Cameras where their needed

There is a park in the city of Rialto where the community has made so much progress it unbelievable. Their homes were broken into almost daily, drugs ran rampant, walls and park was littered with tagging sexual predators living all over, felon group homes out of control, renters properties in total dis-repair and much more.

After some strong residents moved into the area noticed the problems and saw an easy solution force the brass at Rialto PD see what is going on and making them fix it.

With the help of Lts Crispin and Burkholder and various other Cpls and special officers graffiti is hard to find, sexual predators are all but gone, home breakings reduced by 60%, properties on the mend youth, group homes under control & drugs still a problem but getting better. Heck this area got rid of 2 felons when they were arrested by LAPD for the beating of Brian Stow at dodger stadium.

The progress has stalled because there was a communication breakdown between the community and the city/police. Mayor and council don’t care and police are in a flux over massive retirements and trying to fill empty spots.

Flores Park now has cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day. Now when you see something wrong at this park dispatchers can have a visual idea of whats going on and follow the activity and suspects and direct officers right to the problem.

Some people are calling this program big brother run amuck. But anyone who has been a victim of any crime and have the police tell you there isnt enough proof to move forward even though we know who did it will embrace this program.

The first three were Frisbee Park, Rialto Park and Jerry Eaves Park. Flores Park has them as well as Ferguson Park in Las colonias that just received a multi million dollar upgrade.

At the Area Command Meeting for area 1 in Rialto a resident expressed concerns that Birdsal park across from Carter High School was seeing a rise in criminal activity, drug use and gang activity. Former police chief Mark Kling said in an interview “Those are three of our more challenging parks because of the way the parks are laid out,” said police Chief Mark Kling. “Officers can drive down the street and not see what’s in the park.” The cameras will provide real-time images of the parks and give officers a “play-by-play” of criminal activity there, Kling said. Well apparently police can’t see into birdsal hopefully this park is next on the list for cameras.

To see the primary article written on this program click

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