Rialto Identified as Idling in the Area of Job Growth

Post from InlandNews.com

REDLANDS – (INT) – Number crunchers at the University of Redlands see some positive job news.

They say while no areas are shedding jobs, Barstow and scattered areas around Palm Springs have seen more than 3% job growth. Only a few small pockets appear idling this month.  Those are identified as Canyon Lake, El Casco, Crafton near Yucaipa and Rialto.

Johannes Moenius at the U of R’s school of business is seeing trends.

“We have seen in the Inland Empire some pretty robust, slow but consistent, upward trend the last couple of months.”

Jobs seekers have been flooding the market this summer.  That helped to push the Inland Empire’s June jobless rate up to 12.6 percent.