2012 Area Command Meetings

Yes everyone they are back Area Command meetings. For those of you outside the Rialto area reading our blog or here unaware of the program here is its explanation straight from the Rialto PD Website:

The Area Commander Program is responsible for those areas which directly influence the quality of life for the residents and businesses in Rialto. In addition to enforcing the laws of our society, the Police Department believes it is equally important to maintain and develop positive relationships with all members of the community. The Area Commander Program is one of many innovative examples of the Rialto Police Department’s “Commitment to Community.”

For More on it go to http://www.rialtopd.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=141

This program is needed and important people need to feel heard and know whats going on in their area. When the program was begun it was awesome people from different departments within the city relayed needed info to the residents and people were able to ask them questions. sometimes department sent just filler people and paid the price by sending someone who could not answer the questions asked and the next meeting the right person was there.

At the programs inception we had Area commanders Lt. Crispin, Lt. Deanda & Lt. Burkholder. The Lt’s went and go out of their way to show people in their perspective communities that they cared and wanted to find solutions to help end or elevate criminal or unpleasant activity in their neighborhood. With some mass retirement forced and of their own choice I have been under the control of Lt. Thompson a much different Lt. and we had a rocky start but found common ground to operate under I respect Lt. Thompson for her service but we find ourselves horn to horn like rival bucks during matting season.

I cannot say enough for the two Lt’s that retired Lt’s Crispin and Burkholder did so much for my family and this community we cannot thank them enough. I modeled my Neighborhood Watch meeting and structure around the way Lt’s Crispin and Burkholder ran their Area Command meeting and their section of the city in which they were responsible. I miss my Neighborhood Watch and the duties that it entailed but no Neighborhood Watch Captain will ever find marketable success when he/she doesnt have the respect or support of the local law enforcement authority.

I will try to make every Area Command Meeting to see how different each is according to the different locations in the city and the two different Area Commanders.

Also look around is anyone from city council there? Dont let them give you the excuse it against the law at least one of them can attend each. Area 1 has lots of people from city government that can attend and should.

Here are som questions we should ask and I will be asking:

*What is the REAL time frame on the completion of the cameras at the remaining parks in Rialto?

*Does Rialto PD use the community policing model? Is there an officer assigned to that detail? If not why?

*What is Rialto PD’s plan to curtail the rise in drug use here in Rialto?

*Are residents able to use the Departments Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/RialtoPD ) to ask about police activity in their area? I.E. Like Redlands PD’s Facebook page?

If you make the meeting, you will hear about:
*New policies and procedures.
*New policies galore.
*New officers hired.
*Promotions coming.
*Neighborhood Watch Command structure will be changing soon.
*Plus I’m sure the new Chief of Police will be discussed.

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