West Valley Water District Board Calls Special Meeting

So in today’s era of the Great California Drought and the massive amount of influence that local water boards have on the use and cost of your families water more attention is being put on Elected Boards that have a direct influence on our most valuable utility water. Most water companies are overseen by a Utility Commission but the final body to approve changes lies with Elected Council members and Mayors. Well in Rialto there is a strange mixture of utilities when it comes to the delivery of water and sewer services. This isn’t a perfect boarder but basically if you live south of Baseline Ave your serviced by Rialto Water Services north of Baseline you are part of West Valley Water.

West Valley apparently had a very turbulent board meeting according to Board Member Linda Gonzalez on Board Vice President Clifford Young’s Facebook page:

WVWD HeatedNow Mrs. Gonzalez telling people to check the minutes was a weird statement due to the fact that the only minutes that had been published were up to 9-3-15. Never the less we hear that there is a special meeting that was called and here is the meat of the agenda:


Consideration of:

1. Appointment of Special Counsel.

2. Appointment of Confidential Assistant to Report Directly to the West Valley Water Districts Board of Directors.

3. Appointment of Treasurer for the West Valley Water District Board of Directors.

4. Begin Conducting an Independent Review of all West Valley Water Districts Contracts.

5. Independent Review of all Contracts during the Tenure of Prior West Valley Water Districts General Manager. Consideration of Possible Suspension of all District Contracts Independent of Contracts Directly Critical to the Delivery, Safety and Operation of Water Services to the District.


Rumors are flying about the reason for the special counsel that the board is looking to hire as well as why does the WATER BOARD need a Confidential Assistant? Were also wondering why this board is now calling into question EVERY SINGLE contract that was signed during the tenure of Mr. Butch Ariza the former General Manager of the WVWD. A lot of this smells of political leveraging against Mr. Ariza due to the fact that he is running for a seat on the water board. It’s horrible because public safety doesn’t even seem to matter as they look to suspend “Suspension of all District Contracts Independent of Contracts Directly Critical to the Delivery, Safety and Operation of Water Services to the District” This is horrible and has us wondering what is the motive for such a bold move?

Our 2 cents is they know that they fly way under the public radar and they think you don’t care enough to get upset. Well it should be on your radar because these people are well compensated for their time sitting on this board. According to the link on the WVWD website that each board member can be compensated at least $13,000 each year and the General Manager can approve for them to go over that amount if need be. See the info below if you wish to attend tomorrows SPECIAL BOARD MEETING:


855 W. Base Line Road, Rialto, CA



Monday, October 12, 2015- 12:00 p.m.

“In order to comply with legal requirements for posting of agendas, only those items iiled with the District Secretary’s office by noon, on Wednesday prior to the following Monday Special Board meeting, not requiring departmental investigation, will be considered by the Board of Directors.”


Pledge of Allegiance

Call to Order

Roll Call of Board Members


Any person wishing to speak to the Board of Directors on matters listed or not listed on the agenda, within its jurisdiction, is asked to complete a Speaker Card and submit it to the District Clerk. Each speaker is limited to three (3) minutes. Under the State of California Brown Act, the Board of Directors is prohibited from discussing or taking action on any item not listed on the posted agenda. Comments related to noticed Public Hearing(s) and Business Matters will be heard during the occurrence of the item.


Rialto Candidate Forum @ Johnson Community Center

The room was full of people looking for information on a wide variety of offices

The room was full of people looking for information on a wide variety of offices

Have you heard of the FELLAS? I had not until just recently, but I knew a couple of the members that make up this group. Some of the most powerful African American Men here in the Inland Empire make up the core of this group one of which now lives in Rialto. Some of the core members are Terrance Stone of Young Visionaries, Joseph Williams of The Youth Action Project (Rialto Resident) and Hardy Brown II of The Black Voice News.

It was powerful to arrive early and see these men in action and see the passion for the community they have. My group Flores Park Neighborhood Group was asked to be a co-sponsor of the event and help with administrative functions of the event. This Forum was the best multi candidate event I think Rialto has ever had. The diverse array of canidates as well as the information that was given was priceless.

