Gas Prices and Politics

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Thank you, Obama


Posted:   02/24/2012 06:18:38 PM PST

 I miss the good ol’ days, say 2002, when gas was $1.40 per gallon and people thought it just couldn’t get any higher. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were vilified in the newspapers and on television.

Sens. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schaumer and Ted Kennedy accused the president and vice president of being big oil men. Our local television reporters would almost daily stand outside one of the gas stations and report on accusations of price gouging and how the big oil companies were raking in. With the Democratic-controlled Senate, the prices kept rising and distressed Americans continued to berate Bush and Cheney.

When Barack Obama was sworn in as our new president in January 2009, gas had risen to around $2.50 per gallon and President Obama said “Enough is enough. It’s time for change.”

Here we are three years later, and I just passed by our local AM/PM gas station and – low and behold – the gas price was $4.09 per gallon. But if you buy a car wash, it is only $3.89 per gal.

Thank goodness President Obama came along just in the nick of time to save us. We don’t have to watch those daily reports on television about those evil gas companies anymore. Everyone is so happy with our new gas prices that there wasn’t even an outcry when our president said no to the Keystone pipeline.

Californians are so happy with President Obama that Los Angeles threw a big party for him and for a measly $35,800 you could


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actually sit down for dinner with our concerned and benevolent president.

This is going to be an exciting next four or five years if President Obama wins and we watch our president lead us along the road of happiness toward the day when we will be able to justly pay what those lucky European nations pay for their liter of petrol. Thank you, President Obama!



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