Coffee With The Chief August

Coffee with the Chief is August 14th starting @ 8AM

This time we will be at:

Coffee Nutz

119 East Foothill Blvd

Come out and here what is going on in the department and have the chief and his staff there to answer your questions and concerns.

What I have found amazing about these meetings is when issues are brought up you actually start seeing results and action being taken. Everyone doesn’t always agree but one thing is constant is that Chief Farrar and his team truly care about this city and the communities well-being.

Another is that you always hear about or learn something new. From procedures to crime problems in other areas of the city you leave informed and empowered.

So come out and have some coffee and become an active part of making Rialto a safer place to work, play and live.


Route 66 news update possible location change

As soon as I heard SB was going bankrupt and not paying its bills I knew this was coming. San Bernardino has failed to provide a safe place for people to enjoy this event for the last 10 years.

First it was the downward spiral of the carnival area south of the courthouse in the park area. Hispanic gang members chose to group together and create a small gang area. If you’re not in their group be prepared to be glared at, smell marijuana smoke, listen to gang music and see classic cars that don’t look so nice anymore (my opinion).

Then the black gangs began moving in on the east flank of the courthouse creating the same problems. Many police officers gave me and others warning about what time we should attend the event and what areas wouldn’t be safe for kids. The area designated for the children, nice. Then you have people operating the rides drunk or high what is there for kids in this area???

Then it became the place where the ultra poor and homeless would come because Staters would give out free food as well as other vendors, but it didn’t stop there many people became victims of theft from their persons and vehicles. Your valuables are not safe no matter where they are its SAN BERNARDINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they can’t even afford the police force they have had in the past, and San Bernardino is going through a massive rise in violent crimes. So bad that if you have a lower level call you are being told

Should this event be moved YES. Why because this is an awesome event and San Bernardino has been dropping the ball year after year. It needs to be in a nicer place like Redlands or Rancho Cucamonga. Why are we letting such a time-honored event fail because City Officials in San Bernardino can’t get it together. Rancho Cucamonga not only has Route 66 go right through their area they know how to make an event like this first-rate and safe.

Read below and comment to your heart’s content…………………………………..

DEVELOPING: Despite rumors, Route 66 Rendezvous returning to downtown San Bernardino in September

Visitors’ bureau president says San Bernardino’s marquee celebration staying put

Posted:   07/27/2012 02:48:15 PM PDT

Classic trucks at last year’s Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous in downtown San Bernardino. (File photo)

SAN BERNARDINO – The Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous will come downtown this fall as it does every year, despite rumors to the contrary, according to the president of the San Bernardino Convention Visitors Bureau.But others are less sure.

An email bearing the name of Shelly McNaul, director of event operations for the visitors bureau, said the event would be moving to the Glen Helen Regional Parkway because the city was pulling its financial support because of its pending bankruptcy.

The city reimburses the Police Department for patrolling several events, including the $65,000 to $70,000 used for the Rendezvous, but that won’t be possible this year, said Chief Robert Handy.

“We’re working through that now,” Handy said. “We’re trying to get a handle on that now, for what we can pay. There’s discussions about whether it’s going to move. … We’ll find a way. It’s a signature event for the city.”

There were talks about moving, said SBCVB President Wayne Austin, but he’s confident the event is proceeding as usual.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re still moving forward with the city, trying to figure out how to move forward,” he said. “We’re still focused on downtown, still focused on the same week in September. … Barring me being fired, it’s happening here.”

The city has historically supported Route 66 with money from its Economic Development Agency, which was dissolved along with all others in the state this year, said Mayor Pat Morris.



council will have to decide whether it can make up that support with other money as it struggles through a bankruptcy filing, but the event should go on regardless, Morris said.

“It’s happening, and it’s happening downtown,” he said. “I don’t think (city support) is critical to it happening.”

Morris said the event was particularly important this year.

“Route 66 is our iconic celebration of our city and its history, with the Mother Road,” he said, “and in a time of depression, in a time of economic upheaval, continuing in some way to celebrate the dignity and the history of this great city is important for our constituents and those half million people who come celebrate with us.”

Talks about potentially moving started several years ago because of construction of the 215 Freeway and sbX rapid bus line potentially interfering, but the bankruptcy won’t move the popular event, Austin said.

