Rialto Officers Widow Say Lip Service Isn’t Going To Pay The Bills

The widow of fallen officer Sergio Carrera appears to be having issues getting paid from her husbands death back in 2007. Louise reached out to our staff with angst and frustration over her workman’s comp payments being short, wrong or lost in the mail altogether. Louise says that this has been an ongoing issue for years.

Our city council and city leadership are quick to jump on their soap box and tout that they care about and want to make sure that the families of our fallen officers are taken care of. Sadly this is just lip service it appears because time and time again we hear stories that those families feel tossed aside and not cared for.

In the case of Louise Carrera and her two kids these wrong checks and missing checks are more devastating than most would think. Could you imagine having to borrow money to pay for utilities or being late on your house payment just because the city can’t seem to get your money to you? Rialto touts how 21st Century the city has become yet instead of allowing people like Louise Carrera to have their money put into their bank account via direct deposit, that option isn’t available leaving more opportunities for errors.

Louise said that she has grown tired of the firm the city has hired to process her payments. “Both the city and LWP seem to care less what happens to me and my kids and it is sad” Louise Carrera.

So it seems that the next time a council member or a ranking member of the city leadership claims to care about our staff and their families we can point back to this situation and say, What about Louise Carrera?


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  1. Mike Oxmaul
    Sep 18, 2019 @ 18:47:20

    Perhaps the habitual drunk city council member (George) spent all the money on booze and drugs? Maybe the crooked mayor spent all the money in yet another failed Jazz festival or by giving it to her felon family members and friends? Maybe the City of Rialto is just completely inept. Regardless of the reason, this woman deserves her money ON TIME, EVERY MONTH!

    Wake up voters in Rialto, stop voting in these crooked politicians, they are stealing your money and ruining your city. A complete overhaul is needed. But at least “Chief Bozo” is no longer the “leader” of the police.


  2. Dan Morales
    Sep 22, 2019 @ 18:40:11

    If what is being reported is correct…..this lady and her kids, needs to start LEGAL
    ACTION against the city, and all those folks who at the city council, who don’t care.
    It seems when THEY want something, OH my….don’t get in the way..I wish more
    of the REAL voters of this city would wake-up…and show up at council meetings
    and sound off…HOW, your mad as heck, at how the city going down hill …..John
    Longville, where are you ????


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