Thursday, April 19, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Teamster Local 63 Hall
379 W. Valley Blvd.,
Rialto, CA  92376
Dear friends and neighbors:
Please come to an urgent meeting to help make plans for stopping the outrageous water and sewer rate hikes recently approved by the Rialto City Council. …
As you know, the Council voted on March 27 to impose huge water and sewer rate hikes on you and your neighbors, and to saddle ratepayers with an outrageous 30-year contract for American Water Company to run the City’s water system. Rialto citizens can block these unfair rate hikes, but there is no time to lose!
We need to collect thousands of signatures in Rialto over the next few weeks. This urgent planning meeting will take place on Thursday, April 19, at 6:00 p.m., at the Teamsters Local 63 Hall, 379 W. Valley Blvd., Rialto, CA  92376.
We will have the necessary campaign materials at the meeting. We will also provide pizza and soft drinks.
Thank you for your continuing support.
We look forward to seeing you at this important meeting.
Mark Brooks
Stop Rialto Water Rate Hikes!

Stolen Money

Below is the link to the story that soured this post:



The link above is to an associated press story about the continued waste of money that our legislators are guilty of almost daily. The go to Sacramento only to ensure that they will make their per diem, on that cost tax payers 65,000 TAX DOLLARS. That means 65,000 less to help fix the budget problems, but the have once again lined their pockets without any regard for the voters concerns.

You know the old saying how do you know when an elected official is lieing? When their lips are moving.

Seems about right, because when its election time they will tell you why they are in Sacramento the people (lie). I’m sorry to say that democrats and Republicans are both just as bad. They are not in Sacramento for your voice they are there to line their pockets and live off the government forever. How long are we going to let these people continue to take advantage of us and destroy our cites, state & country. 5th district supervisor Josie Gonzales actually told the sun in an interview in reference to pension reform and the San Bernardino County employee union putting out a petition to make San Bernardino County supervisors a part-time job, that she had financial obligations that must be met and if the board became part-time she would step down. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So why are you there Mrs Gonzales?

Below are some other articles where CA is hurt and hemorrhaging and could use every penny we can find.

Employee losses due to loss of RDA’s and tight budgets:


“Rialto and Highland, for example, have found ways to keep their former Redevelopment Agency employees on the payroll, officials said.”

Mass Teacher layoffs due to 22 million dollar budget cuts:


“In a best-case scenario, reduced funding from the state will force the district to cut its 2012-2013 budget by roughly $22 million, which would mean roughly 162 employees, including teachers and administrators, would receive layoff notices before the annual March 15 notification deadline. ”

Redevelopment dollars gone without a solution:


“You hear a lot of stories about California redevelopment agencies being abused to advance the agenda of the downtown elite, but more often than not, CRAs are used for their expressed purpose, which is to address blight, serve underrepresented communities, and maybe, more importantly than anything else, provide affordable housing in regions where there isn’t enough.”
This one cracks me up, they say that their was abuse and misuse? What about what lawmakers do daily?????????
People stand up and take action before its to late. Look for lawmakers that will fight their voters convictions not their own and fight it through even if it will make relection harder.


Relay for Life Zumba Party

Relay for Life Fundraiser on February 18th.

It’s a Zumba party!
There will be lots of dancing/excercise, refreshments & FUN! The money raised goes to the Rialto Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. I know that most everyone knows someone that has fought the battle with Cancer. We are raising money to help fund research & services for those fighting Cancer so that hopefully soon no one has to hear the words ” You’ve got Cancer”.
The brochure is attached. You can get tickets @ the Rialto Racquet & Fitness Club or by contacting one of the Rialto Relay for Life committee members below.
Michelle Leonard 909 815-5418
Delynda Kobbe 909 816-3364


I can honestly say as a registered republican that I will truley miss this Assemblywoman she has fought hard for our city and this district. Yet I havent always agrred with her positions I have never doubted where her heart lies. She love and cares for her children and her district below is her letter in the voice of the people in the San Bernardino Sun Paper.

