Residents Reaction to Local Goverment Corruption

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Rialto Farmer’s Market and it was nice. What was really great was seeing local elected officials out meeting the public and having open and frank discussions about the problems facing our city. The Farmer’s Market is the brain child of Barbara McGee Rialto City Clerk. She was informing us of her plans to expand the shopping opportunities at the weekly Farmers Market as well as add other vendors (other than produce or food) to the market. Southern California has the best climate for long growing seasons and we can grow most types of foods because our mild temps in the winter and warm summers that produce bumper crops.

Mrs. McGee made a statement that I thought was interesting and sad, people kept calling in and asking where is city hall? Most of the people here in Rialto are not really invested in this city and community, and that is in large part due to todays society. Today we are closed up in our homes, we commute longer distances to our jobs, technology has replaced the need to leave your home and with the turn over in homes over the last 7 years people move more often and have less time to make strong neighborhood connections. So with a strong media push we hope that this Farmer’s Market brings the community out and fosters more active people.

Councilwoman Deborah Robertson was also at the Farmers Market and was out speaking with residents as she prepares for her Campaign kickoff for Mayor of Rialto tonight at her home. She told me that there is a serious lack of communication with the community and the council. As Mayor she said that will change. I personally have sat and worked on many projects in the city and for the communities greater good, it wasnt always easy but when she figured out one I wasnt going away and two it would look bad for her to not support this issue she backs down or gets on board. For example when the council decision was to not put the American Water Referendum on the ballot Mrs. Robertson texted me to inform me because she knew I would want to know. This is the kind of openness we need in our next mayor not someone who barks commands at everyone and allows smoking in his bar, underage drinking (as reported from RUSD teachers and employees that frequent O’Leary in down town).

One resident listening to the Councilwoman and other residents told me that she feels very nieve. She doesnt know how people who took an oath to give us a nice city to live in can be so evil and hurt so many people with little to no regard for the families that stand in their wake. (reference Scott, Palmer and City Attorney Gutierrez).

Also another problem I have been screaming about is safety in our parks and rec zones. You can build lots of parks and stadiums and trails………. That’s all great but who is going to protect them? Our Police Department does everything they can but untill city council finds innovative ways to get communities and businesses involved in and invested in our public use facilities being safe places to be they are all a big waste of money, and money isn’t in large supply today.

Council wants to bring Target, Lowes, Super Wal-Mart and the Lytle creek Development that will bring people to the city as well as more and more problems. Can we really fend off the jump in property crime, petty theft and personal theft from these new retail centers while trying to keep gangs from taking over our parks? No not currently, ask Redlands how hard it is to have all this and a safe city. Its hard but they cope with a volunteer staff that dwarfs paid personnel.

Call these elected officials and ask them real hard questions, lets lay it on the line.

This Home Looks Worse In Person


It makes me sick to know that one of our long time goverment officials lives in a home with a front yard like this.


Having broken down rusted cars that look like they belong in an old junk yard shoved up against tall over grown bushes shoved up against the front of the house. This neighborhood is nice with clean homes with attractive lanscapes. This homowner needs to attend and seriously take advantage of volenteer Thompsons home tips 101.