Read more:

City Council Has Some Explaining to do Over the Water Deal

I want to begin this post by telling you that people in council think you’re in love with the water deal since they moved from American Water to more local control. They claim that I am the only one upset and asking questions on all the money changing hands and the great secrecy that has gone into drafting this deal. I would invite everyone to email and call their council and Mayor and tell them good or bad what you think of this deal and whether you believe there needs to be more transparency. I will include the contact info for everyone in city government so that you may more easily reach them.
I was contacted a couple of weeks by someone telling me that American Water is still in the deal with the city of Rialto. This person thought it might be something worth looking into, so I did. What I found wasn’t where my caller expected me to end up but I find it all the more interesting.
It appears that Rialto Water Services (RWS) and American Water are in the same region and RWS was formed about the time American Water began its move on the city’s water system. Although from all my research and digging, so far it looks like American Water is out of the deal, but what I did find stinks from where I sit.
I called American Water and spoke to Maureen Duffy Vice President, Corporate Communications and External Affairs she said that American Water had been removed and she couldn’t speak to any ensuing penalties from this action. Which is funny because we heard there were penalties even if the community voted against the rate increases with prop 218 vote.
Officials from West Valley Water District (WVWD) are not jumping at the chance to take the contract because of all the financial implications that reside there. No one wants to take on this deal that is full of bad looks and dirty dealings. After some digging we find why WVWD is leery.
I placed a call to West Valley Water District and spoke to Mr. Ariza their General Manager:
West Valley Water District is looking to operate the city’s water department. The person controlling the financial side of the deal is Table Rock Financial based out of San Francisco. The total deal is now a 170 million dollar loan, up from 130 million dollars. Who has heard what the 30 million dollars is purposed for? According to Mr. Ariza the 30 million dollars is needed to service the debt on the 170 million dollar loan the city is taking out with Goldman Sachs. So instead of it being a way to replace the loss of our RDA and attract new business to Rialto, here is what it is going for:
  1. Service the Debt on 170 Million Dollar loan.
  2. Give the city a way to have money on deck in a capital     improvement fund so they can further pay for development costs that should     be the responsibility of the developer.
  3. Ed Scott made a point to ask     staff if the Lytle Creek Development was in any way involved in the     necessity of the water deal, staff said NO. So explain who is going to pay     the 5 million dollars in needed improvements to existing county properties     within the city when we have no more money to give? Maybe the 30 million     payoff in the water deal? Ron Pharrise and the city both have a strong     vested interest in this deal happening because the county won’t allow     Rialto to annex the county parts of Lytle Creek to the city without taking     over the rest of the County areas in the city. City staff estimated that     this would cost in the realm of 5 million.
  4. Rialto paid 40-50 million     fighting the perchlorate cloud contaminate in our water. No more talks     have happened on where the settlement is or who is going to get it.
Also the way Mr. Ariza said it breaks down is:
  1. 40 million for the     infrastructure upgrades to water and waste water.
  2. 30 million for RDA funds/capital improvement funds.
That leaves 100 million dollars left over where is that going? There is a company called Table Rock financial that is BROKERING the deal, their company web site is super basic, they operate out of San Francisco and no one answers their phones and there is no voice mail. I was able to get someone on city staff to give me the lead negotiators cell phone number Lynn Smull. Mr. Smull took one call that lasted less than a minute. He told me to text him my info and he would reach me the following day, when he didn’t call I texted again. He said he was busy in negotiations and his staff would call me. I have yet to receive a call.
Mr. Ariza has concerns on how the city council has operated through the entire process. He and his board are taking such a long time to even give the city the thumbs up on the deal because they are combing over the 161 page concession agreement. Mr. Ariza said he is doing his due diligence to protect existing WVWD customers and rate payers and to make sure this agreement won’t force them to raise existing rates. Mr. Ariza said he would be treating the water deal with Rialto as a sub-section of WVWD because they will only be operating the system not have overall control. Normally one would be happy about this except the people who waited this long to get things in order are the same ones with the control.
I always liked the idea of WVWD running the water here, heck the first time I had to pay my bill in person I went there to find out that a city of our size is so split. After talking with Mr. Ariza I was more at ease with the idea of working with him and his people on our utility. He was very personable and hid nothing. He offered to sit down with me and take my calls anytime. He even alluded to the fact that if we did things right in reference to the upgrades the fourth year of 25% rate increase may be much lower. I called both GM’s of EVWD & WVWD both were very nice and told me everything they knew and if they didn’t have direct knowledge they pointed me in the right direction.
I met with Councilman Ed Scott & Ed Palmer today and in reference to the water deal they said:
They told me some things I will believe until I get my own copy of the water deal. They said the 30 million will go into a capital improvement fund not the general fund. They disputed that the 30 million was going to be used to service the loan debt. I don’t believe this one because at this point we will be in deficit spending next year. The way it was explained by them and verified by someone I trust is you must have half your total budget in reserves so if we spend 10 million annually we must have 5 million in reserves. Rialto will be in what’s referred to as deficit spending by 5 million which means our reserves will go 5 million dollars below half the cities operating budget. How can we afford to service a new debt if we can’t pay our bills as they stand today?
I have yet to get in contact with Table Rock, Deborah Robertson or  George Harris. Updates will be comming.