The slection of rotation was interesting and seemed to work out well. If anything was accomplished yesterday it was showing off who was ready to start on day one if they won the majority of votes in November.

The powerful stand out were the following and why:

Lynn Hirtz Rialto City Council – Lynn came prepared and blew away the audience with her list of council accomplishments and background working in Rialto and commitment to make sure we didn’t shut down the airport for nothing that we will have a beautiful development in the Renissance area of Rialto.

Paul Chabot speaks with community members. Here he is speaking with a Sara Garcia a Representitve with Assembly Woman Cheryl Browns office.

Paul Chabot speaks with community members. Here he is speaking with a Sara Garcia a Representitve with Assembly Woman Cheryl Browns office.

Paul Chabot Congress 31st District – Paul came out explained that their are big issues here in the Inland Empire and he is the true voice of the Inland Empire. As a Naval Officer, Reserve Deputy and a small business owner he had the knowledge and passion to best represent the 31st.

Dina Walker RUSD Board – Dina Walker came out prepared to let the parents know they would have a voice with passion, knowledge and experince in implementing created policy. She even went as far as to tell people she wasn’t and expert in everything with left many feeling like she was going to be a straight shooter something that has been missing for years in Rialto.


Christina Gangier Congress 35th District  – This young firey passionate young business woman is ready to take Washington by the horns and advocate for the Inland Empire. Her big focus was job readiness of our youth and older unempolyed. She refereenced her work with preparing people to be able to use technology to obtain careers not just jobs. She unlike her opponetnt Norma Torres will not forget who she represents and promised not to have special interests tapping her on the shoulder while she is advocating for the IE.

The elected hopefuls that were in attendance:

Rialto City Council: Lynn Hirtz, Joseph Britt

Rialto Unified School Board: Lillie Houston, Russel Silva, Dina Walker

Congressional District 35: Christina Gagnier

Congressional District 31: Paul Chabot, Pete Aguilar

Valley College Board Trustee: Joseph Williams

San Bernardino County Schools Board: Hardy Brown II


Legislative Training Workshop

Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown and Rialto Mayor Deborah Robertson to Co-Host a Legislative Training Workshop for Rialto Residents and Business Community

RIALTO – Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown, 47th Assembly District and Mayor Deborah Robertson, City of Rialto are teaming up to co-sponsor a Legislative Training Workshop for Rialto residents, civic and business leaders.

The goal of the workshop is to inform attendees on how laws, policies and regulations are made at the state and local levels of government.  Attendees will receive important legislative updates and learn how to contact their local representatives to support or oppose a piece of legislation. Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in developing local legislation to be carried by Assemblymember Brown in the upcoming 2014 legislative session.


Assemblymember Brown will report legislative achievements from this year’s session, discuss potential legislative ideas for next year and share upcoming event information.  Mayor Robertson will report on local government reform initiatives and state legislation that has direct significance to the Rialto community.

The Legislative Training Workshop is scheduled for October 19, 2013 between 9:30 a.m. and noon at the Rialto Senior Center located at 1411 S. Riverside Ave. Rialto, CA, 92376.  For additional information, contact Daniel Enz at (909) 381-3238 or Otis L. Jackson, MPA at (909) 358-5319.

Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown represents the 47th Assembly District, which includes Colton, Fontana, Grand Terrace, Rialto, the southwest parts of San Bernardino, and the unincorporated communities of Bloomington and Muscoy.


Website of Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown: http://www.asmdc.org/members/a47/.

Rialto’s Job Fair a Success

Rialto Job Fair a Success


On March 27th 2013 Rialto held its first job fair of 2013 after holding one late in 2012 both were at the Cathedral of Praise Church on the Corner of Riverside Ave & Valley Blvd. The one in 2012 was ok but it was filled with schools looking for students, agencies like American Water with fake job openings (locally) and temp agencies. These are all good (except for the fake job openings) when people are not severely desperate for work. Schools mean more debt and temp agencies are not full time regular work.

