Area Command Meeting Area 1

So as promised I went to the area command meeting for area 1 at Kucera Middle School on Buena Vista Ave in Las Colinas. In attendance were Chief Farrar (former Captain) Captain Deanda (former Lt),  Lt Thompson, Sgt Hardin, Sgt Wilson, Det Quiniones (former SCAT member) Code officer Dave Hernadez and Judy Roberts. There were represenitives from Code enforcement, Redevelopment Agency, Public Works, Waste management, City Manager.

It began like the original area command meetings. Different people from various deptartments came up and gave us a update from thier department. Most was doom and gloom so if you came in depressed you probably weren’t lifted up when you left.

To the Left is the new Chief of Police Chief Farrar. He is a former Captain with Rialto PD.

Below is a break down of the diffrent presenters at the Area Command Meeting and what they had to say or not say:

Steven Jaraminllo Redevelopment Agency – RDA’s in Ca lost thier fight against Govener Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in eliminating these agencies in Ca city’s. So as of Feburary 1st 2012 there will no longer be an RDA here in Rialto. Rialto’s RDA does alot including:

The City of Rialto has a variety of industrial and commercial development opportunities, from small in-fill development sites to large development sites for retail power centers, as well as existing shopping centers that need to be repositioned to take advantage of shifting demographic trends in the region. Rialto also has several vacant in-fill sites along Foothill Blvd., commercial corners, as well as unique specialty retailing opportunities in the downtown Central Business District (“CBD”).  Rialto’s downtown is currently undergoing a renaissance following the completion of a $2.8 million streetscape improvement project and assistance from the Agency’s seismic and facade grant program.

So why is this important to Rialto Residents, first we dont have anyone in our local goverment pushing to bring positive development to our city. It seems to be that if left alone with business development here, city council would just add more liqour stores and indoor swapmeets. We have more indoor swapmeets that most other cities in the Inland Empire. REAL development didnt begin until the RDA took over and started making things happen. It was councils idea to put a moritorium om development along the new 210 freeway. So while Rancho, Fontana, Highland and Redlands too advatage of the new freeway we just sat back and watched.

What do we loose? Who knows about the In & Out on Riverside and 210 freeway thats in Limbo. Rember the reason we shut down the Airport? It was for the new Target mass shopping Center that too is in Limbo. The only project that is still a small possibility is the Pepper extension to the 210 freeway.

Questions can be directed to Steven at 909-879-1145 or click contacts from thier website listed above.

Mike Story City Manager – Mike Story is the new city manager and has worked for the city of Rialto for 20 years. I grew up with Mike’s kids and our families attended the same church for alot of years. Mike has been throw into the fire and has been left to make choices other has been to weak to make themselves. Mr. Story’s report was full of DOOM and GLOOM. According to him there are no positives here in Rilato. He said “the city must live within it means” and “I will try and do the same with less but I cant do more with less”. His report included the following:

In Limbo – In & Out, Target Shopping Center.

In Question Pepper/210 freeway extension.

May have to FIRE SALE properties RDA bought to re-sell to developers to bring business to Rialto.

10 depts consolitated into 5 depts, Layoffs.

Reductions in street sweeping and tree trimming.

See Mike Strories Monthly Report at:

Amy with waste management – Amy has been at most Area command meeting and gives us info on free dump days and where you can take haserdus waste, electronic wates and donated items. Every free dump day (one a quarter) the Salvation Army is at city hall parking lot taking your donated items and give a tax recipt in return. Also they have special sponsorships they do for non-profit organizations. This months is Fly Doctors of Mercy. They will be taking useable medical equipment like Wheel Chairs, Walkers, Canes, Prostetics, Hearing Aids and Eye Glasses. they take these items to impoverished countries and preform free medical care. The free Dump day for the first quarter is January 28th. Also they will be taking 9 tires per address for free disposal on the weekends of January 13-14 and January 27-28 at the Public Works Yard at 335 W Rialto Ave.

Michelle Aguirie Public Works Admin Assist – Mrs. Aguirie spoke about the near completion of the Fregusen Park Remodel. This park remodel cost 6 million dollars. She was asked alot of questions about street repairs and extensions and had no real awnsers her key phrase was “I don’t Know”. She was asked about Linden From Casmilia to Summit the street is all torn up and in bad repair. Mrs. Aguirie also feilded a question about the massive graffitti on the businesses along the north side of the 10 freeway espcially between Riversid and Cedar, no awnser but well let you know what she finally says. We will be taking pictures and reporting on these 2 questions to see what we can drive out of officals.

Det Anthony Quinonez Personal Property Crimes – Det Quinonez gave us good tips to help us stay safe and protect our properties. I have pictures of the slides he presented. If you have the time make one of the upcomming command meetings just for this presentation. The only thing I don’t agree with is his reliance on the Nieghborhood Watch Program? Our NW progam wasn’t there for Flores Park residents who wanted to included new and inovative ways keep one step ahead of criminals and empower residents. Things like Liason with Protection One, using technology and using our volenteers in new and inovative ways. He isnt a bad guy but he is comming into a situation blind.

Here are the pics of the presentation:


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  1. barbara dellinger
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 05:31:41

    Thanks for attending the meetings and reporting but you need to be careful about passing on incorrect info. The free dump days are not monthly…they are quarterly – January, April, July, and October. These are the only days Salvation Army is at city hall, along with the Electronic Waste collection, and the special collection picked for that quarter. Tires are also only collected on these dates. Specifics should be available on the City’s website or by calling Amy at 909-421-7221.


  2. Fiona
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 14:00:00

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    the challenges. It was truly informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!


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