenders on campus should not have to be defended, overly explained or repeatedly explained by your candidate. It’s a straight forward approach when it comes to those criminals, the fact that your candidate even slightly favored sex offenders is quite telling and wrong, in my opinion and that of all parents out there.


    • rialto-now
      Oct 24, 2017 @ 22:26:41

      He never defended sex offenders he worked to fix a broken law that allowed them on campus. Mayor Warren (oops I mean Carol) you can support whoever you want but why create lies?


  29. Carol Francis
    Oct 24, 2017 @ 22:56:23

    Mr. Editor, please don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. You never told us what this “businessman” does for business either. Those issues to name a few, plus his inexperience alone are a bad combination. Hope we can all stop the sideshows and choose the right level of seriousness and experience in a candidate. Mars Serna all the way.


  30. Carol Francis
    Oct 27, 2017 @ 15:12:26

    Mr. Editor, the people do not approve of his “business”, therefore we will not approve a seat for him on the school board. Everything in the dark always comes out. Mars Serna for School Board 2017. The people will not be fooled.


  31. Carol Francis
    Oct 30, 2017 @ 22:54:10

    Mr. Biased editor, your candidate has been terribly exposed. If you were smart, you’d distance yourself rather than immerse yourself further, you may run for office later, this guy is tarnished and will ruin the reputations of those endorsing him.


  32. Carol Francis
    Nov 05, 2017 @ 22:30:46

    He hates police, supports marijuana and degraded women. I get a robo call from J. O’Brien pretending he speaks for ALL police when real FPD tell me they hate what he stands for. We’re smarter than that but nice try. Mars Serna is a man of the people, no anti-police, gimmicks or fake robo calls.


  33. Carol Francis
    Nov 09, 2017 @ 02:27:54

    Great result! Mars Serna will not be denied! See you all in 2018.


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