Rialto Job Fair grid1

A total of 517 job seekers and people were standing in line 10 minutes until 8 a.m. (started at 10 a.m.) and people were still coming after it was over at 1 p.m.  There is a need in our community & together we can make a difference. The Cathedral of Praise volunteers; City of Rialto volunteers (including the HR Manager); San Bernardino Valley College Occupational Advancement Department volunteers; and the Director for the Applied Technologies Training, Economic Development and Corporate Training Division (San Bernardino Community College District) also one volunteer from San Bernardino Valley College Workability department  .

This most recent job fair that was partnered by City of Rialto Human Resources and San Bernardino Valley College was one of the best job fairs I have been to in 3 years. It was full of diverse, interesting and quality employers looking for employees. These were not just jobs to get you through the basic bills, these were jobs you could work and retire from.

We were at the job fair and we spoke to employers. Here are a few of the many choices you had to choose from:

  1. Forest Home http://www.foresthome.org/aboutfh/employment/ A local Mountain Camp founded by Henrietta Mears. They offer all types of camp options and an extensive list of job openings both professional and entry level.
  2. Manheim http://www.manheim.com/careers/?WT.svl=m_footer_careers A local Auto Auction company offering a wide range of opportunities in the automotive field from back and front office work to hands on interaction with the Vehicles themselves Manheim presented a company willing to hire those quality people looking for a career.
  3. Child Care Careers www.childcarecareers.net This is a temp agency for the Child Care industry. They handle job openings at the State (school districts), Federal (head start) and private Early Childhood Education centers. Kirsten from Child Care Careers told me they had a massive order for staff incoming and were looking at doing a mass hire.

Rialto Job Fair grid2

You also had Law Enforcement agencies like San Bernardino County Sheriff, Riverside County Sheriff, Fontana Police, Rialto Police & San Bernardino County Probation. Other public safety or security companies were Rialto Fire Department, Securitas, First Defense & Allied Barton. There were temp staffing agencies a couple schools and Avon & Mary Kay but overall it was well planned, few empty spaces and very well attended.

Rialto Job Fair12

“SPOTLIGHT” interview with Assembly Member Cheryl Brown

Hello Rialto Now readers we come to you today with another “SPOTLIGHT” this one comes from our newest Assembly Member Cheryl Brown. I have been working with Assembly woman Brown and her staff on this interview for the past couple weeks and I am super excited to finally see it complete.

I find it important and vital to our local community that we know our elected leaders as to see them as more human and less like people that are on a pedestal so high we fear asking them questions or interacting with them at all. I found it exciting to know where Mrs. Brown went to school and that it was right here in the Inland Empire. I think that shows our youth that a local education doesn’t mean you can’t still be GREAT.

What excited me the most is this was the first time readers went the extra step and submitted questions and were willing to put their name behind them. It is our goal here to bring the most information to the people seeking it. We created relationships with the people that matter to you in hopes that your voice will reach their ears.


Assemblywoman Brown, how long have you lived in the Inland Empire? Where did you attend High School?


I have lived in the Inland Empire since the late 50’s. I attended San Bernardino High School, Class of 1961.


Are you a college graduate? If so, where from?


Yes, I completed my BA degree in Geography (urban planning) at California State University, San Bernardino, Class of 1974.


What did you enjoy most about working with the Black Voice Newspaper?


I enjoyed writing stories of major interest to our community.


Do you have any connection to the Black Chamber of Commerce? What is the biggest value you see in supporting our African American business owners?


I’m a founding member of the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce.  Our biggest value is investing in African American businesses to build stronger communities.


How involved do you think a local Assembly Member should be in local politics that fall in those members boundaries?


It’s imperative for local elected officials to have a close working relationship with their Assemblymember. We have to work together as a community to effect change.


I was in attendance when the outgoing San Bernardino city manager, Charles McNeely, was a guest speaker at the African American Chamber meeting. He spoke about how local and regional leaders coming together have shown to make strong resilient communities. What are your thoughts on city councils and school boards with strong connections with state elected officials making for better unified communities?


I support the notion of working with our district’s leaders to unify our communities. In fact, over the past month, I met with educational, local political, legislative, and community leaders in our district to discuss how we can work together to support one another and resolve our district’s most critical issues. We’re working together to generate new ideas and draft legislation and/or seek administrative solutions that will promote educational opportunities and economic growth.


