For Immediate Release Contact: Grace B. Parsons

Deputy District Attorney

Office: (909) 891-3584

Date: February 9, 2012





SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Teams of law enforcement officers from the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation and the Rialto Police Department served copies of a permanent gang injunction order today to 19 members of the Rialto-based Hustla Squad Clicc criminal gang.

On Oct. 14, 2011, the Honorable Judge David Cohn of the Superior Court of San Bernardino granted the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s request for a Permanent Injunction against the Hustla Squad Clicc criminal street gang. The permanent injunction replaces the court’s previous, preliminary injunction, which was issued on Sept. 8, 2011.

The terms of the permanent injunction are the same as those in the preliminary injunction. Such gang injunction suits are civil in nature, premised on the legal theory that gang activities constitute a public nuisance. The Hustla Squad Clicc criminal street gang has plagued the citizens of Rialto since 2005. Its members have committed numerous crimes, ranging from armed robberies and grand thefts to drug dealing, burglary, and murder.

The terms of the injunction prohibit Huslta Squad Clicc gang members from various activities within the Safety Zone, including associating with one another in public, obstructing the free passage of others, possessing weapons or drugs, graffiti, and the display of gang signs, attire, or tattoos. The Safety Zone is just over four square miles, and is bounded by sections of Merrill Avenue, Sycamore Avenue, Cactus Avenue, Rialto Avenue, Maple Avenue, Etiwanda Avenue, and Easton Street (see attached map).

“As the elected district attorney of this county, I refuse to sit back and let these local terrorists try to claim our streets and intimidate our citizens,” said District Attorney Michael A. Ramos. “It should be painfully obvious by now to these gangsters that we are coming after them, and we’re coming hard.”

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