Rialto Pride Platoon

When I first saw the flyer for this program I said right program just in time. As someone who is constantly pushing our community leaders to act proactively in addressing crime not just reacting to it and the painful results.

I remember having a Neighborhood Watch meeting in a local park. While we were holding the meeting a group of male teens walked up and ask Lt Craig Crispin (now retired) what was going on? Why do these people care? How do I become an explorer with the police and fire departments?

Awesome questions and what a person to ask for some reason he came prepared without even knowing it and sent them in the right direction.

So many of our youth are being raised by parents that aren’t there. The ones that are there either lack morals or are afraid to be real parents.

This program is awesome and here is the details:

to join:
The platoon is open to Rialto children from 14 to 17 years old. Occasionally,
police will accept applications for 13 year olds.The next session begins in late April. To enroll, call Sgt. Dean Hardin at
909-820-2634 or Jeanette Lopez, 820-2565.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_18975223?IADID=Search-www.sbsun.com-www.sbsun.com#ixzz1Z7jprT9F

Elementary school sports scores

Some feel sports in school should not be
given any validity, that academics are the only thing schools should be
encouraging. The following is feedback I have gotten from teachers and staff.
Students begin to respond in a positive manner to classwork, and homework. Our
young scholars realize the adults are not the enemy. Certificated, classified
and administrators all report a better rapport has developed as staff attends
games and roots for their kids. Coaches are either staff and/or parents and they
love to see the enthusiasm the kids have for their school. Grades must be
maintained if students wish to participate, so in most cases the student is self
policing their academics.
Sports builds teamwork and leadership
qualities at any age. Self esteem issues are being processed, a student feels
better about themselves when they are being successful at a school activity. It
gives students something fun to do with their weekend time, thus focusing their
energy on something the whole family can do at no cost. We see many families
attend as “family time”. It is the one thing that gets fathers involved, and it
is making a difference in positive behavior with our students at school. And if
all the aforementioned was not enough, academics/grades are improving.


Here is the Link for the scores:


The Following was a guest post by Rialto Unified School District Board Member Joe Martinez.

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