Route 66 news update possible location change

As soon as I heard SB was going bankrupt and not paying its bills I knew this was coming. San Bernardino has failed to provide a safe place for people to enjoy this event for the last 10 years.

First it was the downward spiral of the carnival area south of the courthouse in the park area. Hispanic gang members chose to group together and create a small gang area. If you’re not in their group be prepared to be glared at, smell marijuana smoke, listen to gang music and see classic cars that don’t look so nice anymore (my opinion).

Then the black gangs began moving in on the east flank of the courthouse creating the same problems. Many police officers gave me and others warning about what time we should attend the event and what areas wouldn’t be safe for kids. The area designated for the children, nice. Then you have people operating the rides drunk or high what is there for kids in this area???

Then it became the place where the ultra poor and homeless would come because Staters would give out free food as well as other vendors, but it didn’t stop there many people became victims of theft from their persons and vehicles. Your valuables are not safe no matter where they are its SAN BERNARDINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they can’t even afford the police force they have had in the past, and San Bernardino is going through a massive rise in violent crimes. So bad that if you have a lower level call you are being told

Should this event be moved YES. Why because this is an awesome event and San Bernardino has been dropping the ball year after year. It needs to be in a nicer place like Redlands or Rancho Cucamonga. Why are we letting such a time-honored event fail because City Officials in San Bernardino can’t get it together. Rancho Cucamonga not only has Route 66 go right through their area they know how to make an event like this first-rate and safe.

Read below and comment to your heart’s content…………………………………..

DEVELOPING: Despite rumors, Route 66 Rendezvous returning to downtown San Bernardino in September

Visitors’ bureau president says San Bernardino’s marquee celebration staying put

Posted:   07/27/2012 02:48:15 PM PDT

Classic trucks at last year’s Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous in downtown San Bernardino. (File photo)

SAN BERNARDINO – The Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous will come downtown this fall as it does every year, despite rumors to the contrary, according to the president of the San Bernardino Convention Visitors Bureau.But others are less sure.

An email bearing the name of Shelly McNaul, director of event operations for the visitors bureau, said the event would be moving to the Glen Helen Regional Parkway because the city was pulling its financial support because of its pending bankruptcy.

The city reimburses the Police Department for patrolling several events, including the $65,000 to $70,000 used for the Rendezvous, but that won’t be possible this year, said Chief Robert Handy.

“We’re working through that now,” Handy said. “We’re trying to get a handle on that now, for what we can pay. There’s discussions about whether it’s going to move. … We’ll find a way. It’s a signature event for the city.”

There were talks about moving, said SBCVB President Wayne Austin, but he’s confident the event is proceeding as usual.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re still moving forward with the city, trying to figure out how to move forward,” he said. “We’re still focused on downtown, still focused on the same week in September. … Barring me being fired, it’s happening here.”

The city has historically supported Route 66 with money from its Economic Development Agency, which was dissolved along with all others in the state this year, said Mayor Pat Morris.



council will have to decide whether it can make up that support with other money as it struggles through a bankruptcy filing, but the event should go on regardless, Morris said.

“It’s happening, and it’s happening downtown,” he said. “I don’t think (city support) is critical to it happening.”

Morris said the event was particularly important this year.

“Route 66 is our iconic celebration of our city and its history, with the Mother Road,” he said, “and in a time of depression, in a time of economic upheaval, continuing in some way to celebrate the dignity and the history of this great city is important for our constituents and those half million people who come celebrate with us.”

Talks about potentially moving started several years ago because of construction of the 215 Freeway and sbX rapid bus line potentially interfering, but the bankruptcy won’t move the popular event, Austin said.

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