Counter balancing SB Sun Newspaper Primary Review

Below is the endorsmants of the local paper SB Sun. We will add under each one and let our readers see who is out there and who may also be a better pick.

Review of our primary endorsements

Posted: 06/03/2012 07:05:03 AM PDT

Leading up to Tuesday’s primary election, our editorial board has made ballot recommendations in some competitive races. Here are summaries of our endorsements:Congressional District 8

Assemblyman Paul Cook, an effective state legislator, is the best choice for the expansive new 8th District. Cook is a respected conservative, but no idealogue. He’s a listener and a problem-solver, just what Congress needs.

We are supporting Victorville city council member Angela Valles for the 8th district. She has done a lot to bring out the issues facing the High Desert as well as being able to call a bad deal a bad deal and stand in the gap. It’s not rare to find here engaging people via social media and discussing the issue at its core. Strong candidate for the 8th. Find her at

Congressional District 31

Bob Dutton is a former Rancho Cucamonga councilman and state assemblyman who rose to Republican leader of the state Senate. He’s a practical, solution-oriented leader and he’s our choice for the 31st District.


Bob Dutton is a good choice, he is a former Councilman at Rancho Cucamonga, has been in the Assembly and Senate. Has strong ties to the community and supports a strong public safety. Find him at

Congressional District 35

Our editorial board split right down the middle on this race, a contest between two veteran Democratic legislators and a Green Party candidate. Half of the board backs Rep. Joe Baca, the other half state Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod. Both will likely square off again in November anyway, since the state’s new primary election rules will send the top two vote getters, regardless of political party, to the general election.

We support Joe Baca in this primary & that is saying a lot because were not his biggest fans. Joe Baca has stepped out in Rialto and helped clear environmental regulations in building projects and advocating for Local Control of Ontario Int Airport. The airport issue is a big one because it is a massive hassle to schlep out to LAX just to have out-of-town visitors. Also a revitalized airport will bring jobs here in droves and jobs are what we desperately need. His contact info is

Assembly District 33

Big Bear Lake Mayor Bill Jahn is our choice for the 33rd District. Jahn, a senior-housing builder, is an accomplished leader regionally and a natural fit for important committees on transportation, housing and local government.

Tim Donnelly is the incumbent running for this seat. He is a strong candidate that cares for his community and the state he lives in. He is truly the Assemblyman that deals with the issues his constituents want him to not looking to how those actions may complicate his re-election efforts. He fights daily for his people and they are better for it. Plus the SEIU has been attacking Tim to no avail. I was ruined by unions so I have no love for them so when they oppose someone it makes them more attractive. Contact Tim @ 

Assembly District 47
Local publisher Cheryl Brown’s deep roots in San Bernardino County and her focus on educational opportunities and job growth – two of the area’s most pressing needs – make her a natural fit for the 47th District seat.

Were backing the other side of the Baca’s with Joe Baca Jr. We support his desire to bring safe parks and family/community gathering sites. What we like the most is his ability to stand in the gap for Rialto Rate payers and twice vote down the bad water deal approved by the rest of council. He will excel in this assembly seat and make us proud but we must first put him through the primary. something interesting challenger Cheryl Brown has weak support from within the Black Chamber of commerce, meaning there is a clear divide. Joe Jr can be contact at  

Board of Supervisors 3rd District

James Ramos, former San Manuel tribal chairman, is a consensus-builder who will make an effective leader. His considerable business experience will be especially helpful in budget and economic development matters.

Everyone supporting Ramos is doing so under the guise of having the ability to call in tha favor when the time is right. Ramos is a big wig with San Manuel and they have money, these people want a piece. Some bigger than most but they still want a piece.

Derry can come off smug and cocky and unable to debate someone that may have a different outlook on things than he does. Also he went negative way to fast almost attacking Ramos right out of the gate. I like it when polotions can have mud slung at them but not throw it back right away. This is a lazy board that can’t even make up its mind on food truck regulations, county life in limbo.

Board of Supervisors 5th District

Supervisors Chairwoman Josie Gonzales has grown as a leader since her election to the board in 2004. She is up to the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that open communication with residents and businesses is the best way to secure the county’s future.

Silvia Marroquin, a Fontana community organizer is a much better choice than entrenched professional politician Josie Gonzales we need a changing of the guard and someone that works so much in the local community would be a better choice. Josie Gonzales is a snob that refuses to respond to her community, wasted tons of money on a You Tube video diverting traffic to her lame FB account, said in reference to the part-time county supervisor idea that was circulating in a petition that if it passed she would have to quit because she refused to work with less. Contact her at

Proposition 28

We urge passage of Proposition 28, which would make smart changes in California’s nearly two-decades-old term-limits law. Currently, state legislators are held to six years in the Assembly and eight years in the Senate. The initiative would cut the total limit from 14 years to 12 but allow someone to serve the whole time in one house (or a combination of houses). This would preserve the message that elective office is not a lifetime appointment, while giving legislators enough time to develop the skills, knowledge and relationships with colleagues required for effective lawmaking.

We say Vote “NO”. First off the legislators want it they are supporting it. Second it will no help keep legislators from abusing the system instead of 8 in the assembly and 6 in the senate they can do a full 12 in either. NO, NO, NO

Proposition 29

We recommend defeat of Proposition 29, which would raise the California cigarette tax by $1 a pack to try to discourage smoking and raise funds for research into tobacco-related disease. The aim is noble, but the initiative would add to bureaucracy and funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into an effort that is not among the cash-strapped state’s highest priorities right now.

Prop 29 is nothing more than a way to force more money out of people’s pockets. If the backers of this Prop think  funding cancer research is so important why don’t they give out of their own pockets. If you don’t think smoking is good or should be legal then have the legislator ban them from Ca. Stop giving elected officials an out by saying that one was by the people. I’m not a smoker, I am a cancer… survivor, this will not cause people to stop smoking what it will do is take more money out of hungry families pockets. I have lost so much respect for Lance Armstrong by allowing himself to be attached to this money grab. California Voters “JUST VOTE NO” “LEAVE OUR TAXES ALONE” “WE ALREADY PAY THE HIGHEST IN THE COUNTRY”

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