The latest on Rialto Fire Dept and the City of Rialto

First off my question to our council:

Now in my opinion I don’t believe that we can afford any layoffs, especially
with the new fire station still not completed. Layoffs are going to force
overtime a lot of overtime and I vividly remember Mr Scott bocking at the amount
of overtime the fire dept had last year in comparison to PD. Keep working with
the fire fighters, don’t try to show your strength through ultimatums and fear

Finally I wasn’t at the last council meeting but I would have come un glued
if I had to hear people comparing what a fire fighter makes a year, How much
money should one make when they put their lives on the line daily for complete

Why dosent the 8% Utility Tax go for public safety anymore?

I await your comments, nothing will be taken out of context I only seek
honest open dialogue.


What I found out is sad and makes me wish I was at the last council meeting and not fighting crowds at work.

First off according to a source from inside the Fire Dept. there were a lot of friends of Ed Scott at the council meeting. These people got up and were saying that fire fighters make 300 K a year and implying that we could do better to cut their salaries and get rid of some. Now I know this is hard for some of you to understand if you have never been in harm’s way, but let me tell you it takes a special person stand firm and charge forward in the face of danger. Yes I know they knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the job but even so they do what most of us don’t want to and some of us are incapable. It takes the courage of a bear to rush into a fire to save a life heck it takes balls just to get within 50 feet. My friends and I were somewhat ambulance chasers in our youth, the last time we did it was to a house engulfed in flames from the opposite side of the street with the windows up the heat was intense and scary, I would never want the job of rushing into that mess to save other homes, lives or one of their own.

Ok so not every call is a fire, ok. How much of a strong stomach and clear mind would you need to care for an accident victim that was just thrown from a moving vehical? How would you react to the job of being the one responsible for caring for a gun shot victim, that is a cop that later died, what kind of resolve does that require?

We can talk about how to find creative ways to keep fire fighters working, but I refuse to allow people to try to put a price on how much a man or woman is worth that is willing to risk their own lives just to save a stranger.

Now to the Utility Tax. We pay 8% on our utilities every month which is supposed to go to Fire and Police, that was a selling point they think they don’t have to adhere to. Now let me be out front I voted no on this for 2 reasons. 1 not everyone had to pay it senior citizens were exempt, don’t they use the same services we do? 2 I knew this was going to happen where we found out that it didn’t go to public safety and we would be here in a hole trying to lay off public safety officers.

More to come visit the Facebook page to get up to the date info:

Rialto Fire Department In the Sun

Our Fire Fighters were out in force in front of city hall in Rialto Monday. With the worries of the bad economy 4 officers are on the chopping block now and 6 may be next. Once again I ask the question I didn’t get to ask at the council meeting (missed due to work) where is our 8% utility tax going?

Updates to come about the council meeting.

Rialto Pride Platoon

When I first saw the flyer for this program I said right program just in time. As someone who is constantly pushing our community leaders to act proactively in addressing crime not just reacting to it and the painful results.

I remember having a Neighborhood Watch meeting in a local park. While we were holding the meeting a group of male teens walked up and ask Lt Craig Crispin (now retired) what was going on? Why do these people care? How do I become an explorer with the police and fire departments?

Awesome questions and what a person to ask for some reason he came prepared without even knowing it and sent them in the right direction.

So many of our youth are being raised by parents that aren’t there. The ones that are there either lack morals or are afraid to be real parents.

This program is awesome and here is the details:

to join:
The platoon is open to Rialto children from 14 to 17 years old. Occasionally,
police will accept applications for 13 year olds.The next session begins in late April. To enroll, call Sgt. Dean Hardin at
909-820-2634 or Jeanette Lopez, 820-2565.