Brought to you by David’s Marketing Firm


As a daughter of a World War II soldier, I was privileged and personally touched to participate in a ceremony at Arrowhead Credit Union Park awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to five Inland Tuskegee Airmen in 2007. They were Buford Johnson, Harlan Q. Leonard Jr., Laska H. Jones, Robert Boyd and Charles Ledbetter (posthumously).

These brave heroes fought prejudice and discrimination to fight the Nazis in the air. They represented the 996 airmen, crew and staff who trained at the Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama during World War II. Four hundred and fifty pilots were sent overseas and completed 1,578 successful missions. Sixty-six men made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom.

Known as the Red Tails, this squadron of black fighter pilots achieved an extraordinary feat. They not only overcame the racism, they went on to become one of the most respected and decorated regiments in history. They opened doors not just for black Americans, but for anyone who aspires to achieve their dreams in the face of enormous challenge.

Their courageous story is well-chronicled in the new George Lucas film, “Red Tail.” The film’s release is a focal point for our celebration of black achievement in American history this month. I hope many of you will join me in seeing this film to honor the Tuskegee Airmen and to share their legacy with younger generations.

Assemblywoman WILMER AMINA CARTER 62nd District

RUSD Borrowing on Broken promieses

When the housing market took a dive it effected budgets Local to Nationwide since homes were not worth what everyone thought tax amounts declined and work forces shrinked and the dominos began to fall.

Then Gov. Arnold (AKA The Govenator) came up with a creative way to show a more balanced budget than he really had. What he would do is defer payments that go to  K-12 education, meaning if they thought they were going to get money in August it really ment December then the January money is pushed and so on. Why did this help the Governor? He could show more money on the books that wasnt his to use and for-go cuts that needed to be made.

So since Arnold was a Republican Governor one would assume that Democrat Gov Brown (AKA MoonBeem) would stop using these tactics, Right? Nope he is still deferring payments to our schools.

So how are School Districts dealing with the loss in funds. Layoffs, closing schools, furloughs, pay cuts & eliminating services. Oh, some even most are BORROWING money till the deferment comes. The best part is when the Governor both Arnold and Brown make cuts, those deferments aren’t what they were supposed to be leaving schools holding money notes they weren’t expecting. The current superintendent (Dr. Harold L. Cebrun, Sr. Pictured Left ) has lots of experience with these types of loans. Loans like these were the same type that helped him tank the Compton Unified School District and hand it over to state control read about that story here http://articles.latimes.com/1993-07-10/news/mn-11806_1_compton-unified-school-district .

Tonight 7 pm at Dollahan elementary 1060 W Eitwanda Ave Rialto Ca the board is going to be asked to borrow more money.

Early 2011 RUSD School Board approved borrowing 30 million to get to the next deferment. Tonight they will be asked to add 10 Million to that total!!!!!! With the hopes of getting a low-interest rate of 2%. Who’s money do they think their spending anyway? This doesn’t save any teaching  jobs or support staff. What this does do is cement us in a bad spot and give us the opportunity to be taken over by the state. What is Dr Cebrun thinking? I thought we got rid of Edna?

Below is the very line item from the agenda for tonight’s meeting on this very subject. The governor is going to make more cuts he has to, anyone really want to be on the hook for loans we know we can’t pay back? RUSD is banking on 53 million deferment coming in July to pay this back they have 18 months. But if they do that where is the money going to come from to pay the bills after July? More borrowing?

8. Adopt Resolution No. 11-12-38 authorizing the borrowing of an additional $10

million in funds for fiscal year 2011-2012 and the issuance and sale of one

or more series of 2011-2012 Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRAN) totaling

$40 million to allow the District to meet cash flow needs.

(Ref. J 8.1-6)

RUSD is still giving raises to certain people. 200 Classified and Certified staff this summer will be given pink slips and there is no guarantee we will have the money to bring them back.

Go to the meeting tonight, call their offices, email them do what you can to send a message to remember who they work for and who’s money they are spending.

superintendents office number is:

 909-820-7700 ext 2124  

email at  hcebrun@rialto.k12.ca.us