What are the biggest hurdles you see in your districts future? Do all cities share the same hurdles or does one city have a hurdle that currently isn’t affecting others?


The biggest hurdle I see for our district is creating and sustaining economic growth and stability. This issue affects every city in the district. In order to get over this hurdle, we’re going to have to address the district’s economic uncertainty, high unemployment rates, school dropout rates and public safety issues.



Join us and help Rialto Rid itself of dangerous thugs and tagging crews by attacking their markings go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rid-Rialto-of-Graffitti/216882198324244

Join us and help Rialto Rid itself of dangerous thugs and tagging crews by attacking their markings go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rid-Rialto-of-Graffitti/216882198324244



Unemployment is a massive issue here in the Inland Empire. What are the greatest tools we can give our young people to allow them to succeed in today’s job market?


Academic, technical and vocational education and training are the greatest tools that we can give our young people. In order to increase our economic growth, we need to make sure that our students are successfully completing their education. We must look at job training programs to prepare our youth for work.


Although reports show the Inland Empire communities are experiencing a small growth trend economically, one thing that stands out to people in your district are the empty buildings. Where once we had a business, it is gone and we lack the ability to sell new businesses to fill existing spots. This makes the economic rebound of our area hard to see. What are your thoughts on this and is there a solution?


I’m currently evaluating the issue of blighted buildings that depreciate our district’s cities economic property values. As it stands, there’s no legislation that supports cities in forcing property owners, who personally allow a building to become blighted, to comply with current building standards. There’s a need for legislative and administrative solutions. It is my desire to  establish a special select committee to address the issue of blighted city buildings.




Trisha Vincent, small business owner:

Under new legislation directed by President Obama, is there any way to justify or stop skyrocketing health care premiums before the legislation takes effect?


We can help stabilize health care premiums by covering the uninsured. Californians who cannot afford health insurance or lose their coverage due to a job loss, are usually forced to access our health care system at the hospital emergency room. This is a costly practice. By ensuring that Californians have access to affordable health care through Covered California insurance exchange and the expanded Medi-Cal program, we can reduce the high use of emergency room services and help curb health care premiums costs.


Jorge Acosta, general construction worker:

I have a young family, what can be done to make sure the Rialto area remains a safe place to live? How can we help you, help us support our local police?


Local residents can help support their local police by personally engaging their community’s safety. Community activities such as neighborhood watches and community meetings are necessary to help neighbors look out for one another. Keeping your neighborhood safe could mean asking for a street light on a particular corner or speed bumps on busy residential streets, therefore it is important that you and your neighbors communicate regularly with each other and with your elected officials about your safety needs.  It’s also important to establish a good working relationship with your local police department so that residents feel comfortable reporting crimes and coming forward when they witness a crime.


Rick York, school teacher:

Not every child is going to go to college and those that do are finding it hard to find spaces in our UC system. What can you do to help support our Regional Occupation Program (ROP) and Adult Studies classes?


Funding for our state’s Regional Occupational Programs and adult education programs have been subject to categorical program flexibility, which means our local school districts can spend the money that was once specifically set aside for these programs for any purpose. I will work with the leaders in our local districts to help ensure that these programs remain a priority and receive the funding they need to continue their work. I will also work with my colleagues in the Legislature to improve our state’s education funding system and make sure that our curriculum prepares students for both college and career.

Rialto Police Cpl. Cameron Nelson shows he really cares about this community

Rialto police Cpl. Cameron Nelson shops for Christmas presents with brothers Nicholas and Kristian Mingl for the Police Department's second annual Shop With a Cop event. Nicholas might have been disappointed that he didn't get a sleigh ride but he did get a much brighter holiday. (Melissa Pinion-Whitt Staff)

Rialto police Cpl. Cameron Nelson shops for Christmas presents with brothers Nicholas and Kristian Mingl for the Police Department’s second annual Shop With a Cop event. Nicholas might have been disappointed that he didn’t get a sleigh ride but he did get a much brighter holiday. (Melissa Pinion-Whitt Staff)


Apparently Corporal Nelson of the Rialto Police Department was at the Chevron gas station last week when he observed a group of kids with their mother struggling to pay for some items at the front counter.  Observing this, Corporal Nelson whipped out his own funds and purchased the items for the mother and her kids.  It appears the Chevron manager was so impressed he posted the surveillance video of Corporal Nelson’s actions on “You Tube.”  Very impressive.