Read more:

Elementary school sports scores

Some feel sports in school should not be
given any validity, that academics are the only thing schools should be
encouraging. The following is feedback I have gotten from teachers and staff.
Students begin to respond in a positive manner to classwork, and homework. Our
young scholars realize the adults are not the enemy. Certificated, classified
and administrators all report a better rapport has developed as staff attends
games and roots for their kids. Coaches are either staff and/or parents and they
love to see the enthusiasm the kids have for their school. Grades must be
maintained if students wish to participate, so in most cases the student is self
policing their academics.
Sports builds teamwork and leadership
qualities at any age. Self esteem issues are being processed, a student feels
better about themselves when they are being successful at a school activity. It
gives students something fun to do with their weekend time, thus focusing their
energy on something the whole family can do at no cost. We see many families
attend as “family time”. It is the one thing that gets fathers involved, and it
is making a difference in positive behavior with our students at school. And if
all the aforementioned was not enough, academics/grades are improving.

Here is the Link for the scores:

The Following was a guest post by Rialto Unified School District Board Member Joe Martinez.

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UPDATE *** Fire Fighters Protest ***

Ok everyone lets update the latest on the Rialto Fire Fighters.

The Rialto Fire Fighters are planning a protest at City Hall at 7:00 am on Monday September 26.

They are also looking for residents to show up in support of them at the city council meeting on Tuesday September 27 at 5:30 pm at city hall.

For contact for the Fire Department reffer to thier website

We have created a face book page where we can get updates out faster and you can ask questions and make open comments

AWARE its time to come SUPPORT your CAUSE! (Art Show, Live Music, Charity)

Let your Cause Color be shown!AWARE is where conscience minded individuals mix and mingle while representing the health and social issues that are personally heartfelt to them. This themed event and art show, which is presented by
PROJECT 2∙6∙8, a charity networking organization, raises awareness and funds for multiple charitable causes within the host community while promoting the colors of all causes…. This season’s AWARE (I.E) event, hosted at the Aloft Hotel in Rancho Cucamonga, is aimed at raising much-needed funds for multiple charitable causes while increasing the visibility of our featured charitable organization, Steven’s Hope for Children, and local business sponsors. Guests will luxuriate in a vivacious atmosphere of chic rooms and a poolside patio while enjoying the sounds of trendy music, the displayed work of local artists, a fully stocked bar, an appetizing cuisine, raffle prizes, and many more.

AWARE Goals:
PROJECT 2∙6∙8 has realized the gap between the things people want to do and the things people are doing. We are mindful that there are many health and social issues that lack attention and underfunded charitable organizations that need exposure through networking avenues.

1. Raising Awareness
2. Uniting Individuals
3. Finding Solutions

Featured Causes:
• Autism
• C h i l d R e l a t e d I s s u e
• C h i l d h o o d Cancer
• L o c a l  H i g h  S c h o o l  I s s u e


Click the link below to register your attendance:

I will be there with my largest client Eugene Panis Author of “The Circle:Vision Quest” and Art Sculpture of Gem Trees By Eugene Panis. Eugene will have 3 trees on display for the art show with an additional tree donated as a raffle prize. – Click this link for the Face Book invitation, use the constant contact link to register for the event.

Satellite Coming Down

Nasa was closely monitoring the 6-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite and said it would re-enter Earth’s atmosphere during the US afternoon, but could not provide more exact predictions until closer to the event.

The satellite would be somewhere between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south, but any debris would most likely land in the ocean, the space agency said.

Much of the satellite would burn up as it comes into Earth’s atmosphere, but because of the size, some pieces would make it to the surface.

The risk of being injured by falling debris is incredibly slim, with a 1 in 3,200 chance of any human being struck by a piece.


Ok that’s the NASA fluff piece now lets talk turkey.

The best case is we will se an amazing light show in the sky this afternoon.

Worst case someone will get injured from it hitting land. Thank God Rialto is small.

Layoffs at Rialto Fire Department

Ok Rialto we may as well get ready for the fight, cause let me tell you were already short on service while the finish fire station 202 pictured below.

Rialto Fire responds to over 8,000 calls per year. They cover 24 sq miles in the Santa Ana wind tunnel (wind is the biggest demon in a fire fight).