*************** Sources of Reference*********************************

All Council Members can be reached at 909-820-2525

Grace Vargas

Ed Scott

Joe Baca Jr

Ed Palmer

Deborah Robertson

Contact Anthony W. Araiza General Manager
Table Rock Finacial:
Megan – 415-497-2320
Lynn Smull – 510-326-3209

855 W. Base Line Road P.O. Box 920 Rialto, CA  92377
Ph: (909) 875-1804 ext. 703 Fx: (909) 875-7284

American Water Corporate Offices 1025 Laurel Oak Road Voorhees, NJ 08043 856.346.8200

Or is it:

Rialto Water Services L P (856) 359-0965 Mt Laurel, NJ

Business Information:

Street Address: 330 Fellowship Road

City: Mt Laurel
State: NJ
Zip Code: 08054
License Number: 948662
License Held: General Engineering Contractor
License Status: Active As Of 1/20/2010 Update
Date License Issued: June 12th, 2010
Years in business: 2
Bond Company: Travelers Casualty And Surety Company Of America
Bond Number: 105448107
San Bernardino and Riverside Counties B.C.T.C
William Perez, Executive Secretary, EW
1074 East La Cadena Drive, Suite 15
Riverside, CA 92507
Office: (951) 684-1040
Fax: (951) 684-6410

Ed Scott & Ed Palmer

An update on these 2 men and certain accusations leveled against them.

Ed Scott – I dug and dug looking for somone to come on the record about the accusations being made in reference to O’learys bar with smoking and underage drinking and found no one to validate these items. With reference to the code violations the bushes are a mutual agreeable situation between neighbors. So since the investigation went no where its done and no violations were found.

Ed Palmer – Yes he does have a residence in the county area but he has another in the city that he lives in. This was investigated by the DA’s office and no wrong doings were found.

I still believe that there is a massive need for change in our city goverment. I have tried to get ahold of Deborah Robertson and it never seems to happen, so I have yet to pick her brain.

We still await any of our interview questions from any of these officials I also found out that Ed Scott will not be filling it out.

I find it sad and scary that our elected officials have yet to go on record on issues effecting the community. If any do I will post them right away.

Rialto Identified as Idling in the Area of Job Growth

Post from

REDLANDS – (INT) – Number crunchers at the University of Redlands see some positive job news.

They say while no areas are shedding jobs, Barstow and scattered areas around Palm Springs have seen more than 3% job growth. Only a few small pockets appear idling this month.  Those are identified as Canyon Lake, El Casco, Crafton near Yucaipa and Rialto.

Johannes Moenius at the U of R’s school of business is seeing trends.

“We have seen in the Inland Empire some pretty robust, slow but consistent, upward trend the last couple of months.”

Jobs seekers have been flooding the market this summer.  That helped to push the Inland Empire’s June jobless rate up to 12.6 percent.

Are you ready for tragedy?

As we all know by now its hard to predict crazy its possible but not.easy. So now after the mass killing at the Batman Movie Premier we look for ways we could have avoided this tragedy.

That will be our next post.