I have come to find this Cpl a hard working caring man. If you have a community group, youth group or any other Rialto group you would like to have him out to please email him at Cnelson@rialtopd.com


I posted the link below for everyone to enjoy.



Shawn O’Connell sworn in as Councilman of Rialto



Santa Comes To Rialto

Watch Santa come in from the sky on a helicopter.


Council Meeting Re-cap Part 2

Last night we covered the massive tax grab that is before Rialto voters this next year (2013).

Well let’s ease your fears not everything I saw last night before leaving at 8pm was bad. They are moving along with some great projects that will bring commerce to the city of Rialto.

We saw the intern class of 2012 and it looked like a good group of educated young men and women looking to make their mark on city government. The program’s goal is to increase young people desire to enter working for a city.

City Staff Introduced the Intern Class of 2012

First off they are helping Target move forward smoothly on the construction of its massive cold storage facility they are building on Alder and Easton up by the 210 freeway. This cold storage facility will handle all distribution of all cold storage items for the entire west coast. Target has a great grocery program and great deals and this facility will be busy and create tons of new jobs in the Rialto area.

Second is the best news of all In & Out project is underway.

It seems the city finally understands that we want this fast food restaurant like YESTERDAY. The cities contractors are working on providing the In & Out Contractors a working useable pad. This means that the parking and egress will be complete then In & Out says it can complete the building in 180 days (150 days of construction 30 day grace period). Below is a picture of the stats provided by Robb Steel.

Picture shows money and time frames

Finally the moratorium on Cash For Gold businesses was extended for a year to allow city staff and police personnel develop working guide lines for these types of businesses. At the last coffee with the chief we were informed by Chief Farrar that an investigation was done and found that the existing Cash For Gold businesses were buying Gold that was stolen and not asking for ID then just sending it off to be melted and sold. For this reason the Moratorium was originally put in place to keep thefts from rising even higher and more of these places pop up. Let me begin by saying our Chief of police and his officers don’t just accuse you of doing something they get proof and then catch you doing the crime or wrongful act. So while this TAB item was being discussed Ed Palmer and Ed Scott said they visited 2 of these businesses and saw them doing everything right and wanted to make sure they were brought in on the formulation of the new guide lines so to be given a fair shot at complying with these new rules. These two almost went as far to say that this seemed like a witch hunt on reputable businesses that have done nothing wrong. That’s funny Chief Farrar pointed out all three as the ones buying stolen gold without taking the proper ID techniques.

Then the most irritating portion of the two hours I saw (besides the massive tax grab) was when someone asked if these new rules would apply to door to door Gold Buyers? Then Mayor Vargas said yes I had someone come to my door and ask if I had gold I wanted to sell, after those two homes on my street were broken into. She wasn’t sure if the two incidents were connected but had concerns. Then one of the council members said oh Grace is referring to people passing out flyers for Gold buying businesses and that people didn’t buy gold as an independent buy without a shop. It showed the ignorance of the people leading our city. As a security guard for a shopping mall we were kicking independent gold buyers out of the mall all the time. They would both hover around the Cash for gold stores and kiosks and tell people that the price they were being offered was to low and try and steal the sale, or hit up people eating in the food court. People like these do exist; they are aggressive and can be very underhanded. They carry a small jeweler’s magnifying glass and sometimes a small chemical test kit. If someone like this approaches your home inform the police and then send them down to council chambers to educate the city council and staff.

Coffee With The Chief Of Rialto Police

Coffee with the Chief

Local area residents and leaders come together to learn and diologe about Police services in the city of Rialto.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

8:00 to 9:00 am

Coffee Nutzz, 119 E. Foothill

“Coffee with the Chief” offers resident’s an opportunity to personally meet their Police Chief and other representatives in a casual setting. At “Coffee with the Chief” community members will learn about the police department, special projects, and other related events. Please join Chief Tony Farrar for “Coffee with the Chief”.

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