Sitting at a city council meeting last year fighting to keep the number of cops we have now I heard that the overtime for Rialto fire is almost triple what it is for Rialto pd. So when Interim Chief Jim Ballard states that people will be forced to stay over I just can’t see the savings in layoffs.

Dianna Martinez is the first victim of the anticipated layoffs with her seat now being vacant.

Rialto Fire Union president says that informal talks broke down with city officials last week.

Members are voting Wednesday and Thursday on how to deal with these budget short falls. Its either consetions or layoffs. The layoffs on the table are 4 of the 54 fire officers, but that’s not the end. The city has a possible 6 additional layoffs waiting in the wings.

Who remembers that we pay an additional 8% on all our utilities for public safety in the city of Rialto. Where is that money going?

What ever happens it needs to be figured out by the end of the month or the city will go forward with the layoffs.

The problem is if the Fire Department decides to go with layoffs they hurt us as well as them. We are depending on them to be there when we need them. If they lose 8 officers we will be at a serious disadvantage.

The more staff we lose the less likely our children will be able to experience moments like these, or having fire fighters at their schools ect.

Let your voices ring if you so decide and come speak before the city council next meeting is September 27, 2011 at 6pm at city hall.

Below is the NBC 4 news report where information was derived.

Local Business Spotlight Coffee Nutzz & Cones Creamery

I believe that it is important to know the people and story behind the business in any community, even more so in Rialto.

People like shopping at home town shops because there is a more personal connection there. For example my wife grew up eating Brothers Pizza. Her parents lived behind their first store and used to get quick meals there. Now Bros pizza as we call it is amazing, but what I see from my in-laws and wife is the personal relationship they developed with Maria and her staff. When Bros pizza was closed for a couple of weeks so they could go on vacation and someone removed the sign explaining this my wife and her parents were visibly worried about Maria, not mad that there was no pizza brad but concerned for her personally.

These local business spot light posts are to give you the reader and resident of the Rialto area that very opportunity.

ANDY CARRIZALES is the owner of these two local business, but after reading this interview you will learn that he is much more than a business owner but a man who cares about Rialto and is putting his hand to the plow to move us forward.

After our interview ANDY CARRIZALES had these words of advise and wisdom for me:

I would like to start of by saying; “Don’t give up on Rialto” Together we
can make Rialto a better place to live and thrive!
I’m very impressed with the outreach and community involvement you dedicate
as a citizen, and I can assure you Rialto will become a safe place to live and
see our kids grow up. Lets join progressive, positive, thinking minds to
collaborate  and pull our city in the right direction.
Stop by some time so we can chat.
I will take him up on that offer.

Coffee Nutzz Rialto

RIALTONOW – Coffee and Ice Cream is a unique combo how did you come up with the idea of pairing the two together.

ANDY CARRIZALES – We started in the city of Colton on Pepper Ave. in the food4less shopping center (Next to Coldstone Ice cream) As I would sit in the front of my store to enjoy some coffee I noticed that parents would take their kids to buy ice cream then they would drop into Coffee Nutzz for coffee. So I thought to my self my next shop will  have both 🙂

RIALTONOW – Tell us a little about yourself. Were you raised in Rialto?

ANDY CARRIZALES – I was born in Los Angeles but raised in Rialto.

RIALTONOW – What are the struggles of owning a small business in today’s economy?

ANDY CARRIZALES – One of the struggles that we face now is coffee and ice cream is more of a luxury and most people who don’t have a job are just brewing at home. Another short-term problem I see is that every fast food company is now a coffee shop! However, I say short-term because most of these people weren’t coffee drinkers to begin with so that a plus because eventually the will come to Coffee Nutzz and taste the difference.

RIALTONOW – What hurdles do you come against by having a Baskin Robins 1/2 a mile away and a Dairy Queen a few miles south of you.

ANDY CARRIZALES – They have a name recognition but we have the freshly made ice cream a very competitive pricing structure and unmatched quality of product. The challenge is getting customers to understand what a “creamery” means and how our product is made here and not in some warehouse in Massachusetts frozen for a few weeks before it get inside a waffle bowl.

