High Winds, Cold Tempetures

So the Santa Anas are back and in full force. People living in Rialto & Fontana know better than most what types of destruction and havoc these winds can and do bring. Yet it makes me laugh a little bit when LA and OC County’s have to deal with it because they are far from prepared.
We know the big rigs will fall over on the 15, 210 & 10 freeways it’s a given, we know that everything not secured will be turned into a flying hazard. As seen here on the 210 this morning:
What makes me laugh this time are trees that have fallen onto LA & OC freeways. Who plants trees next to the freeway? Caltrans and they have begun to plant trees out our way along the 210 freeway and 15 freeway, heck why not give the winds something else to use to crush cars and people, our freeways don’t have enough problems lets add fallen trees to the list. The weather is going to get worse before it gets better we can always guarantee we are going to deal with winds for 8-10 hours past the weather guesser projections, and here are those:
As you see here they say were going to get snow in the mountains so be prepared, looks like there is snow right now:
This is what happened last night…..2am drop at Hal & Joanne’s. My dog Indie went freaking NUTS when it dropped. I went running out to see if it was the bad guys on patrol, but it was the FREAKING TREE!!!!BTW….my 8 burner BBQ is in the middle of my backyard. This was serious hurricane wind!  YIKES!!! ***From a Facebook Freind on her property.***
High winds have knocked down trees, power lines and big rigs in the Inland Empire, but no one has
 been seriously hurt.

“We’ve had wires down, trees down, but nothing major,” said San Bernardino County fire Dispatch Supervisor John Tucker.

Firefighters received a report of a tree that had fallen on Lytle Creek Road at South Fork Road at 3:40 a.m., blocking all lanes.

Workers were delayed in getting to it because power lines fell north of the tree.

Two tractor trailers overturned on the westbound 210 Freeway near the 15 Freeway this morning, resulting in one minor injury. The other driver was not injured, fire officials said.

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning to last until 3 p.m. Friday. Such warnings are issued when high winds and low humidity are present, creating hazardous fire conditions.

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