AWARE its time to come SUPPORT your CAUSE! (Art Show, Live Music, Charity)

Let your Cause Color be shown!AWARE is where conscience minded individuals mix and mingle while representing the health and social issues that are personally heartfelt to them. This themed event and art show, which is presented by
PROJECT 2∙6∙8, a charity networking organization, raises awareness and funds for multiple charitable causes within the host community while promoting the colors of all causes…. This season’s AWARE (I.E) event, hosted at the Aloft Hotel in Rancho Cucamonga, is aimed at raising much-needed funds for multiple charitable causes while increasing the visibility of our featured charitable organization, Steven’s Hope for Children, and local business sponsors. Guests will luxuriate in a vivacious atmosphere of chic rooms and a poolside patio while enjoying the sounds of trendy music, the displayed work of local artists, a fully stocked bar, an appetizing cuisine, raffle prizes, and many more.

AWARE Goals:
PROJECT 2∙6∙8 has realized the gap between the things people want to do and the things people are doing. We are mindful that there are many health and social issues that lack attention and underfunded charitable organizations that need exposure through networking avenues.

1. Raising Awareness
2. Uniting Individuals
3. Finding Solutions

Featured Causes:
• Autism
• C h i l d R e l a t e d I s s u e
• C h i l d h o o d Cancer
• L o c a l  H i g h  S c h o o l  I s s u e


Click the link below to register your attendance:

I will be there with my largest client Eugene Panis Author of “The Circle:Vision Quest” and Art Sculpture of Gem Trees By Eugene Panis. Eugene will have 3 trees on display for the art show with an additional tree donated as a raffle prize. – Click this link for the Face Book invitation, use the constant contact link to register for the event.

Satellite Coming Down

Nasa was closely monitoring the 6-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite and said it would re-enter Earth’s atmosphere during the US afternoon, but could not provide more exact predictions until closer to the event.

The satellite would be somewhere between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south, but any debris would most likely land in the ocean, the space agency said.

Much of the satellite would burn up as it comes into Earth’s atmosphere, but because of the size, some pieces would make it to the surface.

The risk of being injured by falling debris is incredibly slim, with a 1 in 3,200 chance of any human being struck by a piece.


Ok that’s the NASA fluff piece now lets talk turkey.

The best case is we will se an amazing light show in the sky this afternoon.

Worst case someone will get injured from it hitting land. Thank God Rialto is small.