New Info on Our Police Department

This year is an exciting year for us.  We have a new Chief in town!  Chief William “Tony” A. Farrar has been with Rialto Police Department for over 25 years.
 We are excited to continue moving forward with our department’s mission with Chief Farrar leading the way.   Chief Farrar has great plans for our department to include the use of the most modern police methodologies and technology, which will support our efforts to make the City of Rialto a safer place not only for the citizens but also for those who visit our city.
 To help Chief Farrar realize his goals, Chief Farrar has made several new promotions.
 We are pleased to introduce to you his Command Staff:
Captain Randy De Anda,
Lieutenant Kathy Thompson, Lieutenant Dean Hardin, and Lieutenant Andrew Karol.
Along with Command Staff, Chief Farrar has made additional promotions within the following ranks.
 Our newly promoted sergeants are as follows:
Sergeant Josh Lindsay, Sergeant Paul Stella, Sergeant Johnny Partida, Sergeant Chris Hice, and Sergeant Robert Smith.
Our newly promoted corporals are:
Corporal Rory Scalf, Corporal James Mills, Corporal James Massey, and Corporal Carl Jones.
We are confident with our newly promoted staff and our existing staff that we will continue to do our very best in providing professional and ethical service to the citizens of Rialto. Our mission is to ensure our officers are fair and equitable when enforcing the laws and encouraging community participation.
******Post Taken from the RPD facebook Page***************

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