RUSD Borrowing on Broken promieses

When the housing market took a dive it effected budgets Local to Nationwide since homes were not worth what everyone thought tax amounts declined and work forces shrinked and the dominos began to fall.

Then Gov. Arnold (AKA The Govenator) came up with a creative way to show a more balanced budget than he really had. What he would do is defer payments that go to  K-12 education, meaning if they thought they were going to get money in August it really ment December then the January money is pushed and so on. Why did this help the Governor? He could show more money on the books that wasnt his to use and for-go cuts that needed to be made.

So since Arnold was a Republican Governor one would assume that Democrat Gov Brown (AKA MoonBeem) would stop using these tactics, Right? Nope he is still deferring payments to our schools.

So how are School Districts dealing with the loss in funds. Layoffs, closing schools, furloughs, pay cuts & eliminating services. Oh, some even most are BORROWING money till the deferment comes. The best part is when the Governor both Arnold and Brown make cuts, those deferments aren’t what they were supposed to be leaving schools holding money notes they weren’t expecting. The current superintendent (Dr. Harold L. Cebrun, Sr. Pictured Left ) has lots of experience with these types of loans. Loans like these were the same type that helped him tank the Compton Unified School District and hand it over to state control read about that story here .

Tonight 7 pm at Dollahan elementary 1060 W Eitwanda Ave Rialto Ca the board is going to be asked to borrow more money.

Early 2011 RUSD School Board approved borrowing 30 million to get to the next deferment. Tonight they will be asked to add 10 Million to that total!!!!!! With the hopes of getting a low-interest rate of 2%. Who’s money do they think their spending anyway? This doesn’t save any teaching  jobs or support staff. What this does do is cement us in a bad spot and give us the opportunity to be taken over by the state. What is Dr Cebrun thinking? I thought we got rid of Edna?

Below is the very line item from the agenda for tonight’s meeting on this very subject. The governor is going to make more cuts he has to, anyone really want to be on the hook for loans we know we can’t pay back? RUSD is banking on 53 million deferment coming in July to pay this back they have 18 months. But if they do that where is the money going to come from to pay the bills after July? More borrowing?

8. Adopt Resolution No. 11-12-38 authorizing the borrowing of an additional $10

million in funds for fiscal year 2011-2012 and the issuance and sale of one

or more series of 2011-2012 Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRAN) totaling

$40 million to allow the District to meet cash flow needs.

(Ref. J 8.1-6)

RUSD is still giving raises to certain people. 200 Classified and Certified staff this summer will be given pink slips and there is no guarantee we will have the money to bring them back.

Go to the meeting tonight, call their offices, email them do what you can to send a message to remember who they work for and who’s money they are spending.

superintendents office number is:

 909-820-7700 ext 2124  

email at

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