Rialto In & Out

Where of where has our In & Out gone, oh where oh where will it be.

Will we ever see this sign in Rialto??????

From the looks of things it’s not going to happen at least not in Rialto. With the end of Rialtos Redevelopment Agency as of February 1st Rialto has lost its advocate to attract new and interesting businesses. City council has the Indoor swap meet and Liquor stores firmly cemented here.

For ages our council memebers have failed to sell Rialto, and now one wants us to elect him to Amina Carters Assembly Seat. (Pictured on the Left)




Come 2-1-2012 who is going to advocate for Rialto and bring in businesses that can draw tax revenue and have us shopping HERE.

A lot of them are up for re-election this year and we need to send the message we want to see forward progress not same old same old. Mr. Story the city Administrator made a comment at the Area 1 Command meeting that he can’t do more with less just try and remain the same.

The only problem with that statement is if we don’t attract new business and try and bring in tax base support we will never see a better Rialto. In this economy with a rocky residential climate you cant and its not fair to try and do everything on the backs of residents.

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