Latest message from SOS

Dear friends and neighbors:


We have updated the Stop Rialto Water Rate Hikes website to report on recent events – including our successful filing for the referendum against the American Water privatization deal and also our launch of the Prop 218 protest campaign against these huge water and sewer rate hikes.


You can download and print a copy of our Prop 218 protest form directly from the website.


If you are either a property owner who receives water or sewer service from the City of Rialto, OR A RENTER WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE WATER OR SEWER BILL, you are eligible to file a protest card with the City.


We mailed cards to Rialto property owners.  If you received a card in the mail from SOS Rialto Water, please fill out that card and mail it to us in the postage prepaid envelope we provided.


If you are a renter – or if you have not received a card in the mail from us for any other reason – please feel free to print the protest form from our website,  complete the form,  and then mail it to the SOS Rialto Water address provided below.


You may also send your protest form directly to the Rialto City Clerk; however, we strongly prefer that people return the cards to SOS Rialto Water so that we will know how we are doing in this campaign.   We will deliver every protest we receive before the June 12 deadline to the Rialto City Clerk!


Please visit the website at


Thanks again for your support.


Mark Brooks


SOS Rialto Water

P.O. Box 868

Rialto, CA  92377

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