This post plays to my community unity side and preparing people for mass destruction or tragedies caused by man or nature.

First off the reports are that he had music playing loud set to start once he left for the theatre. A 20-year-old neighbor was so disturbed by this music that she decided to approach the door of this residence that we now know was triggered to set of a bomb once open. She stated to news media once at the door she tried the handle of the door and it was unlocked she found that to be strange so she left the neighbor’s door.

Thank God she decided not to open someone elses door it’s called trespassing. Like I tell my residents when you are experiencing loud parties or other nuisance type events unless you know the persons very well call the police and let them handle it. People who sit on the other side of the criminal wall don’t like to be told what to do no matter how hard you try to be nice. This goes for neighbors that have loud late parties and don’t show respect for those they live around. It would have been sad if an officer had decided to breach that door and was hurt but I have a general amount of faith in law enforcement using a tactical brain and being generally suspicious of someone that wont answer a closed-door that he would open it.

The second report I found interesting was that once Law Enforcement had knowledge of the danger to the people in the complex residents had 5 mins to retrieve what they needed for a undetermined time no knowing if their belongings would even be there when they returned.

As you read this or even heard this same report this weekend would you know what to grab? Are your medications in an easy to access central location? Family heirlooms and other precious mementos like pictures and other keepsakes can you grab them all? Do these items hold separate levels of importance to you and would you feel comfortable in your ability to make those decisions in the early AM hours with a 5 min deadline?

Read the list on the website link below, post in the comments on this blog post on what you think you would you wouldn’t have thought of:

Truth is when really bad things like this happen we must learn what was done wrong and correct those mistakes so we can better prevent them from happening. The same goes for being as prepared as possible so that the stresses these events bring on can be lessened by our ability to be prepared.

Below is a link to police blowing up some of the ordnances.

A Farmer’s Market In Rialto?


Yes everyone Rialto has a Farmers Market that opened up July 18th and runs from 10am to 2pm. It was a small but nice beginning to the Farmer’s Market they had some quality vendors and most were right here from Rialto or very close.

Rialto is lucky to be in the place it is because southern California has an awesome opportunity for extended growing seasons. When its hot it pumps up our peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and almost all fruit. and in the fall and winter we rarely ever see real freezing temperatures and when we do simple vented sheeting domes help hold off the frost.

So it would make sense to buy local fruits and veggies that grow year round. Everytime my wife and I visit a local town we make a strong effort to buy at the local cities Farmer’s Market.

Small Farmer’s are the REAL small business and brings a little bit of balance to the hustle and bustle of a busy american life. Plus fruits and veggies bought at these markets are healthy, tasty and less expensive that big store chains. Plus you get to know a community by the people at the Market that live in the city.

This first Farmer’s Market did just that gave people the ability to connect with local government officials in a relaxed atmosphere and connect with each other. It’s good to meet the People of Adams Acres and hear from them why their fruit is so sweet and juicy.

City Clerk Barbara McGee said that she plans to grow the list of vendors every week and bring in new and innovative tastes for the city of Rialto.

You ask how can I help? You can help in many ways first of all come out. Be there and help create a buzz about the Market. Second spend some money buy some of your households fruits and veggies at the Market, give your family that fresh from the vine taste. Third Tell people you know people who make their own bread, prepared meats, own veggies and in September the plans are to add other types of vendors.

So if you run a local group or charity put up a flyer, post it on your facebook or twitter page, if you live in a HOA or Association post on public boards and above all else give the city feedback so that they can make this Market what the PEOPLE WANT………………………

Print this picture and take it to Adams Farms on Cactus or to their stand at the Farmer’s Market. Let them know Rialto Now sent you!!!!!!!!!!


Residents Reaction to Local Goverment Corruption

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Rialto Farmer’s Market and it was nice. What was really great was seeing local elected officials out meeting the public and having open and frank discussions about the problems facing our city. The Farmer’s Market is the brain child of Barbara McGee Rialto City Clerk. She was informing us of her plans to expand the shopping opportunities at the weekly Farmers Market as well as add other vendors (other than produce or food) to the market. Southern California has the best climate for long growing seasons and we can grow most types of foods because our mild temps in the winter and warm summers that produce bumper crops.

