Are you ready for tragedy?

As we all know by now its hard to predict crazy its possible but not.easy. So now after the mass killing at the Batman Movie Premier we look for ways we could have avoided this tragedy.

That will be our next post.

This post plays to my community unity side and preparing people for mass destruction or tragedies caused by man or nature.

First off the reports are that he had music playing loud set to start once he left for the theatre. A 20-year-old neighbor was so disturbed by this music that she decided to approach the door of this residence that we now know was triggered to set of a bomb once open. She stated to news media once at the door she tried the handle of the door and it was unlocked she found that to be strange so she left the neighbor’s door.

Thank God she decided not to open someone elses door it’s called trespassing. Like I tell my residents when you are experiencing loud parties or other nuisance type events unless you know the persons very well call the police and let them handle it. People who sit on the other side of the criminal wall don’t like to be told what to do no matter how hard you try to be nice. This goes for neighbors that have loud late parties and don’t show respect for those they live around. It would have been sad if an officer had decided to breach that door and was hurt but I have a general amount of faith in law enforcement using a tactical brain and being generally suspicious of someone that wont answer a closed-door that he would open it.

The second report I found interesting was that once Law Enforcement had knowledge of the danger to the people in the complex residents had 5 mins to retrieve what they needed for a undetermined time no knowing if their belongings would even be there when they returned.

As you read this or even heard this same report this weekend would you know what to grab? Are your medications in an easy to access central location? Family heirlooms and other precious mementos like pictures and other keepsakes can you grab them all? Do these items hold separate levels of importance to you and would you feel comfortable in your ability to make those decisions in the early AM hours with a 5 min deadline?

Read the list on the website link below, post in the comments on this blog post on what you think you would you wouldn’t have thought of:

Truth is when really bad things like this happen we must learn what was done wrong and correct those mistakes so we can better prevent them from happening. The same goes for being as prepared as possible so that the stresses these events bring on can be lessened by our ability to be prepared.

Below is a link to police blowing up some of the ordnances.