Area Command Meetings For June


Hello everyone, as we come up on summer we also tend to have spikes in certain crimes. Its hot and people tend to make bad choices when they are hot and bothered. I know that people are more likely to fight because of Alcohol, tension & did you just look at my girl…….. Lol. Another variable in this equation is teens off school for summer break coupled with parents having to work more than one job so they are less likely┬áto be home to keep their kids busy with a little thing called all the adults are taking teens jobs & our governments lack of ability to see marijuana as harmful.

Also what is so wrong with insisting that at least one council memeber attend an area command meeting?

Everyone needs to make every effort to be at their communities area command meeting so that they can hear what the police have planned for the summer, they can convey current problems & can have an oportunity to ask additional questions of elected and law enforcement officials.

Signature Collectors be proud Final signature count is……

Josef Britt
We the People have spoken. The final count is into the Rialto City Clerks Office.The Referendum Petition that we fought so hard for, 3 weeks of door to door asking all Rialto Voters to please sign and you did. We were hoping for min of 3500 and topping out 5000 for padding and our numbers are 6418, You did it. We the People of Rialto have spoken. Here’s a camera shot of the receipt I took in front of the Clerks office 5:00pm. Now let’s start to rebuild Rialto to the Jewel that it should be. Rialto you did it. Thanks! Joe Britt