RIALTONOW – What hurdles have you come against trying to compete with large chains like Starbucks? Which has 2 remaining locations in Rialto.

ANDY CARRIZALES – I very much admire Starbucks as a company and how high they have set the bar high in terms of coffee shop atmosphere and have paved the way for ambitious entrepreneurs like myself to create a place were people of all ages can gather and to enjoy wonderful experience over a cup of coffee or ice cream. Our cities need more public places to hang out and relax.

RIALTONOW – If you could pass one nugget inspiration to future small business owners in Rialto what would it be.

ANDY CARRIZALES – Have a good business plan, a great product, give back to your community and have passion for everything you do!

RIALTONOW – I’ve noticed you have done a lot lately with the  Rialto Centennial. What’s your connection with this event?

ANDY CARRIZALES – I’m on the planning commission for the Rialto Centennial to help promote via social networks to keep the community informed about our celebration.

RIALTONOW – Does your business support any local charities or sports groups?

ANDY CARRIZALES – We support our local schools, host free holiday community events, Joe baca foundation, Saint Catherine’s, we have programs for any charity that needs to raise money for a good cause.

RIALTONOW – Is there anything else you would like the Rialto Readers to know?

ANDY CARRIZALES – Coffee Nutzz and Cones Creamery is one of the first independent companies to put their heart and soul and invest in our community and will continue to improve Rialto one step at a time. Hopefully we have set a standard for future business investors to see Rialto as a thriving community and good place to invest.

Contact them for more info at the sites below

Interview with Ahmad R. Ansari, P.E. Public Works Director/City Engineer

This interview went so well. Mr. Ansari was very gracious to take the time to answer these questions and I felt educated by this interview and I have attended many council meetings and know some of the cities inner workings still some of this I didn’t know. Thus the reason I am doing these interviews so that the community can share in the wealth of knowledge.

RIALTO-NOW – Your department is responsible for the trees in the public areas and right of ways. Does that also include trees on people’s grass easements (the grass area between the sidewalk and street)? If so what are the procedures when the trees lift the sidewalks and the sidewalks have to be replaced and home owner irrigation is damaged in the repair?

MR. ANSARI – The “grass easement” referred to, in your question is called Parkway Area and is within the Public Right of Way. Yes, the City is responsible to prune tree roots intruding and leading to sidewalk upheaval. The procedure is that all such areas citywide are regularly inspected by Public Works crews and a list is maintained. We then repair the areas that are smaller using own maintenance forces, and the rest is included in our annual Concrete Repair Program as part of a bid out Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project. All this includes any repair to sprinkler systems. If you are aware of any sidewalk upheavals or root intrusion, please report it by calling our number (909) 820-2608.

RIALTO-NOW – Are there any major tree trimming projects coming up that residents should be aware of?

MR. ANSARI – Not sure what you mean by “tree trimming projects”. The tree trimming service is a maintenance program which is ongoing. The City uses outsource contractor West Coast Arborist. Again, if there is any specific area or areas, please report it.

RIALTO-NOW – What is the protocol that residents should follow when they find potholes or deformities in the streets?

MR. ANSARI – We have had a very successful pothole repair program since 2008. With the goal of “No Pothole Left Behind”, we actively repair them all in a timely manner using our own forces. Again, if you have a location in mind, please report it. In addition, we have had a computerized Pavement Management System (PMS) since 2008 that identifies streets in need of major pavement repairs. Such streets find their way to either of the two annual CIP projects we have citywide, one being Street Overlay and the other Street Slurry Seal program.

RIALTO-NOW – In reference to graffiti I’ve noticed that not all graffiti is removed by the private contractor, some is removed by city staff, a bulk is removed by the private contractor & some seems to be outside of anyone’s power. Can you help us better understand this process?

