Crime, Crime, Crime oh and more Crime

Living in Rialto is glamorous when you tell people where you live you may get the reaction I get, Why? I choose to buy a home here start a family here and looking back on that I have regrets.

I can live with the lack of massive shopping, heck I can even live with older looking buildings I may even go as far to allow my children to go to public school here. But what I can’t stand is the crime. From tagging to full on homicide you’ll find a little bit of everything here and a lot of most of the bad stuff. It says a lot about your city when notorious criminals like Rodney King Win a million dollar lawsuit and decides Rialto is where he would like to live?

We have Jackson Street, Shamrock Street, the Woods, the Bench and we have Bohnert Street just to name a few. Rialto isn’t a very big city and to have so many criminal strong holds isn’t good at all.


So what are the responses to these problem areas:

    • Community Policing – This is where programs like Neighborhood Watch, Crime Stoppers and We Tip use the community to help thwart crime and place police resources in the right place at the right time. Let me tell you this program was very efficient a year ago but now I don’t know. One thing I will ask is if anyone knows the rules and regulations for these programs please a list in the comment section. I ran a group for almost 3 years and I could never figure them out.
    • Coffee With A Cop – Every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m., Police Volunteer Judy Roberts hosts “Coffee with a Cop” at the Farmer Boys Restaurant, 1310 W. Baseline Road, Rialto.  This program is an avenue for citizens to meet informally with Department representatives to discuss issues of importance to them, such as: crime trends, neighborhood problems and quality of life issues. Judy then disseminates the information to the appropriate Department representative, or she forwards it to Code Enforcement. ** This is directly from the Rialto PD Website **.
    • Police Volunteers – The Rialto Police Volunteers are involved in several aspects of service to the Police Department.  Among other things, they assist with traffic control at accident and crime scenes, conduct citizen and vacation patrols, host Neighborhood Watch Meetings, conduct station tours, and conduct free child fingerprinting at a variety of Department events. There are currently 33 Police Volunteers, and 96 Neighborhood Watch Groups. Volunteers donate approximately 5,000 hours of service to the Department annually. We are indebted to this fine group of men and women who selflessly dedicate themselves to assisting the Rialto Police Department. ** This is directly from the Rialto PD Website **.
    • Area Command – The Area Commander Program is responsible for those areas which directly influence the quality of life for the residents and businesses in Rialto. In addition to enforcing the laws of our society, the Police Department believes it is equally important to maintain and develop positive relationships with all members of the community. The Area Commander Program is one of many innovative examples of the Rialto Police Department’s “Commitment to Community.”

      The Rialto Police Department’s Area Commander Program is working to provide a safe and secure environment for the community. The utilization of proactive community based policing concepts, problem solving principles, technology, and effective crime fighting strategies are just part of the programs overall plan.The Rialto Police Department subscribes to the concepts of “evidence-based policing.” “Evidence-based policing” is the use of the best available research on the outcomes of police work to implement guidelines and evaluate agencies, units, and officers. It suggests that just doing research is not enough and that proactive efforts are required to push accumulated research evidence into practice through national and community guidelines. These guidelines can then focus in-house evaluations on what works best across agencies, units, victims, and officers.

      We also encourage you to use the technology related resources found on the Department’s website to include; Coplogic (Online Reporting), OffenderWatch (Offender Tracking), (Community Crime Stats), Nixle (Community Notification), and tip411 (Text Tips). ** This is directly from the Rialto PD Website **. This was a good program then 2 very awesome Lt’s retired and its not what it used to be because we went to same size less 2 commanders.

    • Social Host ordinance –

      Social Host refers to adults who host parties where alcohol is served on property that they control. Through social host liability laws, adults can be held responsible for these parties if underage people ar served, regardless of who furnishes the alcohol. Teen parties are a primary setting for underage drinking for both high school and college students; to include high consumption of alcohol and binge drinking.

      The Social Host Ordinance expands the ability of the Police Department to address threats to the public health, safety and welfare by imposing accountability in two related areas:

      The first component of the ordinance addresses accountability for gatherings where alcohol, marijuana or other controlled substances are served to, consumed by, or in possession of underage persons.

      The second component of the ordinance creates accountability for loud and unruly gatherings on private property which create a public nuisance due to excessive noise, excessive traffic, public drunkenness, violence, disturbance of the peace, or other disturbances to public health, safety and welfare.

      For more information please read the attached Social Host Ordinance. ** from Rialto PD Website **. Good luck getting an officer to respond to a party though dispatch will just ignore you.

    • Finally lets not forget Joe Baca Jr. and his idea to solve all the criminal activity on Jackson street by calling it Rainbow Road.

Some of these programs are good but only when operated correctly, I hear it from a lot of Volunteers they don’t feel respected. When people get their feelings hurt they take it out on the community. Plus our council and Mayor are beholden to the PD and are afraid to question them, what is up with that?

I love our officers and the ones that know me know that. I know they work a thankless job that is a constant battle but their have been people making choices that are bad and they can’t see past their egos to correct those choices. Chief Kling Started out strong but has stalled and almost disappeared this year, and that is just unacceptable.