Mrs. McGee made a statement that I thought was interesting and sad, people kept calling in and asking where is city hall? Most of the people here in Rialto are not really invested in this city and community, and that is in large part due to todays society. Today we are closed up in our homes, we commute longer distances to our jobs, technology has replaced the need to leave your home and with the turn over in homes over the last 7 years people move more often and have less time to make strong neighborhood connections. So with a strong media push we hope that this Farmer’s Market brings the community out and fosters more active people.

Councilwoman Deborah Robertson was also at the Farmers Market and was out speaking with residents as she prepares for her Campaign kickoff for Mayor of Rialto tonight at her home. She told me that there is a serious lack of communication with the community and the council. As Mayor she said that will change. I personally have sat and worked on many projects in the city and for the communities greater good, it wasnt always easy but when she figured out one I wasnt going away and two it would look bad for her to not support this issue she backs down or gets on board. For example when the council decision was to not put the American Water Referendum on the ballot Mrs. Robertson texted me to inform me because she knew I would want to know. This is the kind of openness we need in our next mayor not someone who barks commands at everyone and allows smoking in his bar, underage drinking (as reported from RUSD teachers and employees that frequent O’Leary in down town).

One resident listening to the Councilwoman and other residents told me that she feels very nieve. She doesnt know how people who took an oath to give us a nice city to live in can be so evil and hurt so many people with little to no regard for the families that stand in their wake. (reference Scott, Palmer and City Attorney Gutierrez).

Also another problem I have been screaming about is safety in our parks and rec zones. You can build lots of parks and stadiums and trails………. That’s all great but who is going to protect them? Our Police Department does everything they can but untill city council finds innovative ways to get communities and businesses involved in and invested in our public use facilities being safe places to be they are all a big waste of money, and money isn’t in large supply today.

Council wants to bring Target, Lowes, Super Wal-Mart and the Lytle creek Development that will bring people to the city as well as more and more problems. Can we really fend off the jump in property crime, petty theft and personal theft from these new retail centers while trying to keep gangs from taking over our parks? No not currently, ask Redlands how hard it is to have all this and a safe city. Its hard but they cope with a volunteer staff that dwarfs paid personnel.

Call these elected officials and ask them real hard questions, lets lay it on the line.

This Home Looks Worse In Person


It makes me sick to know that one of our long time goverment officials lives in a home with a front yard like this.


Having broken down rusted cars that look like they belong in an old junk yard shoved up against tall over grown bushes shoved up against the front of the house. This neighborhood is nice with clean homes with attractive lanscapes. This homowner needs to attend and seriously take advantage of volenteer Thompsons home tips 101.

Would you like to live across from this house.

Rialto should be a level playing field where no person no matter their standing or position should be above the laws, rules or ordnances.

Yet time and time again People like Ed Scott, Ed Palmer and Jimmy Gutierrez break laws, rules and ordinances and either escape any penalty or skate by with a slap on the wrist.

Ed Scott – Barks at city staff and residents, appears to break city ordinances 18.72.010, 9.26.030. Updated picture of this residence and violations coming tomorrow night 7-18-12.

Ed Palmer – Apparently Mr. Palmer doesnt even live in the CITY OF RIALTO he lives in the county area as accused by the main opposer of the Lytle Creek Development. It looked true as Ed Palmer excused himself during the argument over whether the project should even happen.

Jimmy Gutierrez – Has been arrested for drunk driving and allowed to plead NO CONTEST and still remain the City Attorney for both Rialto and Chino. Reports are coming in that Mr Gutierrez makes $50,000 a month from the city of Rialto alone, and that he still charges for a slew of other things he does as our attorney. I wonder how much he charged the city to tell council to not allow the residents to vote on the water issue.

Volunteer Thompson with Rialto PD has taught over and over again about the broken window issue, meaning if your home looks horrible and un kept the rest of the neighborhood will follow suit. As well as attract crime and unpleasant people I know from resent experience if you’re looking to buy a home you will avoid the areas at look like no one cares.

This is clearly a violation, it’s just like Ed Palmer living in the county area and not in the CITY LIMITS yet he still is on city council. Ed Palmer, Ed Scott both must excuse themselves every time an issue comes up in downtown cause they own half of it. Both need to be ousted.

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