Ed Scott & Ed Palmer

An update on these 2 men and certain accusations leveled against them.

Ed Scott – I dug and dug looking for somone to come on the record about the accusations being made in reference to O’learys bar with smoking and underage drinking and found no one to validate these items. With reference to the code violations the bushes are a mutual agreeable situation between neighbors. So since the investigation went no where its done and no violations were found.

Ed Palmer – Yes he does have a residence in the county area but he has another in the city that he lives in. This was investigated by the DA’s office and no wrong doings were found.

I still believe that there is a massive need for change in our city goverment. I have tried to get ahold of Deborah Robertson and it never seems to happen, so I have yet to pick her brain.

We still await any of our interview questions from any of these officials I also found out that Ed Scott will not be filling it out.

I find it sad and scary that our elected officials have yet to go on record on issues effecting the community. If any do I will post them right away.