Is there a doctor on SWAT………..yep.

Is there a doctor on the SWAT team call? If you’re talking about Rialto police department SWAT there is NOW.

**Taken from the San Bernardino Sun**

 Dr. Michael Neeki has been a Iranian Army Corporal fighting Iraqi invaders, and seen first-hand the effects of mustard gas on people. He got close enough to the action to be hit by shrapnel from a 60mm mortar.

He was beaten and tortured in several Iranian prisons, before being smuggled out of the country.

Now, Dr. Michael Neeki, an emergency room physician at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, is on the front lines again.

**Taken from the San Bernardino Sun**

Years ago a former city council wanted to outsource our Public safety to the San Bernardino County sheriffs Dept. With everything that Rialto PD has implemented I’m sure glad that threat was made but never enacted.

Prior to the SBSO outsource movement Rialto PD had some serious issues and a horrible reputation with the public. After the threat was quelled the department stepped up and hired a quality Chief (Kling) and began allowing community policing to change the face of public safety here in Rialto.

I’m glad to see Chief Farrar seems to be continuing down the same positive path of his predecessor, I see the addition of this doctor on top of the normal EMS personnel that respond in SWAT situation as a way to help our SWAT officers in the case one is injured or someone in the community allowing the SWAT officers to do their job and not worry about things that they aren’t well versed in.

I would love to welcome Dr. Michael Neeki to our city and police department.

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