MR. ANSARI – Generally, smaller less intensive graffiti is removed by our own crews called Graffiti Task Force, and larger more intense markings by our outsource contractor, GPC. Graffiti on private property is removed by the City ONLY if it is clearly visible from a street or public right of way. Abating graffiti from private property is always most challenging due to access constraints, obtaining permission from the owner and unique colors that require more time to match the paint to avoid having to paint the entire surface. Again, reporting is the key. Our Graffiti HOTLINE is (909) 820-2670.

RIALTO-NOW – What regulations are there for local businesses that allow their parking lots to be over-run with graffiti?

MR. ANSARI – This question should be directed to the City’s Development Services Department, Code Enforcement Division at (909) 421- 4962. Public Works can certainly help (as has in the past) when the graffiti is visible from the streets.

RIALTO-NOW – What is the current protocol for real estate companies that allow their for lease signs to be marked up with graffiti?

MR. ANSARI – This question should also be directed to the City’s Development Services Department, Code Enforcement Division at (909) 421- 4962.

RIALTO-NOW – The intersection of Baseline and Cedar has become a problem. Cars traveling north bound on Cedar Ave wait until the last moment to jump over to the left lane for through traffic. This causes unsafe driving and people are getting rear ended. What are some Steps your department plans to or can take to help correct this problem.

MR. ANSARI – The traffic safety and function of traffic engineering is handled by my engineering staff and by our Traffic Engineer, Shirjeel Muhammad who is a City employee and a registered TE by the State of California. I will have Shirjeel look into this location and get back to you with an explanation or a plan of action.

MR. MUHAMMAD – Thanks for bringing this important safety concern to our attention. The current lane designation on Cedar is to protect unsafe merging of traffic north of Baseline due to street narrowing.

You will be pleased to know that the City is currently in a process of Designing Ayala Avenue widening project north of Baseline. The construction time for the project can take up to 6 months due to Environmental clearances and Funding procurement. Once Ayala Avenue is widened, the lanes on Cedar south of Baseline will be restriped to provide for 2 thru lanes.

RIALTO-NOW – Tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up? How you found
yourself in Rialto?

MR. ANSARI – I grew up as a child overseas, immigrated to the United States when I was a teenager to complete my High School, and later became a US Citizen. I attended a private boarding Catholic High School called Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai, California, half way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and graduated in 1979. I then attended college at the University of Southern California (Go SC! Fight on! J) from 1979 to 1984 and obtained my degree in Civil Engineering & Architecture and did graduate studies in Structures. After working for two private firms from 1984 to 1985, I started my public service with the City of Burbank (1985 to 2000). I then served the City of Pomona (2000 to 2005), then the City of Perris (2005 to 2007) and currently serving the City of Rialto since April 30, 2007. I am a registered Professional Engineer in Civil with the State of California since 1994. I have been serving at Director and/or Director/City Engineer capacity since 2005. I am happily married with two great sons, 20 and 17, one attending his third year in college and the other a senior in High School. I am VERY excited to celebrate Rialto’s 100th Centennial coming up in November, not only because I take pride in personally designing the Downtown Walk of Fame, the Stars and the Monument, but because my own birthday and Rialto’s is only 6 days apart! I will be 50 years old right on 11-11-11.

RIALTO-NOW – Anything else you might think the citizens of Rialto and our readers should know?

MR. ANSARI – I would just like to thank you for the questions and the interview, and add that, as the City’s Public Works Director/City Engineer, it has been a pleasure serving Rialto and the Community. Rialto has great people, smart leaders and great staff. I feel that with our department’s mission of “Customer Care” and “Same Day Response” in mind, we have not only improved the City’s infrastructure over the past 4 years, but also have implemented efficient, systematic and responsive programs and processes in place for our citizens to benefit from, be aware of, and be involved in. With the current state of economy getting more and more challenging every day, it’s often hard to be everywhere all the time.
We hope with positive involvement from the public, guidance from our elected
officials and hard work by staff, we maintain and continue to meet the
expectations and effectively provide the services that the community needs and


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