Where are these cameras?????

Supposedly there was 287,000 of federal money to install cameras in the parks of Rialto.

“While the goal is to install the cameras at every park in the city, the first three will be Frisbee Park, Rialto Park and Jerry Eaves Park.

“Those are three of our more challenging parks because of the way the parks are laid out,” said police Chief Mark Kling. “Officers can drive down the street and not see what’s in the park.” The cameras will provide real-time images of the parks and give officers a “play-by-play” of criminal activity there, Kling said.”

According to the article below:


Well let me see I saw a black and white patrol car driving right in front of me on etiwanda ave tonight and she drove past a lit garage with narcotics going on as well as 2 people having sex at Flores park. I guess the sex on the picnic tables 15 ft away from the street is to far away. I was told at a block captain meeting prior to this summer that the remainder of the parks would have those cameras installed this year and that Flores Park would be done by September, no work has begun.

Our officer seem very over worked, NW groups are dropping from existence, city is in a budget free fall. We need these cameras so that our cop hours don’t go wasted. Police going to the call and knowing who to look for is more productive than local residents putting their necks on the line, and then being hung out to dry because they have to live with the criminals the police couldn’t pin a case on.