In the Begining / Rialto’s In & Out

Hello Everyone,


I would like to welcome you to my newest blog it’s a pleasure to take a moment and divulge into the world of whats going on in RIALTO! We have elections coming up, empty lots to fill, businesses to bring and budgets to cut.

Lets Start with something that has been talked about and promised for over a year now Rialto’s In & Out? Developer Fernando Acosta who owns the Popeye Chicken restaurant and Self Serve Car Wash on the same lot on baseline, is the developer of this project.  The City of Rialto Redevelopment Agency is investing about $2.4 million in the project. So why can’t we buy a Double Double in Rialto yet? Because no matter how much money you throw at a project without sharp people at the helm nothing happens quickly.


Mayor Grace Vargas has said this restaurant would bring 60 jobs to Rialto. With jobs so scarce why isn’t this project moving along faster? Where are the elected officials making sure this 3 restaurant project moves along?

The same place they were when the put a moratorium on building along the NEW 210 freeway and watched every other city along it take advantage of the economic opportunities. The same place the were when they watched the Target store fall farther and farther from reality. The same place they are now watching a major housing project slip away and their country club area all but fade from existence. Sitting on their hands and not doing their part to sell Rialto as a viable place to bring your business.

Here is a video of the demolition the only real work to happen there.


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