San Bernardino Crime Scene

So lets see 3 people in your family have been shot, 2 toddlers and a young pregnant lady.

One toddler dies, one is just barely hanging on and the other on the mend. So there is a funeral to plan for a young child along with another child and pregnant mom to visit in the hospital.

Then lets not forget the police, media interviews and neighbors asking questions.

So who thinks you should also be responsible for cleaning up all the blood and everything once the police have cleared the scene?

Apparently San Bernardino PD.  

There is a private company called Crime Scene Steri-Clean LLC. This company has ads looking for employees all the time, most people avoid the ad because of the job description:

Steri-Clean Inc, parent company of Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC, Steri-Clean “Hoarder Helpers” and 1-800- Hoarders, is looking for 2 field technicians. This company is owned and operated by Cory Chalmers, expert cleaner on A&E’s “Hoarders”. The reason I posted this in customer service is we are looking for people with customer service experience that don’t mind getting into the field and working hard. This is a part-time position with close to full-time hours or full-time hours a lot of the time. Techs are responsible for cleaning homicide/suicide scenes, hoarding houses, and other difficult situations. Candidates must be in excellent physical condition, and able to work in unpleasant environments while wearing hazmat suits and respirators. Excellent communication skills and outgoing personality is a must. Techs are required to be available Monday through Friday 8-5 as well as on call two nights per week and one to two weekends per month.

Hazmat suits, homicide scenes & other difficult situations……. Hmm I wonder why it was ok for this young lady pictured above from the San Bernardino Sun Paper to clean up the blood from the very family she is morning? I tell you now had I know this young lady was going to be given this task I would have volunteered my time and cleaned it for her. No one should ever have to clean up after a family member has been brutally killed.

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