Local Business Spotlight Coffee Nutzz & Cones Creamery

I believe that it is important to know the people and story behind the business in any community, even more so in Rialto.

People like shopping at home town shops because there is a more personal connection there. For example my wife grew up eating Brothers Pizza. Her parents lived behind their first store and used to get quick meals there. Now Bros pizza as we call it is amazing, but what I see from my in-laws and wife is the personal relationship they developed with Maria and her staff. When Bros pizza was closed for a couple of weeks so they could go on vacation and someone removed the sign explaining this my wife and her parents were visibly worried about Maria, not mad that there was no pizza brad but concerned for her personally.

These local business spot light posts are to give you the reader and resident of the Rialto area that very opportunity.

ANDY CARRIZALES is the owner of these two local business, but after reading this interview you will learn that he is much more than a business owner but a man who cares about Rialto and is putting his hand to the plow to move us forward.

After our interview ANDY CARRIZALES had these words of advise and wisdom for me:

I would like to start of by saying; “Don’t give up on Rialto” Together we
can make Rialto a better place to live and thrive!
I’m very impressed with the outreach and community involvement you dedicate
as a citizen, and I can assure you Rialto will become a safe place to live and
see our kids grow up. Lets join progressive, positive, thinking minds to
collaborate  and pull our city in the right direction.
Stop by some time so we can chat.
I will take him up on that offer.

Coffee Nutzz Rialto

RIALTONOW – Coffee and Ice Cream is a unique combo how did you come up with the idea of pairing the two together.

ANDY CARRIZALES – We started in the city of Colton on Pepper Ave. in the food4less shopping center (Next to Coldstone Ice cream) As I would sit in the front of my store to enjoy some coffee I noticed that parents would take their kids to buy ice cream then they would drop into Coffee Nutzz for coffee. So I thought to my self my next shop will  have both 🙂

RIALTONOW – Tell us a little about yourself. Were you raised in Rialto?

ANDY CARRIZALES – I was born in Los Angeles but raised in Rialto.

RIALTONOW – What are the struggles of owning a small business in today’s economy?

ANDY CARRIZALES – One of the struggles that we face now is coffee and ice cream is more of a luxury and most people who don’t have a job are just brewing at home. Another short-term problem I see is that every fast food company is now a coffee shop! However, I say short-term because most of these people weren’t coffee drinkers to begin with so that a plus because eventually the will come to Coffee Nutzz and taste the difference.

RIALTONOW – What hurdles do you come against by having a Baskin Robins 1/2 a mile away and a Dairy Queen a few miles south of you.

ANDY CARRIZALES – They have a name recognition but we have the freshly made ice cream a very competitive pricing structure and unmatched quality of product. The challenge is getting customers to understand what a “creamery” means and how our product is made here and not in some warehouse in Massachusetts frozen for a few weeks before it get inside a waffle bowl.

RIALTONOW – What hurdles have you come against trying to compete with large chains like Starbucks? Which has 2 remaining locations in Rialto.

ANDY CARRIZALES – I very much admire Starbucks as a company and how high they have set the bar high in terms of coffee shop atmosphere and have paved the way for ambitious entrepreneurs like myself to create a place were people of all ages can gather and to enjoy wonderful experience over a cup of coffee or ice cream. Our cities need more public places to hang out and relax.

RIALTONOW – If you could pass one nugget inspiration to future small business owners in Rialto what would it be.

ANDY CARRIZALES – Have a good business plan, a great product, give back to your community and have passion for everything you do!

RIALTONOW – I’ve noticed you have done a lot lately with the  Rialto Centennial. What’s your connection with this event?

ANDY CARRIZALES – I’m on the planning commission for the Rialto Centennial to help promote via social networks to keep the community informed about our celebration.

RIALTONOW – Does your business support any local charities or sports groups?

ANDY CARRIZALES – We support our local schools, host free holiday community events, Joe baca foundation, Saint Catherine’s, we have programs for any charity that needs to raise money for a good cause.

RIALTONOW – Is there anything else you would like the Rialto Readers to know?

ANDY CARRIZALES – Coffee Nutzz and Cones Creamery is one of the first independent companies to put their heart and soul and invest in our community and will continue to improve Rialto one step at a time. Hopefully we have set a standard for future business investors to see Rialto as a thriving community and good place to invest.

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